The Saratov city, cover photo


About Saratov

Everybody knows about the major Russian cities, but there are many genuine undiscovered places like Saratov that sample the culture of the people who live there. It’s a city of friendly and open-minded people caught up in living their lives. It’s absolutely safe and authentic place with easy reach from Europe (total 6hrs flight time with change in Moscow). Being not a small city (its population is compared to Birmingham and San Francisco) and having long-long history (it’s older than New York), it represents real Russian life and culture and provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Located alongshore the biggest river of Europe(imagine!!!) and surrounded with picturesque forests it’s a must have spot of your travelling experience. Although globalization penetrated Saratov and the Volga region and there are no more bears walking on the streets =))), it hasn’t completely obscured local culture and lifestyle yet. It’s just the time to visit!