Cover image of this place Bully's Restaurant

One of the best in Cardiff

Why locals love it

The staff are very welcoming and the service is attentive and helpful, they definitely know their menu. The duck starter is delicious. Dessert of Panna cotta and Parfait complete a wonderful meal. A must visit experience.


Why you should visit it

The staff know their menu and the ambience is relaxed and welcoming. This is a place to go for a tasty and romantic meal. You will experience great food presented with attention to detail, fresh and flavoursome.

Special tip

Book in advance and prepare to enjoy.

Bully's Restaurant
5 Romilly Crescent, Cardiff CF11 9NP

Mon-Sa: 18:30-21:00

Fr-Sa: 12:00-14:00

Su: 12:00-15:30

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