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urghur5tj July 5, 2022 answer

My name is Frans I am 59yrs, come from Amsterdam, 16 september i will arrive in Vilnius, stay for 3 days, like some com… Read more

Frans August 30, 2021 answer

We are going for new years 2021... Where do we go, what do we see, where do we eat and where is the best place to party… Read more

Louise August 29, 2021 answer

Hi everyone, I am about to move to Vilnius, therefore I started searching for a flat. Can you recommend the safest … Read more

Hi, coming to Vilnius with a friend 24-26 July, looking for some live music events preferably outdoors, also interested… Read more

Julia July 12, 2020 answer

What is the current situation there regarding reopening the border for visitors? I'm due to fly over on 31st in time fo… Read more

KATHLEEN March 21, 2020 answer

Hi I am looking for a liberty where I could borrow some books in English mainly for kids ( age 3-8) to practice reading… Read more

Kasia March 5, 2020 answer

Hello! Can I get gluten free bread in shops and pubs doing food? What other traditional dishes can be made gluten free?… Read more

KATHLEEN March 3, 2020 answer

I would like to visit here when I visit Vilnius at the end of March. May have some ideas of the cost for a solo travel… Read more

Robina January 26, 2020 answer

Have an elderly person who lives in Vilnius. Can I order grocery online to be delivered in Vilnius? Thank you.

Alina December 19, 2019 answer

What would be the best place in Vilnius to dance (preferably to lively local music) and have drinks on weekend for peop… Read more

El November 28, 2019 answer

Hi ☀️ Next weekend im heading to Vilnius with my friends and we’re looking for some interesting places to see/visit. An… Read more

adele November 24, 2019 answer

Hello, My boyfriend and I will visit Vilnius over New Years and would like recommendation for New years eve restaura… Read more

Jeanette November 16, 2019 answer

We are only two but we really would like to make the tchernobyl tour in Vilnius ? Is it possible or not ???

Clémence November 15, 2019 answer

Hello, I need a local person in Vilnius who is able to speak English and the local language well for some questions… Read more

Selçuk November 10, 2019 answer

6 of us are spending New Year’s Eve and staying in the old town of your lovely city. We would like advice on a place wh… Read more

Jos November 5, 2019 answer

Hi, I will be in Vilnius for completing some procedures for my start-up company. My question is ; Do you have … Read more

Selçuk November 2, 2019 answer

Hi, for family history, looking for a cemetery, most likely Catholic in or near the village of Vezionys, Kaunas County.… Read more

Elaine October 28, 2019 answer

In particular deep house/tech house/ g-house / brazilian bass. The closest I found to my music taste is Opium, but its … Read more

Paul October 12, 2019 answer

Could You suggest place where Gluten free food is available - restoran for dinner and hotel for breakfast

Marta October 8, 2019 answer

Do I have to buy a card? Where is it possible to find a mobile spot?

Lyn September 14, 2019 answer

Hello! We are coming in Vilnius for a weekend, can you please advice nice and cheap rent a bike service? would be happy… Read more

Aleksey August 31, 2019 answer

Hi, i am visiting for vacation and had an accident where I put my shoes in the drier and it didnt survive. Now I need a… Read more

Eyad August 25, 2019 answer

Ребята, привет. Переезжаю в Вильнюс жить. Подскажите пожалуйста, сайты где можно найти квартиры для съема жилья? И ка… Read more

Kristina August 14, 2019 answer

Is there a guide with their own car to pick me up at the airport and arrange a driving tour?

Ivan June 21, 2019 answer

Could you please advice me where I should buy linen towels? one of my friends adviced me to buy "ordinally" shop. I wil… Read more

Midori May 24, 2019 answer

Can somebody confirm the tomorrow's tour is still on at 10 a.m. May 12th at the Town Hall. Thank you

Rene May 11, 2019 answer

Hi! Need your help. Gonna be for 2 days in Vilnius (17-19 of May) Any suggestions as for an interesting place for live … Read more

Andriy May 10, 2019 answer

Hello! I will be traveling to Vilnius during this coming Easter. Wondering a) if Easter has an effect on opening tim… Read more

Maris April 17, 2019 answer

Hi, My partner and I will be in Vilnius for Easter Sunday and leaving Tuesday. Would love to find some good cultura… Read more

Ruairi April 13, 2019 answer

I'm a creative person in Tokyo.I love to travel, explore the local(not touristic) area, eat local foods, communicate wi… Read more

tatsuya March 9, 2019 answer

Does anybody know of some shops where I can get nice stretch laces fairly cheaply (I am looking for wide stretch lace t… Read more

Sophie January 27, 2019 answer

Where is it possible in Vilnius for a 18-years-old girl to do apparatus gymnastics?

Yvonne December 8, 2018 answer

My daughter, 18, is studying in Vilnius for the next 5 years and is looking for a shared flat with a Lithuanian girl or… Read more

Yvonne December 8, 2018 answer

Hi, any suggestion for Saturday evening (17.11)? Any pub, bar, restaurant with life music? Preferably blues, rock, lati… Read more

Eugene November 15, 2018 answer

Hi We are a couple coming to Vilnius over New Year. Can anyone suggest where to eat our new years dinner ? We dont ne… Read more

anna November 15, 2018 answer

Hello, I know that there are a tons of Ignas, in Lithuania, and my hopes on finding the one I am looking for are sadly … Read more

FRa October 27, 2018 answer

I am Irish and my boyfriend is Lithuanian. His surname is Budrys and he thinks that when we get married, I should take … Read more

Shauna October 2, 2018 answer

Hi. Can anyone recomand a good and not too expensive hairdresser in Vilnius? Thank you :)

Jana September 19, 2018 answer

I'm visiting Vilnius for the first time next week and as neither myself or my wife are drinkers I was wondering what ar… Read more

Donal September 13, 2018 answer

I'm traveling solo and I love finding secret little restaurants and cafes to experience local cuisines. Any tips on gre… Read more

Stephanie September 13, 2018 answer

What would be the recomended tip for our guide? Thanks

Donal September 10, 2018 answer

Where can an Irish family of 27 have a traditional dinner for a 50th birthday party??

geraldine August 29, 2018 answer

Can you name an area where we can stay for 5 days? We would like it to be central and quite because we are visiting vil… Read more

Paxy August 14, 2018 answer

Besides the famous monuments, buildings, churches and museums, is there anything that you, locals, think it is worth vi… Read more

Mina August 9, 2018 answer

Where do local families or couples go to eat authentic and cheap lithuanian food? I would appreciate a nice place even … Read more

Mina August 8, 2018 answer

Where do I find best, unique and independent designer pieces in Vilnius? I am interested in fashion, ceramics, interior… Read more

Lina July 18, 2018 answer

Hi I'm a future Erasmus's Student. just some question: What do you think about Minties gatve 54, Vilnius, like is a … Read more

Vitto June 24, 2018 answer

I'm heading to Vilnius this weekend and wondering if there's anything interesting going on on the occasion of the St Jo… Read more

Kasia June 21, 2018 answer

I need to rent a minivan in Vilnius. Can you recommend good local car rental companies?

Kalev May 16, 2018 answer

Just wondering what place to eat at before or after a visit to the skybar. We will be in Vilnius in mid June so i know … Read more

Ashley May 15, 2018 answer

Hi, I'm 23 years old and I'll check some apartment in Vilnius for my Erasmus. I have just a question, can you suggest m… Read more

Vitto May 3, 2018 answer

We love to see archeology and historic places. We do not like to rush anything because you forget what you saw Should … Read more

Lisa April 25, 2018 answer

Hi! My name is Nadinne and Im arranging a two-day trip to Vilnius for 37 persons(!) from a Swedish company. The grou… Read more

Nadinne April 24, 2018 answer

Hello, I plan to change my viola very soon and I get to study in Vilnius a year. Is there any good luthier near the cap… Read more

Kactea April 13, 2018 answer

Hello my name is Zane and I am looking for a weddind dress fabric. I need a wholeseller or a small shop with good quali… Read more

Zane April 11, 2018 answer

Hi, I'll be in Vilnius 2nd - 4th July at the end of a cycling trip. I would like to hear Lithuanian national and folk m… Read more

Bee March 30, 2018 answer

We`re visiting Vilnus for the easter holiday with our 2 year old and would like tips for restaurants and cafes that cat… Read more

Ramiro March 22, 2018 answer

I have shop that sells imported items in Japan and go to Lithuania on March. Where can I find lovely lithuanian items?… Read more

Masako February 11, 2018 answer

where can i get an inexpensive haircut, in or near the center of vilnius

Ayad January 10, 2018 answer

I'm looking for the good places to eat in the city.

Nico January 9, 2018 answer

Will be glad if someone can give us advice whether it's worth going during our time here in Lithuania. And how difficul… Read more

Ernest January 7, 2018 answer

Hi everyone, We will arrive on Dec 30th and leave Vilnius on Jan 1st. Can you recommend a place where we can spend the … Read more

Andreas December 30, 2017 answer

Are there any grocery stores (similar to Seven-11) around Pilies gatve in the oldtown? Thank you

FOOK December 7, 2017 answer

3-day (72-hour) ticket 8.00 Eur If I buy this ticket, does it mean I can travel on trans and buses and trolley buses o… Read more

FOOK December 7, 2017 answer

Do all buses and trams stop at all bus stops? Or do we press a button to signal to the driver to stop where we wish to… Read more

FOOK December 7, 2017 answer

If I wish to get a SIM card to be used in Lithuania, mainly Vilnius, Kaunas, which brand or network would be recommende… Read more

FOOK December 7, 2017 answer

Anyone has any idea how much (approximate will do) it costs to use UBER from Pilies gatve to Akropolis Mall? What is t… Read more

FOOK December 7, 2017 answer

I wish to know how much it will cost to take a taxi from the airport to Pilies gatve? Is it OK to get a taxi parked al… Read more

FOOK December 4, 2017 answer

Hey I will be in Vilnius Sat-Tues .... Looking for good tips on Christmas markets, bars, sights, fun things to do!

Gadi November 28, 2017 answer

Could anyone tell me what the best second hand flea markets and shops are in Vilnius. Thanks

Josh November 27, 2017 answer

Hi - staying in town over the weekend and if we would like a day of language training - where to look for that?

Karl November 22, 2017 answer

Wish to know if Uber in Vilnius allows 5 passengers in one car? Also, is there Uber services in Trakai? Many thanks

FOOK November 8, 2017 answer

Is it possible to buy the bus ticket V-T and T-V at the respective bus stations on the actual dates of travel or do I n… Read more

FOOK November 8, 2017 answer

We are 7 guys who will arrived to Vilnius on thursday. Can anyone of you give us tips to what to do? :). Some really co… Read more

Robert November 6, 2017 answer

When do the clubs close in Vilnius?

Robert November 4, 2017 answer

Can someone recommend authentic Lithuanian cuisine nearby Pilies gatve, near Signatory Namai? Affordable menu, thanks i… Read more

FOOK October 26, 2017 answer

I'm here with my girlfriend - we are up for almost anything.. ..concerts, talks, socializing, funny (or serious) things… Read more

Søren October 18, 2017 answer

Does anyone knows a bar to ear some live jazz music or something alike? Thanks😉

Duarte October 4, 2017 answer

Example : if i want to go to AKROPOLIS SHOPPING MALL from PILIES GATVE, I take BUS much is the ticket if I buy… Read more

FOOK September 26, 2017 answer

If I wish to go from Vilnius to Trakai by bus, can I buy the ticket up in the bus or at the bus station? Thank you

FOOK September 26, 2017 answer

Thank you all for your kind replies. 1. By the way, anyone has got a vehicle that sits five (5) of us travellers from … Read more

FOOK September 21, 2017 answer

Im living in Vilnius for the next 4 months. Im staying in a flat in Pylimo 35. The nearest the better! Wifi is importan… Read more

Duarte September 18, 2017 answer

Dear people, I'm coming to Vilnius from September 5th to September 10th and I'm looking for someone who has a bike I … Read more

Bianca September 2, 2017 answer

Arriving in Vilnius tonight.....would love to meet up with someone local (any Nationality to 'guide' me to the best pl… Read more

jimmy August 31, 2017 answer

Hi, I would like "to buy small whole sale or by the meter, linen fabrics for clothing and home textiles. any suggestion… Read more

Tamar August 30, 2017 answer

What are the popular hipster places at the moment - where people go out to have a beer? I'm especially interested in Li… Read more

Jānis August 9, 2017 answer

Hello everyone, I am in Vilnius for a couple of months and the keyboard on my laptop (macbook pro) is having problems, … Read more

Amir August 8, 2017 answer

Hey Everyone! I am looking for a small or not so small pub to watch football today. What can you suggest?

Andrzei August 8, 2017 answer

where can i buy a decent suitcase at a good price i've been to kalvarija turgus, and hales turgus, and cup mall -- s… Read more

Ayad July 19, 2017 answer

Is it worth visiting if I am only in Vilnius for a few days?....what are your views?

I am visting Vilnius soon... where is the friendliest places/bars etc to meet and chat to locals?.... any suggestions a… Read more

jimmy July 19, 2017 answer

who makes the best baravykas soup in town

Ayad July 16, 2017 answer

where can i buy baravykas (boletus mushrooms) in vilnius -- fresh, dried, or frozen -- or do i have to go hunting for t… Read more

Ayad July 16, 2017 answer

what's an inexpensive way to go from vilnius (near cathedral) to kaunas airport

Ayad July 14, 2017 answer

I am looking for a good techno place for tonight or tomorrow night. Nothing fancy ;) and if you also like techno, we mi… Read more

Christoph July 11, 2017 answer

i would like to buy a short-sleeved linen shirt (linas) -- where are some good places to find them, discounted -- even … Read more

Ayad July 4, 2017 answer

Hi, I'm visiting Vilnius today before heading to Riga and need to buy a men's XL rain jacket or some kind of waterproof… Read more

Waverly July 4, 2017 answer

Hi, I'm visiting Vilnius today before heading to Riga and need to buy a men's XL rain jacket or some kind of waterproof… Read more

Waverly July 4, 2017 answer

What is the place to have the best ceppelines in Vilnius centre?

Elena June 21, 2017 answer

Hello, I'm a buddhist from Italy, I am living in Vilnius now and I'd like to meet other SGI members to practice toghe… Read more

I am an university student coming to Vilnius to study for some month. I would really appreciate some tips on where is b… Read more

Edoardo June 7, 2017 answer

What could be the price for taxi transfer from Vilnius airport to city old town? Will it be cheaper if we call a taxi i… Read more

Elena May 31, 2017 answer

Hello, does the open kitchen worth visiting?

Lockhart May 24, 2017 answer

Hi, I'm an italian girl and I'm living in Vilnius from 2 weeks. I don't know anything! I'd like to do some sports, mayb… Read more

Hello :)) I wonder is there any cool market specially for designers (accessories, fashion, etc) , that You can advi… Read more

Louise May 4, 2017 answer

Anybody up for a good dinner for tonight or tomorrow ?

Zsolt April 26, 2017 answer

Any interesting events this long weekend in Vilnius? I heard that Vilnius Rock Spring is cancelled :(

Denes April 26, 2017 answer

Hello:) I am traveling from Minsk to Vlinius by train, then transfering to the airplane. My train arrives at Vilnius Tr… Read more

Kyunglin April 25, 2017 answer

Hi guys, I'll arrive to Vilnius on this Wednesday from Riga, any my afternoon and evening totally free. Also my Thur… Read more

Zsolt April 24, 2017 answer

I would love to visit Jewish Vilnius with a local. We are a couple and will stay in Vilnius from August 24 to 27.

Michel April 23, 2017 answer

Hi, I left a hard disk drive at an Old Town Riga hotel yesterday and I'm now in Vilnius .... does anyone know a courier… Read more

Hi all, I just want to go somewhere and listen to the music, drink beer in Vilnius tonight, any suggestions?

Hello :) I'm interested is the any place where to buy genuine leather? With wide offer... thanks. :)))

Louise April 12, 2017 answer

Hello friends, My friend and I will be visiting Vilnius for the first time May 1-3. Of course we want to check o… Read more

velvet April 8, 2017 answer

Hello, I will be going in Lithuania in less than a month and I was wondering where could I find the best roof top (with… Read more

Dainora April 4, 2017 answer

Hello, so I am searching for some great places to celebrate my 18th birthday on the first weekend of May. It doesn't ma… Read more

Evelina March 31, 2017 answer

Me and my friend are in Vilnius this weekend and we would like to do a wine tatsing, please give suggestions if you hav… Read more

Jolien March 24, 2017 answer

Have the weekend free next week from 24-26 March and I'm thinking of making a short weekend trip out of Vilnius. I've v… Read more

Tan March 19, 2017 answer

Hello! :) I'm interested about the local designer stores? Where can I find more products from different kind of des… Read more

Louise March 18, 2017 answer

Hi! My boyfriend and I are visiting Vilnius this month, anything we shouldn't miss? We are both food lovers, so any gre… Read more

Ida March 13, 2017 answer

Hello! I'm interested is there any cafe or place to chill with a cup of coffee in Vilnius center, that is open from… Read more

Louise March 12, 2017 answer

Hi! Is there some kind an observation platform or roof access for free in Vilnius? Thanks~!

Hello! I'm looking for the best apparel fabric wholesale in Lithuania, it could be anywhere. Maybe someone knows and… Read more

Louise February 16, 2017 answer

Some one who want to guide me in evening/nogtlife to night in vilnius?

Enees January 20, 2017 answer

Hello! I'm interested about design events in Lithuania, where new designers can participate! And what's worth it! … Read more

Louise January 20, 2017 answer

Hello, could you please recommend a nice indie/alternative bar in Vilnius to spend Saturday night? Dancing is not oblig… Read more

Signe November 30, 2016 answer

Hello, I will finish my study in December and I have one question. Can I sell my flat-appliances somewhere? for example… Read more

Sopo November 19, 2016 answer

Hello, Vilnius locals :) Do you know any Design Studio or Company where I can work as an internship? So far I got Emko… Read more

Thalía November 10, 2016 answer

Hello, Can anyone tell me, when begin the Christmas sales in clothes shops? :)

Sopo November 5, 2016 answer

I'd like to ask if there are any day tours that include Riga and the Rundale palace. Thank you

Bárbara October 26, 2016 answer

Hi, I would know what is the best way to go from the airport to the city of Vilnius. Thanks

Javi October 26, 2016 answer

Hi, Does anybody know, if there is chimney cake bakery in vilnius? I mean cake with tunnels of sugar :)

Sopo October 22, 2016 answer

Any good events, like concerts etc. going on this Sunday or Monday? Maybe anything that you'd go yourself? Concert i… Read more

Jānis September 25, 2016 answer

Hi vilnius locals, Can u tell me how to go from zukausko gatve (povilo luksio station) to kalvariju 137? on google map … Read more

Sopo September 1, 2016 answer

Hi, Please recommend a nice bar near Novotel? There will be around 35 of us, so it would be perfect to know, wher… Read more

Viktoria August 29, 2016 answer

Hi, what can you say about zukausko street (siaures miestelis) ? advantages and disadvantages

Sopo August 22, 2016 answer

going to be there for one day what one thing a tourist should see?

ROB August 19, 2016 answer

which is gipsy region in vilnius? what it is call?

Sopo August 19, 2016 answer

Dear all, I will be in Vilnius on Sunday 21.08. and this day will be a really important game during the olympic game… Read more

Julita August 18, 2016 answer

Hi vilnius locals, can you tell me the site, where I can see train tickets? for example from vilnius to warsaw, and als… Read more

Sopo August 15, 2016 answer

I am arriving in Vilnius by bus at 03.30. No point going to a hotel then. Where can I spend a couple of hours or so b… Read more

Neil August 13, 2016 answer

Dear Vilnius locals, I would like to know if there is an aesthetic centre in Vilnius where IPL Hair removal procedures … Read more

Sopo August 6, 2016 answer

Where can you get late night until early morning food in Vilnius (except at McDonalds or Kebab)?

Olivia July 31, 2016 answer

hello again dear vilnius locals :) please tell me where is the most safe region (street) in vilnius 🙂 I am afraid, beca… Read more

Sopo July 20, 2016 answer

Hello, Can anyone give me website, where I can find private apartments for rent? I will be erasmus exchange student in … Read more

Sopo July 19, 2016 answer

Hello, I would to know where is shopping centres in vilnius, where can I find H&M and other shops? and also which is th… Read more

Sopo July 19, 2016 answer

Hello Vilnius locals. I would like to go on some of the tours but would like to pay by cash. How can I do this??

Usha July 18, 2016 answer

Hi there, Being single and a regular traveller to the Baltics, I am looking for a nice place to find other singles t… Read more

Albert July 5, 2016 answer

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