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The Hermanson trading house

H.M. Hermanson

Why locals love it

Trading house was built in 1832, it is one of the best remaining trade buildings in Northern Sweden. The building is located in Haaparanda next to Tornio. In addition, the main building the store complex also has 12 storehouses forms on its closed yard. The store has been a cultural hub, and the business has included Russian furs for instance.


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Why you should visit it

The shop has stand in the same place since 1905. Nowadays it was reopened for visitors by new owners in summer 2013. The Hermanson is a time travel to the past. The house has original interior, furniture is in original shape including a massive shop counter. The trading house is undergoing massive renovations.

Special tip

Open for special occasion or in advance booked guided tours. In the summer the shop is open when there is a Swedish flags out at the door.

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