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Anamorphosis by Etien

Giant Whale Mural

Why locals love it

It gave a new life to an abandoned building that has never been accepted by the residents of Zagreb. The fact the city authorities allowed a giant mural like this one in the city center, makes the locals really happy. That's the kind of the city everyone wants to live in.



Why you should visit it

The huge whale is done by a French artist called Etien', known for his anamorphosis-artworks. Zagreb has some pretty cool, and well-known street artists itself, but this piece is probably the most popular one in 2015.

Special tip

If you stand on a special marked spot in front of it, it really looks like the whale is alive and swimming.

Giant Whale Mural
Strossmayerovo šetalište, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Mon-Su: Open 24 hours

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