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Customer feedback about Activities & Escape Rooms in Warsaw

Rating 4.7 based on 81 reviews

Fantastic morning spent cooking with Maria!
Pierogi & More Cooking Class
Nice Van nice Lunch bad Guide
Warsaw Off the Beaten Path Tour
Average at best
The start was good and promissing. There were games which help the particepents pass the time. Unfortunatly there were too many people and not enouch space for them. So if you wanted to join a game it was not possible. The participents do get some tokens which you can use to get coctails or one type of beer. After the first bar you are guided to the next bar where you get a shot. And that is the whole idea of this tour. Go to a bar get shot. Talk to someone and go to the next one. It's a great choise for people who want a to hook up and see some local bars.
#1 Pub Crawl in Warsaw with Drinks
Great and interesting
Warsaw Off the Beaten Path Tour
Fantastic Tour
What a great way to see Warsaw! The Nysa van is a novelty and definitely not the most comfortable but all the same a cool way to drive through the streets of the city. Artur was our guide and was fantastic, he was so knowledgable and made the day very fun! I would highly recommend for anyone looking to learn a bit more, Warsaw is so big and we wouldn’t of gotten to everything had we tried ourselves. It’s a gem!!
Warsaw Off the Beaten Path Tour
Iconic retro tour
Taking the tour, it was clear that everything was very well planned and executed. Yet, the guide was as enthusiastic as if it were the first time. The overview of Poland's history given by the guide was by far the clearest and most engaging version that we experienced during our stay in Warsaw. We really enjoyed this tour despite the hot summer weather (which made the van hot) and can recommend it to anyone visiting Warsaw.
Warsaw Off the Beaten Path Tour
Such a fun tour
Although it was super hot outside (and inside...) when we took the tour, we had a lot of fun! We even had to push the car at one point, which made it feel just like in the Soviet Union! I can recommend this tour to anyone who wants to have an exciting stay in Warsaw.
Warsaw Self-Drive Communism Tour in a Retro Fiat
Joanna and Nick were excellent
We were a party of six who had an entire van to ourselves and the driver. There were three other parties in additional vans. The tour, which lasted approximately four hours with the meal, was the perfect way to ingratiate yourself to Warsaw. We learned the history, architecture, and were able to get a full layout of the city. Thank you Nick and Joanna.
Warsaw Off the Beaten Path Tour
Fun at the beginning but faded out
We were in Warsaw for my brother's bachelor party and thought it would be fun to join a pub crawl and see the city as well with locals. The start was very promising at Loko bar where we had two free drinks plus a free shot. However, we spent the least time there as we only had 35 minutes! Nevertheless, we went on to the second bar where they gave us a welcome shot (but watered down) and the vibe was good. However, we had wristbands on from the pub crawl as we were told that we were to get discounted prices at each bar for drinks. Unfortunately, the bar did not give us any discounts. We had one drink there and a shot. Here, we ended up staying for about an hour. The vibe was still good.

Then we finally went on to the third bar which was a longer walk and by this time, things were wearing down and dragging. We finally reached the third bar where there, they had no clue about the pub crawl and again, we didn't get discounts for drinks. We stayed there for about 40 minutes or so, and then we were told we had one more bar and after that a VIP entrance to a club.

Off to the fourth bar, and we walked a little longer by the river bank, and when we reached our destination, we were told that this was the final stop for the crawl. It was an open bar/club on the river bank where there is no entrance but anyone can go to it. Needless to say, it was packed and we couldn't even reach the bar for any drinks. Thus, we decided to call it a night and went on to another club by ourselves.

One note I have to mention, that one of the guides Michael was very good and trying to explain everything to us. They also got bottles of alcohol on the way to the pubs and gave us shots along the way to make up for the lack of discounts/free welcome shots at the bars.

Therefore, to sum up, the three stars are for the following:
- Fun vibe in the beginning
- First bar, Loko, was the best of all due to the drinks we had there
- Fun group as we met many international people
- Got to see a little of the city by foot and at night
- Guide (Michael) was excellent

The knock off of two stars are for the following:
- No bar after the first one knew about the pub crawl
- No discounts at any bar despite we had on the wrist bands
- Too little time at the first bar and stayed too long at the other bars
- Vibe feel dramatically after the second bar
- There was no VIP entrance to a club at the end
#1 Pub Crawl in Warsaw with Drinks
Beer Tour Warsaw
Knowledgeable guide who showed us around among different pubs in Warzawa
Delicious Warsaw Craft Beer Tour
Awesome tour with great guide
We loved this tour, we saw loads of different parts of the city that we would never of found on our own. Pawel was a very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about Warsaw and it’s history and architecture. We also really enjoyed the lunch at the milk bar and I adored the gorgeous pink van we were transported around in. Thank you for a great day x
Warsaw Off the Beaten Path Tour
Very informative tour!
Bartek is very knowledgeable and a great guide.
The tour is well worth attending!
Warsaw Off the Beaten Path Tour
We had the best night with great people and really good guides!
#1 Pub Crawl in Warsaw with Drinks
Great introduction to Warsaw
Myself and two friends wanted to spend our first day in Warsaw getting an idea of its layout and learn some interesting facts about the city. This was the perfect tour. Our guide Lukasz was great - very polite, friendly and full of energy and knowledge. The weather was pretty grim - cold, windy with rain and snow and the vintage van really gave you an idea of how it must have been for people back in the 70's and 80's when vehicles didn't have any of today's mod cons. The tour itself was interesting and well paced and the lunch stop was perfect. The little museum of communist life was a nice addition - lots of trinkets and objects that people would have used in their everyday lives. I recommend the tour if you've not been to Warsaw before and want to spend a few hours getting to know the place.
Warsaw Off the Beaten Path Tour
Great way to see Warsaw
We did the 4 hr off the beaten track experience on Friday morning after arriving on Thursday. Our guide was very informative and helped us to understand anything we wanted to know about Warsaw and Poland.
The trip covers so many parts of the city that you would not find in a tourist book and the history behind everything is fascinating.
Lunch in a milk bar was definitely an experience we would not have done if not for the trip. And it was worth it!!! The food was amazing local cuisine and the value was incredible.
All in all a very good trip in a retro bus :)
Thank you!
Warsaw Off the Beaten Path Tour
A tale of Poland’s quirky history ...
Although themed as a tour of Poland’s Communist past, it turned out to be far more than that. A thee-plus hour potted history of the country’s yesteryear, triumphant and tragic by turns, never dull or uninspiring. The story of daily life under the Communist regime was particularly amusing, but behind the smiles lay the misfortunes of a country that has seemingly never ceased to suffer. The lamentable treatment of the Jews and minorities in WWII, the Warsaw Ghetto, the Nazis, the futile and costly wartime uprisings against tyranny, the Soviets, all culminating in the rise and fall of Communism. And then, after the Communists were sent packing in the late-80s, a palpable sense of hope for Poland’s future as a proud, independent member of the European family. The history of a country covered with humility, respect, not to mention a great sense of humour. I enjoyed the tour very much.
Warsaw Off the Beaten Path Tour
Pouca bebida, e poucas mulheres no tour. De qualquer modo, acabou por ser divertido porque deu para conhecer novas pessoas.
#1 Pub Crawl in Warsaw with Drinks
Warsaw pub crawl
Hi went to Warsaw on sat 10 th Feb booked the pub crawl for me and my six friends . Have to say one of the best nites we had in a long time , the guides Michael and Wayne were fab and got everyone involved and party games were grt way to meet other tourists from different countries . Two of our party were celebrating birthdays and the guys made them feel special . Wud highly recommend this to anyone for all ages. Great nites Cracic and a way to get to know thie city .Angeline & friends
#1 Pub Crawl in Warsaw with Drinks
excellent guide
we had Lukas as our guide and his knowledge, wit and sense of fun made it a very enjoyable and different way to see a part of the city I normally would not notice. I highly recommend this tour. The busses are great fun and you get to know your fellow group members very quickly.
Warsaw Off the Beaten Path Tour
Nice people - great evening!
it was a really cool evening, a good route with 4 bars and 1 club in the end. Dominika guided us perfect through the night (...and even fights for you if you lose your jacket);) really cool mix of international people.
Amazing night! Thanks - we'll come again
#1 Pub Crawl in Warsaw with Drinks

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