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The Square, not the Cathedral

Why locals love it

Being one of the two topmost tourist attractions, St. Stephen’s is definitely far off the “insider tips”. But this is not about the cathedral, but the square in front of the church which is a lively area and a great place to sit down, have a coffee and enjoy the mixed atmosphere of this city with breakdancers, rich shoppers and street musicians.


Why you should visit it

Exploring the heart of vienna, Stephansplatz is your perfect starting point with streets around it leading to all the important areas. In the summertime, this general area is also occupied by street musicians of all trades. From the “usual” guy-with-guitar to classical quartets, your auditory senses are in for a diverse treat.

Special tip

As an open-air location, naturally this is a richer experience during summer than it is in winter.

Stephansplatz, 1010 Vienna
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