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Why locals love it

A variety of goods is offered at this market, which is mostly famous for its culinary highlights. You get everything from Styrian pumpkin seed oil, wine and hand-made soap to fresh fish, fruit, cheese and meat here. Traditional Austrian specialities are offered as well as food we know as typical Thai, Indian or Turkish.


Why you should visit it

Try the impressive variety of vinegars in different flavours, one of Austria's sweet and proudly cherished specialties at "Palatschinkenkuchl" (pancakekitchen) or simply sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy this place's lively and colourful activity. Between 09:00 and 18:30 (on workdays) all market stands are open.

Special tip

If you have a passion for flea markets, there's the probably most interesting one right next to Naschmarkt (every Saturday).

6. Bezirk, Wienzeile (between "Kettenbrücke" and "Secession)

Mon-Sa: 09:00-18:30

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