Belgian Beer & Chocolate Walking Tour in Brussels


80 EUR

This is a top tour for foodies visiting Brussels. Taste amazing handmade chocolates, sample great Belgian beers – both craft and traditional – and meet likeminded travellers.

Duration: 4.5 hours
    Available in
  • French,
  • English,
  • Spanish,
  • German,
  • Portuguese


  • Enjoy an entertaining walking tour in the city centre
  • Visit the most exclusive chocolate shops in Brussels
  • Taste a minimum of 10 chocolates
  • Visit a beer boutique and local bars around Grand-Place
  • Learn about Belgian beer styles and sample at least 6
  • Get a 10% discount at 2 of the shops visited


The first part of the tour includes visits to various chocolate shops where you’ll get to try some amazing flavours: crunchy hazelnut, dark ganache, salted butter caramel, ginger, tea, coffee, saffron, chilli…

The chocolatiers are always experimenting with new flavours, textures and cocoa bean varieties. Expect to be surprised!

The second part of the tour is a Belgian beer-tasting experience that will take you to a beer boutique and bars around Grand-Place. It’s a great way to discover small taverns and mix with locals.

You’ll sample beers that are all completely different and all specific to Belgium. Abbey beers, Trappists, Lambics, Krieks, Belgian IPAs, Triple Blondes, Double Browns – you name it!

During the tour you’ll also learn about the city’s history, explore hidden corners and wander off the beaten path.

What’s included & not included

  • Friendly (and sometimes funny) guide
  • Chocolate tasting
  • Beer tasting
  • Cheese and cured meats
  • Nice fellow travellers
  • Love!
  • Typical tour guide with a flag
  • Bad chocolate
  • Bud Light
  • Carlsberg

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Meeting point

Rue du Marché aux Herbes 110

Reviews from travellers (44)


Excellent tour
Would definitely recommend for anyone interested in beer or chocolate and getting to know a little about the city of Brussels. Guides were friendly and knowledgeable. There was A LOT of chocolate and a good amount of beer plus a cheese platter to balance everything. Overall a great experience.
Highlight of our Trip
We can't recommend this tour enough - our tour guides, Danny and Julie were fantastic. It was so interesting and the people were all lovely. We discovered chocolate shops and bars we would never have found on our own and genuinely enjoyed every minute. It's the perfect mix of history, culture and seriously great chocolate and beer. You won't regret booking this.
Even better than advertised!
At first glance, this tour might seem a little pricey but it's more than just beer and chocolate tasting. While walking from place to place, our guide gave very detailed explanations of the city, it's buildings, and history. Plus the places that we did the beer tastings were little old hole in the wall historic establishments that we otherwise would not have found or felt comfortable just walking into. We were in several cities on our trip and this was by far the best experience that we had.
Great tour.
Delicious Brussels!
What a great introduction to busy Brussels!
Spent a great Sunday afternoon visiting deliciously extravavagent chocolate venues before some great beer tasting. I would never have been aware of these great places to visit. The chocolate venues were unusual and very specialized and was a real eye opener ,giving a total new experience. The beers were all so different with a story attached to each one. The pubs included beautiful old pubs that were a treat to visit.
Our guide ,Adrienne , was informative and fun and managed with his colleague to keep us all together. So we were also introduced to some of the historical sites and advised re them during our tour. The cheese and nibbles are a great idea in pub 2!
So overall you get a great mix of Brussels and what it has to offer on this delicious tour!
Well done
Excellent tour.
Highlight of our trip
Me and my girlfriend loved this tour. We were a bit hesitant at the price but it was value for money.

Fantastic experience and our guide, Baptiste, was fantastic. Gave us a great insight into beer, chocolate and Brussels itself
Great tour well worth the cost
Lots of chocolate, good beers, information about the city and the chocolate and beer culture. We went to hidden gems I never would have found on my own. The guide was knowledgeable and funny and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. We definitely feel like our money was well spent for the quality of the tour and the amount of chocolates and beers included. We highly recommend the tour and will be telling anyone we know traveling to Brussels to book this tour as well!
A wonderful experience!!!
Adrian was a phenomenal guide and easily impressed me with his knowledge of Belgian history as well as chocolate and beer. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Brussels and who wants a good foundation of the sights before visiting other landmarks.
Fantastic tour with the knowledgable Daniel!!
What a great tour from start to finish. Amazing chocolates, delicious beers and a bit about the culture. Our tour guide Daniel was very informative, funny and able to give tips on what to do after round the city. I would definitely recommend this for all to try xx
Really worth the money
Beyond expectations!
Our tour guide Daniel was fabulous! He was passionate and knowledgeable about both chocolates and beer. It was a fun way to explore this wonderful city. We visited 4 chocolateries and learned about the qualities and specialties of each one. I had no idea before this about the complexity of making chocolates! The beer tour came after the visits to the chocolateries. We visited 3 pubs and tried many different beers. Again, we had no idea of the complexity of beers here. We tried many different beers and learned about the process to make these spectacular beers We would highly recommend this tour!
Highly Recommend this Fun & Delicious Tour!
Our friends went on this tour and recommended it to us as one of their favorite parts of their trip so even though we only had one afternoon in Brussels we knew we needed to do it and were so happy we did! The guides were so friendly and helpful and we ended up learning a lot about the city along the way! The chocolate was delicious and we tried way more variety than we expected to! We were also impressed by the amount and variety of the beers offered and loved the atmosphere of the different bars. Unfortunately, we had to leave a little early to catch a train but the guides were nice enough to give us the last beer in the bottle to go so we still got to enjoy it! We highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Brussels!
More chocolate than expected; beer we would have never tasted!
Nice size group (15), entertaining and considerate guide, places we never would have found-let alone enter. Although initially thought of as pricey; found it to be of good value on many levels. Highly recommended!!
Daytrip to Brussels
My wife and I came to Paris for our honeymoon and decided to take a Thalys to Brussels to spend the day. We booked this tour because we are big food people and thought it was a great way to discover some new stuff. This was so much more than a food tour! Baptiste and Martha give you a full blown experience of the city, its history, recommendations on restaurants and places to visit, and some pretty incredible chocolate and beer! If you are visiting Brussels, this is definitely something you want to do when you arrive so that the day or evening after the tour you can heed the suggestions and visit. If you are doing a day trip like we did, I think this is the best way to do it!
Fantastic tour
Awesome tour
We booked the Belgian Beer and Chocolate tour at the last minute and had no idea what to expect. Our tour guide was awesome. Very friendly and a great tour guide. Explained everything very well and very knowledgeable about the history of the area as well as the chocolate and beers. She was funny and enthusiastic. One of the most enjoyable tours I've ever been on. I would highly recommend this tour when visiting Brussels!!
A good introduction to Brussells
Thanks for everything in this tour. Both guides very good.
If you're in Brussels - DO THIS TOUR!
This tour was absolutely incredible. My husband and I are not typically "tour" people, but who can pass up beer and chocolate? Daniel was amazing and gave us so much information in a fun way. We tried more chocolate and drank way more beer than expected, which makes this absolutely worth the money. It was great to be able to visit less-known locations and stay away from the tourist traps. Daniel is so passionate about Brussels and is a ton of fun. Jonathon is very knowledgeable as well and is a great help. We even made some new friends on the tour and had even more beers after! Cheers!
Great experience
The group was a little bigger rhan I expexted, having done a tour with LAL in Talinn, where the group was only 5 persons. The chocolates were really nice and interesting historical facts by Daniel added to the fun.
The beer part was more interesting. Couple of the taverns were real hidden gems, as a normal tourist would be unable to find them on his own.
Daniel was fantastic!
Had a great time! Lovely beer and chocolate.
Probably the favorite tour we've ever taken
Marie and her assistant were so friendly and knowledgeable about the chocolates and beers.
A very fun way to see the city!
The tour starts with a very friendly smile and beautiful looking chocolates which gets better and better as we walk through the beautiful city! The guide is super fun and interactive specially when the beers start rolling out! Funny, entertaining and delicious!
Great tour! Great chocolates! Great beer!
My daughter and I had a wonderful time on the walking tour! Our guide was full of information and we had slot of fun! Definitely would recommend to others!
A fun afternoon out
My husband and I live in Belgium but wanted to do a tour while in Brussels to see and do something different. We were very lucky with our group as everyone was very friendly and we all got along well. The chocolate is the first part of the tour so if you were expecting a beer right away you will be disappointed. There should be more variety in the chocolate. Too much of the same.... dark chocolate boring. There were a few however that people commented on indicating that this tour should focus more on the unusual flavors such as chili, lemon basil, and earl grey tea. They might not have been up to everyone taste but those where the biggest hit in our group as it was different flavors for chocolate. Finally when it was time for beer that was quite enjoyable as it was beer that we had not had before. There were even a couple of things pointed out to us about Brussels that we did not know before. All in all we enjoyed the tour but I would suggest that there needs to be more variety in the chocolate, have a break for tea or coffee while doing the chocolate as it does become a bit much and maybe inform people that the beer part of the tour is at the end.
Wonderful intro to Brussels
My husband and I visited Brussels as part of our honeymoon, and this tour has been our favourite thusfar. The guide was extremely knowledgeable about the sights and the chocolate, and took us to smaller artesanal shops. It felt like Marie was taking us to see her friends, who also happen to make lovely chocolates, rather than the cookie cutter all tour groups go here. She also gave wonderful recommendations for food and where to find the best quality for your €. Truly enjoyable! Merci Marie!
Great tour
must do!
this tour was absolutely amazing. the guides were so funny, educated, and helpful. the samples of chocolate and beer were more than covered in the price plus the meat and cheese tray helped out with all the alcohol being consumed. i was the only solo traveler in the group but didn't feel alone at all. i am so glad i was able to experience this and would totally recommend to anyone!
A good tour well worth the money
This tour is definitely worth the money for the experience, Marie the guide is a knowledgeable and entertaining guide, and while the tour is primarily about beer and chocolate Marie sprinkles in little bits of history, restaurant recommendations, and points out places to visit during your stay.

The tour was structured with the chocolate tasting first and then the beer tasting afterwards. During the chocolate portion of the tour we tried lots of varieties of chocolate, learnt a great deal about chocolatier in Brussels, and what to look out for and what to avoid.

The beer half of the tour was equally as good and informative, and a cheese board with savoury meats was provided in one of the pubs to keep everyone fed and prevent drinking on an empty stomach. Water was also provided for those who needed it.

The people on our tour were lovely and after the tour was over most of us stayed in the last pub for a couple of rounds. Very good tour, recommend it wholeheartedly.
It was a phenomenal tour. Totally worth it. If you do any tours during your trip, this should be it.
Amazing tour
The guide Daniel was very knowledgeable and energetic. He brought great enthusiasm to the your and it was a great way to see Brussels, especially if it's your first time. The group size was perfect and it was a good time. Would definitely recommend this.
Excellent tour
As Marie the Guide explains, Brussels is a bit hit and miss. Many locals live in the city center (as its impossible to park, so its cheap) and good restaurants, pubs and shops are intermingled with tourist traps that look the same (to us).

Marie sorts this out for you with charm, frankness and excellent language skills. The apparently high cost includes all the samples plus nibbles, by the end we didn't need dinner apart from a bag of Belgian fries. Highly recommended as a way to pass an afternoon.
Brussels Beer & Chocolate Walking Tour
Terrific tour! Marie knew everything about the city and warned us off many tourist traps. Besides taking us for awesome chocolate and loads of beer, she also pointed out some great sights. Word to the wise- pace yourselves on the beer! They have higher ABV than you are probably use to!
Top Notch Tour!
We don't usually enjoy tour groups, but this one sounded too fun not to give it a try, and we're so glad we did! Marie was wonderful and knowledgeable. The places she took us to had fantastic chocolate and beer and usually a good bit of history, too. My husband thought the tour was a bit expensive at first, but by the end of the day he agreed that it was worth every penny! Thank you for a great experience!
Best beer friends
Had the best time with Marie. Learnt alot about chocolate and beers and other things once the beers got flowing. ☺ The group was a great bunch, we were all pretty quiet at first then got to have some good laughs together. Marie knows her chocolates and beer and sampling them was the best. What more can we ask for? Was a perfect combination.
It's a must do when in Brussels! Marie gave a great tour.
Definitely best highlight of our trip to Belgium.
Highlight of brussles
Only in brussles for 12 hours but this was the highlight of our time, by far. Highly recommend this tour. Daniel was a great guide!!!
The magic of Brussels unlocked
My only regret is not booking this tour for earlier in my trip. I'd been in Brussels for four days before this walking tour, and I'd explored every nook and cranny of the city I could find, but it was only after this tour that I thought I understood the place.

Seriously, if you're intrigued enough by beer and chocolate that you're this far down reading this review, go ahead and book the thing. It's amazing. Marie is so knowledgeable, not just about chocolate and beer, but throughout the tour she tells you about Brussels -- where to eat, what to see, the history and the culture.

More than anything, though, it's about beer and chocolate. Marie walks right past the big, gaudy shops hopping to rake in your tourist dollars and into the small places that relish the craft. She passes out an awesome variety of delicious samples of both. Yes, I wish I had done the tour earlier, but this was a magical sendoff.
Wonderful Tour
This tour was amazing! I would recommend to anyone who is visiting Brussels. Marie was very detailed and very good at her job. I forgot it was a tour; it was more like hanging with a group of friends. My husband and I loved it and plan on bringing more friends on our next visit.
Great way to find different places in the city.
My husband and I booked the tour to give us a focus for part of our stay. Although initially I thought it was expensive, I really enjoyed the experience. Neither of us is a chocoholic and I am not that keen on beer(!). However, Marie took my husband's reluctance to eat chocolate as a challenge and found him all sorts he enjoyed. I was easily converted. The beer was great and the bars we visited were interesting in their own right.
We loved the fact that Marie has definite opinions - the chips are good there but the coffee is terrible in that cafe etc. Marie is personable and knows her stuff - it made for a highlight of our visit.
Excellent Tour with Marie
The tour was long, but very good - lots of little details about the art of making chocolate, the reasons for the chocolatiers she chose, and the samples we tried. The beer section was also excellent - the tasting samples were good for a broadening of the usual perception of 'beer' but much of the detail was lost on me. However, we had a couple of beer connoisseurs in our party, and they seemed to enjoy the detail very much!

I highly recommend this tour - Marie is knowledgeable, opinionated (I consider this a good thing), and friendly!
I would recommend it to everyone!
Me and my boyfriend only had two days in Brussels and the beer and chocolate tour was a perfect way to get to know the city of Brussels. Not only did we get to taste delicious chocolate and beer (that we would never taste otherwise), but we also got a perfect tour of the city. Marie thaught as all about the "Do's and don't"s, which were very helpfull. Overall a fantastic tour with a great guide! :)
Amazing through and through!
We had a limited time in Brussels and wanted to do a tour that would be reflective of the city and all it has to offer. This tour with Marie was exactly that, she was friendly, informative and just an overall great tour guide. The beer and chocolate on the tour was novel, new and exciting, but Marie also made sure everyone enjoyed and changed things up according to people's tastes. There was no pressure to buy additional chocolates from the shops, although we did and the tour was much more than just chocolate and beer, Marie provided insight into Brussels, Belgium, history, local places to eat and the end of the night it felt like our group had become close friends. We continued to sit together for hours drinking and chatting and then moved onto some other local pubs for more fun. If you are in Brussels TAKE this tour, it is worth every cent. I would recommend taking it early on in your trip, as she mentions many places to eat and things to see, however we missed out as we took it on our last night there.
Just fabulous!
Marie is an opinionated, funny, irreverent and knowledgeable guide to Brussels and its twin delights of beer and chocolate. I hesitated about going on this tour as it is more expensive than others, but it is worth every cent and I'd go again any time. Easy pace, plenty of chocolate and beer tastings and food to accompany. At the end of the tour people from all over the world sat around with beers and chatted. A really great tour.
A perfect combination.
This tour was the best thing I did in Brussels. Marie's an incredible host equipped with a wealth of knowledge in both beer and chocolate. Her passion for these very Belgian products are very evident in her delivery, and by simply taking her groups to those establishments worth visiting. Marie's pathway skips the tourist traps and offers her clients an authentic experience of the very best on offer - she even turned the few non-beer drinkers we had on the tour, so don’t let this steer you away cause I can assure you that there’s something for everyone. If your group is anything like mine, this 4.5 hour tour that may end up going into the wee hours of the night, so be prepared for anything!
I can’t recommend her tour enough - trust you won’t be disappointed.
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