10 Unique Things to Do in Warsaw

Like A Local Guide • 17 Jun, 2016

So, you’ve seen all of Warsaw’s main sights and are wondering what to do next. Either that or you’re not too fussed about the touristy stuff and want to find out where the real action is. In any case, Karolina has some great tips for getting into the local groove.

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1. Relax by the Vistula river

Are you coming to Warsaw in the summer and still don’t know where to start? Hanging out by the Vistula river is a favourite pastime of locals and something you shouldn’t miss. There are plenty of bars – the famous Temat Rzeka, for starters. Just sit, drink and relax.

If you want to do something active, you can take fitness, zumba or yoga classes. Beautiful views of the city skyline are included for free!

1512693_263932090466401_305076174281061721_nPhoto credit: Temat Rzeka

2. Find the beach in the heart of the city

Did you know that there’s a beach situated right in the heart of Warsaw where you can catch some sun and play volleyball, badminton or football? It’s located near the Palace of Culture and Science. If you get tired of the city bustle, you can always spend some time in secluded La Playa or explore Warsaw’s other river beaches.

1006298_641410159215972_1679256540_nPhoto credit: La Playa

3. Take a trip back in time

Would you like to learn more about Warsaw’s communist past? If you’re interested in seeing some architectural relics, visiting the Museum of Life Under Communism, watching propaganda movies and getting to know the city from the seat of an old Soviet van, then be sure to join the special Communism Tour of Warsaw.

Afterwards you can snack on some delicious Polish zapiekanka at Zapiexy Luksusowe, pierogi at Zapiecek or have dinner at Bar Mleczny Prasowy, the oldest milk bar in town.

muzeum-prl-uPhoto credit: garnek.pl

4. Go vegan (at least for a day)

Warsaw is becoming famous for its wide range of vegan restaurants. Being a vegan is no longer radical; nowadays it’s considered trendy and part of a healthy lifestyle. Even if you’re not really into greens you should visit a vegan restaurant and try something new.

Don’t tell me that vegan pizza, freshly blended smoothies and smoothie bowls don‘t sound good! Start off with the local Breakfast Market or grab yourself a vegan burger at Chwast Food.

be32bda2d2a83daf0b2bd0a6fb011806Photo credit: Chwast Food

5. Admire impressive modern art in the Bródno Sculpture Park

Thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to Łazienki Park each day in summer. If you want to do something a bit different, head to Warsaw’s right bank. In the Targówek district you’ll find the Bródno Sculpture Park. The artworks vary in style and character, and a new one is added every year. Take some time to wander through the park and enjoy the modern art – completely for free!

8276835343_83b5e1ffea_bPhoto credit: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

6. Enjoy the Outdoor Cinema Festival

Are you a movie fan? If so, Warsaw has something for you! The Outdoor Cinema Festival takes place every year from July to September. You can chill on a sunbed, sip a cold drink and watch your favourite Hollywood movies for free at numerous locations across the city, including popular local parks and squares. It’s a great way to relax after spending a long, sunny day out.

11960151_910846335629924_3500956248534520181_nPhoto credit: Filmowa Stolica

7. Spend a day at the horse races

The horse races in Warsaw have a long and rich tradition. They’re especially popular among older generations, but there are many younger people who also come to Służewiec each weekend to place a bet and have fun with friends. So, join in on the fun, bet on a random horse and try your luck! Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins and have a great day out with friends.

572089bc086f8_o,size,933x0,q,70,h,7e5bebPhoto credit: warszawa.naszemiasto.pl

8. Go to a food truck party

Warsaw loves food trucks and food trucks love Warsaw. There are many food truck festivals throughout the year, but the best ones obviously take place in summer. If you want to skip the fancy restaurants and feel more like a local, don’t miss the chance to eat French crepes, American burgers, Belgian frites or Polish zapiekanka in a cool location among cool people!

11144470_806655126099656_8345833374362194708_nPhoto credit: Zarcie na Kolkach

9. Take part in a free walking tour

If you want to see the city from a different point of view, you should definitely consider saving some time for one of the many free walking tours on offer in Warsaw. Whatever you’re into – history, architecture, lesser known districts, local legends – you’ll surely find something to match your interests!

4193115609_ae5311f81b_bPhoto credit: Dennis Jarvis

10. Embrace the outdoors in a local park

There’s no better way to experience Warsaw than by taking a break in a beautiful green park. You won’t get bored, especially in summer.

You can simply sit on a bench or have a picnic, but if you want to do something more you can rent a canoe or pedal boat in Skaryszewski Park, swim in an outdoor pool in Szczęśliwicki Park, go rollerblading in Pola Mokotowskie, visit the beautiful Cytadela in Żoliborz or go for a run in the Kabaty Woods Nature Reserve.

kajaki-warszawa-splywy-kajakowe-wisla-kajakwstolicy-cPhoto credit: kajakwstolicy.pl

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