Tallinn–Riga Sightseeing Tour Bus

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Turn the boring Tallinn to Riga journey into a memorable experience! Explore the very best of the South-Estonian and North-Latvian countryside on a fun-filled, small-group road trip.

Duration: 12 hours
    Available in
  • Estonian,
  • English,
  • Russian


  • Spend a fun day discovering the Estonian and Latvian countryside
  • Explore the romantic town of Viljandi and its crumbling crusader castle
  • Visit the Estonian history and military museum in Valga
  • Hike along the sandstone cliffs of Sietiņiezis in the Gauja National Park (may not be available during low season)
  • Discover the medieval Old Town of Cēsis and its charming castle ruins
  • Climb the Soviet-era bobsleigh track in Sigulda


Our entertaining Tallinn to Riga day trip takes you through the picturesque towns of Viljandi, Valga, Cēsis, and Sigulda in a small group of up to 8 people. We’ll show you places you’d never find on your own and help you discover two countries in one day.

You’ll learn about Estonian and Latvian history while exploring these small towns, as well as medieval castle ruins, quirky local sights, and beautiful countryside.

Get ready to roam not one, but two medieval castles – Viljandi and Cēsis – and learn how they came to be ruined.

Get to know the history of Estonia and Latvia in Valga, a town on the Estonian-Latvian border.

Hike along the sandstone cliffs of Sietiņiezis in the Gauja National Park, and take in the sights of Cēsis’ medieval Old Town.

Before reaching Riga, stop in Sigulda to climb up the only bobsleigh track in the Baltics.

In Valga, you'll also stop for lunch at a local restaurant. Kindly let our guides know if you have any special dietary requirements that should be taken into account. The location of the lunch is subject to availability, and the meal is not included in the price of the tour.

Want to travel in the other direction? You can also book this tour from Riga to Tallinn: www.likealocalguide.com/riga/tours/riga-tallinn-sightseeing-tour-bus

What’s included & not included

  • One-way transfer from Tallinn to Riga
  • Transport by air-conditioned minivan
  • Room for a reasonable amount of luggage
  • Knowledgeable local guide
  • Entry to the history and military museum in Valga
  • Entry to the Sigulda bobsleigh track
  • Bottled water
  • Hotel pick up/drop off (available for private tours)
  • Lunch
  • Gratuities (optional)

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Meeting point

In front of the Tallinn Tourist Info Centre (Niguliste St 2) on the corner of Harju St and Niguliste St.

Reviews from travellers (33)


Best way to go from Tallinn to Riga!
Great tour with great people!
I took a tour from Tallinn to Riga with great members.
I'm glad I did it because I learned a lot about the Estonian and Latvian cultures and histories along the way. Visiting the bobsleigh place was also so unusual and liked it! Lunch was amazing, too! I recommend everyone taking this tour, not taking the boring normal bus route!!
Worthwhile day trip
A very enjoyable day from Tallinn to Riga. The guide Andrea was very knowledgeable and friendly and kept us entertained throughout the day. I would definately recommend this way of travelling from Tallinn to Riga, much better than the local bus and worth it.
Exceeded every expectation. Great stories and cultural insights. Great knowledge of history. Best of all was her sense of humor. Thank you for a great experience.
The Little Van That Could
I don't normally do group tourist things, but this was a great alternative way to get from Tallin to Riga. Some really interesting natural, cultural and historical stops along the way - both recent history and some deep history spots as well. Our tour bus driver was really friendly and was a well of knowledge regarding Estonian and Latvian culture and the differences and similarities between the two. She really made the trip very enjoyable and made sure we saw the humor in things as well. The tour takes up the whole day but the van is super comfortable and there are plenty of stops along the way to keep things interesting. A lot better than being crammed into a bus!
Great tour, terrific guide Lena.
Bizarre Stops, 12 hours whizzes by.
A great way to travel from Tallinn to Riga
We flew into Tallinn to spend just two days before heading to Riga for a conference. When we found out about this tour bus between the two cities, we figured it would be a great way to see and learn even more about Estonia while also doing our necessary traveling. We were so right! Our tour guide, Lida, was knowledgeable, engaging, funny, and the perfect tour guide. The mini-bus was a comfortable ride, and the sites were definitely worth seeing. A fun trip!
super trip
the guide was awesome and very fun. the van was clean.
everything cool
The drive was lengthy, but all the stops we made were very fun. The guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. The lunch place was a restaurant with a hunting theme with many animal trophies. I enjoyed it, but it could have been painful for vegetarians and animal rights defenders. Overall, totally worth the cost.
Terrific Way to see Estonia and Latvia
Jon was an enthusiastic, knowledgable, and friendly tour guide! It was clear that he enjoyed showing off the towns between Tallinn and Riga as much as we enjoyed seeing them. I would recommend this tour to absolutely anyone who wants to see more of Latvia and Estonia besides the capital cities.
Beats a standard boring bus hands down!!!
Ok, so it takes 12 rather than 4 hours, but it's way more interesting.
Small group - myself and husband (English), four young Romanians and the Estonian guide, 'Jon'. You get to see a lot of both Estonia and Latvia outside the big cities, which is what you see mainly on the whistle-stop tour type of holiday that we were on.
John was funny and informative, had a supply of bottled water and took us to a great place for lunch. Loads of information exchanged about the different countries represented in the minibus group.
A great way to see more of both countries, especially if you're not going to be there for too long.
It is a very nice initiative. We appreciated the guide (Andres), the organization, the timing. We also enjoyed meeting the other people traveling with us.
It is a pity that you have maintained the Vilnius Riga tour
Fantastic Experience!
This was a great way to travel between Tallinn and Riga. It was great to be able to visit sites that would not have been easily possible without this tour. The guide was pleasant and did a great job projecting his voice in the van so we could all hear his antidotes. He was very informative about the sites visited in Estonia; less so in Latvia.
Take this tour to Riga
I joined the Tallinn to Riga tour and was so glad that I did. Our guide/driver, Chris, was friendly, funny and knowledgable. This is the best value tour. There's so much I would have missed out on if I just took the bus to Riga. It was a great way to see other parts of Estonia and Latvia. The tour took 12 hours, having quite a number of varied stops along the way. Chris' commentary helped explain the sites and also gave an insight into Estonian history and culture. If you're travelling from Tallinn to Riga do yourself a favour and take this tour.

Riga–Tallinn tour
Me and my friend have booked a trip from Riga to Tallin. Our guide was Kert and the trip could not be better! Despite the freezing weather we have seen several marvellous places, have learnt from Kert a billion of interesting facts and stories and have enjoyed the company of each other. Kert is a nice, helpful, flexible and joyful guide, who respected our wishes and needs. We are glad that this tour was with him!

Riga to Tallinn tour
I took the bus tour from Riga to Tallinn with guide Marja and it was a lovely day. I knew I had to get from one city to the next, and taking the entire day to stop at some points of interest was the right thing to do. I highly suggest this tour to anyone who wants to experience more than the capitals of the Baltic states, as this route goes inland to several ruins, small towns, and natural points of interest.
Interesting transfer between two contries
I would say that this is one of the interesting ways to transfer from tallinn to riga, you get to see the difference in the terrain of the two countries and a few small towns. However not a trip that I would recommend, its a waste of time otherwise. Tallinn n Riga are interesting and beautiful so spend more time there.
Fantastic guide but disappointing tour
We had a wonderful guide Kert who was energetic, funny and very knowledgeable.
Unfortunately the tour was let down by several of the destinations being closed which left us feeling like we really didn't get our money's worth. (Valga military theme park was closed and we weren't allowed to see the bobsled run due to a difficult staff member insisting it was closed even though we were there with plenty of time).
I think the tour needs to be adapted in the winter months as the limited light makes it impossible to enjoy stops such as the national park.
The resaurant chosen for lunch was not at all suitable for vegetarians (there was meat in my soup and there was taxidermied animals everywhere - 1 or 2 I can live with, but this was over the top). It would have been great if there was somewhere a bit more authentic we could have dined as this was a hotel restaurant and hardly 'local'. Perhaps you could give groups an option of where they would like to go?
It's a great way to travel from Tallinn to Riga as it allows you to see some pretty cool things on the way and it breaks the tedium and monotony of sitting continuously in a bus for 4.5 hours.
Baltic people and where to find them
Travel to Riga and visit bunch of places where most tourists will never manage to get on their own. Bobsleigh will be your best opening line during bar crawl.
The group is small, and guides are very charismatic. Though I personally got offended by a little stereotypic position toward russians — guys should really work on being more tolerant.
Very nice!
It was a nice trip! We have seen a lot of things and the guide was very kind and he knew a lot. The tour is a really nice way to travel from Tallinn to Riga!
Tallinn to Riga trip 13th June. Tour Guide: Chris
We were a group of 3 of the 8 tour members. We all enjoyed the trip and would recommend it to anyone. It gave us insights into Estonia and Latvia which we otherwise would not get on our weeks visit. The trip was made informative and enjoyable by Chris. It was enhanced by his outstanding command of the English language and sense of humour. He is a credit to your business and hope you appreciate his skills as much as we did.
My boyfriend and I went on the 12hr Tallinn to Riga sightseeing bus tour with Kris. We had a lot of fun, despite the temperamental Baltic weather! Kris was friendly, fun and informative. The day was really interesting with beautiful scenery and lots of information about the history of Estonia and Latvia. We could have just got a 4 1/2 hour bus with no guide but are really glad we opted for the sightseeing tour because it was much more interesting way to travel between countries and we saw more of the Estonian and Latvian countryside and places of interest. Thanks Kris and Traveller Tours!
Fantastic day, informative and interesting!
We had a wonderful time, there was only 8 of us with our driver/tour guide who was a non-stop font of knowledge regarding both Estonia and Latvia. We were on our honeymoon but there were solo travellers, a couple who were in the middle of a cruise and those travelling Europe. Fully recommend, especially if you're going from Tallin to Riga anyway and want to make use of the trip rather than look out of a train/coach window or read a book. Wonderful cultural and historical immersive experience and we were taken to a lovely restaurant to have lunch. It's a long day, there's breaks for the tourists whilst travelling between sites (the poor tour guide becomes the driver, but equally was still answering questions).
Amazing experience
I travelled with friends beginning of august from Tallinn to Riga and we choose this tour. The tour guide, Jaan was amazing, he was very polite, professional and accommodating with any of our requests and gave us some interesting tips about history and Estonian culture. The tour itself is a great idea to spend a day travelling and visiting some interesting places.
Amazing trip from Tallinn to †Riga‡
From little town centers and very impressive landscapes, and walks around National Parks between ancient ruins and Castles, i had a very nice daytrip from Tallinn to Riga and i'm very grateful to Traveller Day Tours, and to my small group that chose that kind of transfer instead of others. Thanks to our guide JAAN, a young man who seemed very prepared and kind of history-enthusiast (he's a history college student in Tartu). That was really useful cause he explained pretty much everything we could know about Estonia, and asked all the questions we got on the places we've been through and more. He was nice and clearly expert, cause he knew when to be silent to get us fully enjoy the magic of some moments. Also very nice, cheap and tasty was the restaurant that Jaan suggested for lunch.
The best way to get from Tallinn to †Riga‡!
The Tallinn-Riga tour was just great: our guide made it so much fun, entertaining and instructive! This is without a doubt the best transition between Estonia & Latvia! I was a bit wary at the time of booking about spending 12 hours with a guide but I wouldn't have missed any minute of it ;-)
Best way to do the Tallinn-†Riga‡ route
We did the tour from Tallinn to Riga with Kris and it was definitely worth it! The route itself is absolutely beautiful and Kris is an amazing guide, very knowledgeable, friendly, always available to answer any question and with a great sense of humour. Although it is a 12-hour tour you don't really feel like it because the trip is really interesting and we get to see things that probably we wouldn't find on ourselves. I would definitely recommend this tour regardless you're travelling solo or accompanied.
Tallinn to †Riga‡ Van Tour, 12 hours, Kudos to Kris
Tallin to Riga Van Tour, 12 hours, Kris our driver/tour guide was great. Wow, what a day, exceeding my expectations. Why take a 4-hour dull bus ride, when you can get personal attention, make several stops and arrive in Riga after a full day of touring. Drive started at 9am, Kris was amazing, knowledgeable, courteous and funny. He was a safe driver and our luggage was neatly/safely kept in the back. After 2 hours made our first stop, a few more stops and lunch at the fanciest hotel in southern Estonia, total 12 Euro with 1 beer. If a venue was closed, Kris would talk to the security guard and get us halfway in to explain the history. I learned a lot and recommend their services.
I took their first day trip to Riga and I'm so glad I chose that option instead of the normal 5 hour bus. The Estonian and Latvian countryside is so beautiful and I would have missed it all, since this trip follows an alternative road to Riga. Thank you so-so much Tallinn Traveller and Mart for the great day. Definitely recommended!
I did the Tallinn-Riga 12 h tour in July. It was a really fun way to explore this region and see many beautiful attractions in a relatively short time. We made stops in small cute towns and visited natural attractions after every little while. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and funny and other tour participants (altogether 8 of us) also a nice company.
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