Best Cafés to Visit in Buenos Aires

Kerti Kulper • 28 Jan, 2017

As one of the largest cities in South America, Buenos Aires can be exhausting if you’re trying to keep up with the hectic city life. Sometimes you just need to take a breather and gather your thoughts, so why not head to a café to relax a little? Claire, our local in Buenos Aires, recommends six cafés that are definitely worth visiting.

1. Tiendas Naturales

You’ll discover pretty quickly that Buenos Aires locals love their sweet treats. Besides eating cakes and other sweet delights, locals love to give their salty dishes a sweet twist too. Tostado y crema queso is a breakfast or teatime favourite that basically consists of bread, cream cheese and jam. Tiendas Naturales offers the freshest and tastiest version of it. If you want to do breakfast or afternoon tea like a local, this is the place to visit. In addition to the tostado, there are fresh juices, salads and other breads to choose from. There’s also good Wi-Fi and plenty of table space if you’re looking to catch up on emails.


Photo credit: Tiendas Naturales

2. Mercado San Telmo

As many people who have visited Buenos Aires would know, the markets along Defensa Street in San Telmo are not to be missed. The coolest place in the area is this indoor market, probably because it’s still relatively undiscovered. Don’t forget to visit “Coffee Town” – the market’s newest addition and another one of the city’s best coffee stop-offs.

8045409046_052a69dfcb_kPhoto credit: Rodrigo Butta 

3. Cafe Rivas

Cafe Rivas is a quaint and relaxed café/restaurant/bar on a quiet cobblestone street in San Telmo. Set a little away from the usual tourist trail, it’s a great sanctuary from the busier parts of the area (particularly during the busy Sunday market along Defensa). Cafe Rivas is a perfect place to while away a few hours and is right opposite a peculiar bookshop that stocks some English books if you’re in need of a bit of reading material and haven’t quite mastered the local lingo. Reward yourself after the busy San Telmo markets with a nice glass of malbec or a coffee and homemade treat at this sweet little café.


Photo credit: Lucia Gonzalez / Cafe Rivas

4. LAB Training Centre & Coffee Shop

LAB is an ideal place for those who appreciate good coffee. The coffee is perfection and the homemade baked treats also make it a winner. There’s an in-house coffee training centre for those keen to learn how to make good coffee for themselves. It also has good Wi-Fi, kick-ass cookies and chilled vibes. A great place if you’re looking for a break from the tourist trail.


Photo credit: Nan Palmero

5. Birkin Coffee Bar

Birkin serves a delicious brunch and coffee that is expertly made. It has a great outdoor area with blankets and heaters for when it gets a bit chilly. The staff all wear trendy hats and give great service. Palermo Botanico, the area where Birkin is based, has a very local vibe, which is refreshing after spending a lot of time in the hipster/trendy Palermo Hollywood or Palermo Soho neighbourhoods.


Photo credit: Birkin

6. La Poesia

La Poesia is a great place to while away a few hours, taking in the more traditional side of Buenos Aires and even feeling like you’ve stepped back in time. The staff are very attentive and the selection of drinks and pastries is spot on. Make sure you bring your camera as it’s a very photogenic café, especially in the early morning when the light shines through the windows.


Photo credit: Graham Stanley

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