The Sofia city, cover photo


About Sofia

Welcome to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. With 1.3M+ of citizens, the city is surrounded by mountains. By far this is the largest city in the country but probably for most of you would not look that huge. Due to the country history, people under 35 years speak English, above 35 - Russian. Although is not big, the city center of Sofia is dotted with attractions. Many of the interesting landmarks in Sofia are located within walking distance from each other. For those of you who like history there are many places to be seen. For example the The Church of St George (oldest building in Sofia, built in the 4th century), the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and bunch of buildings dating back to the Communist period. Just while walking around you will spot churches, museums and parks located downtown. Many cultural and art events are ​​constantly organized year round, notwithstanding Sofia is Candidate for European culture capital. Generally Sofia is friendly to its tourist and I guess for you two is gonna be a "love from first sight".