See & Do

Its long history and curious sights make Upper town travelers' hotspot. But while you're there, try to peek inside as many yards as possible, and try to get into as many little museums as you can. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the hidden secrets and art gems of Zagreb.

Zagreb is the city of parks, many are now officially part of Croatian cultural heritage list. Botanical gardens, tree alleys, park forests, even the mountain above the city. Zagreb is a great place to live in, because you can literally step out of the tram and start mountain-hiking. Or you can go swimming in the lake after a long day at work.

While downtown Zagreb holds beautiful neoclassical architecture, the so-called Novi Zagreb is interesting for its huge socialist buildings. Extraordinary industrial heritage sites are completely left out of standard tourist paths.


There are many great restaurants all over the town, but most of them are situated near the city center. There's a wide range of places for all tastes and budgets, but it's always best to check for the latest reviews or opinions with the locals.

Want to try local specialties? Try fresh cottage cheese from the open-air market. Just ask for "sir i vrhnje". And don't forget to get a taste of a special dough called "štrukli". The most genuine places to try local dishes are mountain lodges on the mount above the city, many of them accessible by car.

As for sweets and cakes... pastry-shops have quite a history here in Zagreb.

All that food will probably make you thirsty. It doesn't matter if you prefer beer or wine, because Zagreb offers both. The local brewery has tradition of more than a century, and Zagreb surroundings are rich with vineyards.


Zagreb is becoming a popular concert destination, many of its nightclubs hosting live bands.

For party maniacs, night-bars on Jarun lake make a perfect fit.

There's also a great chance to experience local live music for free if you're visiting Zagreb in the peak tourist season. Christmastide brings music stages to some squares of Zagreb, and summer evenings are perfect excuse for jazzy sounds in the Upper town.


When you come to Zagreb, a visit to Dolac open-air market is a must. Open-air markets are such a vivid tradition with a true sense of local lifestyle.

Local fashion designers, artists and craftsmen have their unique little shops and galleries all over the city, and majority can be found in Radićeva street, right in the heart of the city.

If you're just searching for a good old shopping mall, there's plenty of choice, too.