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Tornio's Main Church

Tornion kirkko

Why locals love it

Also known as Church of Hedvig Eleonora, Tornio's church has been build 1684-6, after the old church was destroyed in the fire 1682. The new church is located really close of the original place of the 1200th build old church. The bell tower on the west side was built between 1686 and 1687. It is the oldest preserved Ostrobothnian bell tower.



Why you should visit it

Matti Härmä, a peasant, was the designer and builder of both the church and the stake. In terms of building technology, Tornio Church resembles many wooden churches in Ostrobothnia. According to it, he has divided the roof into four vaulted domes. Two of these roof vaults are decorated with valuable paintings.

Special tip

1600's Architectual area, Cultural history. Architectual desing and arts. Paintings. Church Mass is held on Sundays at 12:00.

Tornion kirkko
Seminaarinkatu 2, 95400 Tornio, Suomi

Mon-Fr: 12:00-18:00

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