The Yerevan city, cover photo


About Yerevan

Founded 782 BC, Yerevan is a city on the south-eastern edge of Europe, a mix of old, modern and futurist; a perfect blend of european, armenian and soviet architecture, Yerevan is a city of contrasts. From the bronze-age kingdom of Urartu, through Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, as well as Russian and Soviet Dominance, interrupted by several brief stints of independence, everyone has left their mark on this too-often underrated city! Yerevan can be described as a city built for the beginning of the 20th century, a network of straight, wide boulevards superimposed on the winding alleys and decrepit single storey buildings which shed light on the secrets of one of the oldest cities in the world! 25 years after regaining her Independence from the USSR, Yerevan is blossoming, with organic culture, music, architecture, and nightlife in a city defined by tradition and history keep making this city relevant!