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Hi,I am arriving in Italy on May the 2nd and I need some help about where can I find Air Max Tn Greedy sneakers.I am ... Read more

Ilija April 22, 2019 answer

We are visiting family in Slovenia and they are driving us to Venice to spend the day and we fly home to Canada the n... Read more

Amy April 5, 2019 answer

Hi there, does someone know of a nice place for drinks and/or food on a roof top terrace with a stunning view over Ve... Read more

stefanie March 27, 2019 answer

Can anyone tell me a good gondola ride for an addordable price? I've seen so many reviews complaining about the turis... Read more

Eduardo February 19, 2019 answer

Hello :) Me and a friend of mine will travel to Italy in May, and as we planned ,while we are staying in Bologna; we... Read more

Alizèe February 16, 2019 answer

Hi there :) In June my partner and I are going a long weekend to Milan and are planning a day trip to Venice wher... Read more

GARY February 13, 2019 answer

where to buy prosecco not expensive and good quality thank you

Na January 25, 2019 answer

recommendations of the local restaurants not expensive

Na January 23, 2019 answer

Hello locals, I just booked my stay in Cannaregio from the 01st-3rd March. I browsed the web and found a ball, but... Read more

Anna December 30, 2018 answer

Hi Can anyone recommend a good food tour in Venice from 29th December till 2nd Thanks John

John November 26, 2018 answer

Hi Am in Venice on the 29th December till the 2nd and am looking for some local restaurant within Venice during o... Read more

John November 26, 2018 answer

I am coming to venice by decemeber 10, reading about all of these floods , i am abit afraid and worried about this pa... Read more

nadeen November 19, 2018 answer

just reading about all the tourist barriers preventing tourists from accessing lots of areas in Venice. Does anyone k... Read more

David November 5, 2018 answer

How does one best navigate to accommodations when arriving at 23:25 at Marco Polo Airport? I am looking at Ca' San Tr... Read more

Pamela November 4, 2018 answer

If so please reply to me Gemma Bowes I;m a travel writer here at the paper and my colleague is doing a very urgent ... Read more

gemma October 31, 2018 answer

About to book two nights at one of these hotels along the Grand Canal. Which one do you recommend? Thanks

Taylor October 18, 2018 answer

Any recommendations for restaurants with good gluten free options?

David October 16, 2018 answer

We visited Venice about 15 years ago and bought hand made clay wall tiles that line up to form a view along the Grand... Read more

David October 16, 2018 answer

Hello, I am travelling to Venice tomorrow for a week and would like to know of any amazing must visit restaurants ... Read more

Charlotte October 14, 2018 answer

Where is the place that the locals consider the main heart of venice where the tourist are not there?

Aashish October 12, 2018 answer

Dears, I'm travelling to Venice in March from 23 th till 30 th. I and my spouse love history and old architectu... Read more

Chinara September 28, 2018 answer

Hello, I will be coming to Venice on Nov. 23rd. Are there any events going on that weekend? Any suggestions of t... Read more

Brittany September 15, 2018 answer

I’m coming to Venice in february for my birthday. Looking for reccomendations for a good “local” reataurant for about... Read more

Niall September 9, 2018 answer

Has anyone been to this restaurant? What do you think?

Niall September 8, 2018 answer

So, the place I'll be staying in doesn't provide breakfast. What is the usual time that cafes are open for breakfast.... Read more

Mei Yen August 8, 2018 answer

hi folks, I'll be taking the train to venice. So if I'm staying closer to St. Mark's square, does it make more sense ... Read more

Mei Yen August 7, 2018 answer

Hi, I need suggestions of good hair stylists in Venice. The best ones! Thank you, I'm looking forward to hear from ... Read more

Babi August 6, 2018 answer

Hi, I'm planning to come to Venice next week and spend 6 days there. My flight is to Venice, but I would prefer to ov... Read more

natalia July 24, 2018 answer

Hello, We are landing Sept. 9th for 2 nights in Venice, on our way to Florence. We are 6 adults (siblings & spouses... Read more

Colleen July 1, 2018 answer

This is probably a dumb question but is there a reliable street map for Venice? heading there in a few months time an... Read more

Mei Yen June 19, 2018 answer

Where is the best place to have a romantic gondola ride? Are they expensive?

Ashley May 27, 2018 answer

Hi! I will be arriving in Venice in the afternoon and will be leaving late morning the following day. I was lookin... Read more

Ashley May 27, 2018 answer

Is it worth paying extra for this if the museum website has sold out for the days we are visiting? We would have to o... Read more

tracey May 20, 2018 answer

Ciao a tutti! I will be travelling to Venice soon with my Mum and my sister. It's been my Mum's long time dream to se... Read more

Magdalena April 28, 2018 answer

Hi I am coming to Venice with my wife april 26-30th. I have a few questions: 1) Do i need to book tickets in adva... Read more

Raj April 9, 2018 answer

My boyfriend and i will be in venice over his birthday and i wokld like to plan a fun activity but it all seems to be... Read more

Caitlin February 17, 2018 answer

Hi Where to spend sutarday eve? Where to dance or have a drink with Good music? Thank you in advance ;)

Ania February 17, 2018 answer

Hi, I'm visiting Venice from the the 19th until the 21st of February, and I would like to visit more nature and sceni... Read more

Suzanne February 11, 2018 answer

Hi, quick question, if I come to Venice 23-25.02. will there still be the carnival mood and colourfully dressed peopl... Read more

I'm looking for some elegant and nice restaurant near La Fenice Opera. I would like to eat there before the spectacle...

Ania January 14, 2018 answer

Hi, I am travelling to Venice. Looking for a photographer.

Shashank January 10, 2018 answer

Hi, I'm planning to go to Venice in spring and would like to know what to do. I'm of course checking the internet gui... Read more

Lucie December 22, 2017 answer

On a back packing budget and would like to know roughly how much it is to get the train from mestre to venice main sq... Read more

Stefania November 24, 2017 answer

Really want to do a gondala ride whilst in venice with my partner is it cheaper to book online or is the price a litt... Read more

Stefania November 24, 2017 answer

Ww have booked this hostel for 2 nights in venice we are on a super budget , is it easy to get to the main square fro... Read more

Stefania November 20, 2017 answer

Hello looking to travel to venice for 2 nights but looking for a cheapish hostel doesnt have to be in the centre but ... Read more

Stefania November 15, 2017 answer

Make it s if i want to view peoples questions i can not have my email bombarded thanks

tracy November 13, 2017 answer

We expect to visit Venezia about the time our imob cards expire in January, and wish to renew them while there. I see... Read more

W. November 8, 2017 answer

We are on a bit of a budget trip and would like to know which small bars/cafes would be best for cheap eats away from... Read more

Liam November 2, 2017 answer

I've read about the venice dub club but i'm not sure if it's closed down...

David October 26, 2017 answer

Hi Im a travel blogger, my friends and i are going to Venice next week. We are into some hipster places ( ok mostly ... Read more

lillian October 17, 2017 answer

Where can I find the a good selection of vegetarian cicchetti? Can you tell me the names of some of the dishes, plea... Read more

Pippa October 3, 2017 answer

My boyfriend and I are visting Venice in 2 weeks to celebrate my 23rd birthday. We hope some of you can recommend pla... Read more

Nina September 16, 2017 answer

Hi there, I will be in Venice in November (long story!) & I was wondering what are some of the best ways to experienc... Read more

Stephanie September 14, 2017 answer

Hi guys I was wondering what is the quickest way to get to Piazza San Marco from the Venice Marco Polo airport? Last ... Read more

Stephanie August 16, 2017 answer

Hello! My friend and I are touring Europe from the Washington, USA. We will be in Venice June 3rd to June 8rd. It wo... Read more

Amylou May 20, 2017 answer

Hello all! My friend and I are traveling to europe at the end of this month and will stop by venice for 5 days. We ... Read more

Amylou May 10, 2017 answer

Ciao a tutti! Faccio parte di una startup e stiamo cercando persone che vivono a Venezia, che adorano condividere il ... Read more

Ilaria May 8, 2017 answer

Hi I stay in cannaregio - whree can i find a good barbershop for women? Thanks!

JER April 7, 2017 answer

Hi I stay in cannaregio - whree can i find a good barbershop for women? Thanks!

JER April 7, 2017 answer

Coming to Venice and would like to buy original paintings from local artists. Something smaller in size...around 18"... Read more

Scott April 5, 2017 answer

Ciao, Are there any companies or tour guides that could meet 4 people at Venezia Santa Lucia train station, Take the... Read more

Steven March 11, 2017 answer

Hi there, have you got a free couch or bed till Tuesday (7 March) perhaps? Let me buy you drinks in return 😄 Comment... Read more

K March 2, 2017 answer

Hello, i am staying the weekend during Venice Carnival. I plan to stay at Generator hostel on the island Giudecca. So... Read more

We are a young couple 24 & 26 yrs . We will arrive in Venice on 11th January for 3 nights. We are not too much into a... Read more

Ashish December 16, 2016 answer

Hi everyone! I am taking my boyfriend to Venice in February but whilst I cannot wait to see all the museums and beaut... Read more

Joana November 27, 2016 answer

I am traveling to venice with a small group of friends, one of them is howeber 17. Will she havr any trouble going in... Read more

A.D. November 2, 2016 answer

I'll be in Venice with a friend just for the weekend and so we were wondering what would be the places worth visiting... Read more

Viktoriya October 17, 2016 answer

Is there modern jive dancing in Venice ?

Jim September 18, 2016 answer

Buongiorno! I will be visiting some beaches in Venice and on the Almafi coast. It looks like those beaches have small... Read more

Magda August 28, 2016 answer

I need to catch a flight at 4am from marco polo airport on 9th sept, i was wondering how the night transportation wor... Read more

Uthra August 12, 2016 answer

Things to do in popular destinations