Chicago Loop Interior Architecture Walking Tour


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Step inside magnificent lobbies, corridors and the underground Pedway passages on an in-depth Chicago interior architecture tour. The total walking distance is 0.5 miles.

Duration: 2 hours
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  • See a church with stained-glass windows on a skyscraper
  • Check out the Chicago Picasso sculpture
  • Explore the network of Pedway underground passages
  • Pass the contemporary Block 37 development
  • Discover the Marshall Field’s department store
  • Admire sparkling Tiffany mosaics
  • Visit the Chicago Cultural Center


This walking tour takes you along a creative route that weaves through buildings and secret shortcuts. 95% of the tour takes place inside, making it great for any weather.

Participants share iPads with archival images of maps, historical photos and documentary video clips while the guide shares stories of Chicago’s history.

Our fun and passionate guides are highly trained professionals with degrees in architecture, design, art history and history. They know how to connect with a group, spark imaginations and communicate new concepts relating to architecture.

Looking at the outside of buildings, such as with architectural boat tours, can be a great first step in engaging with Chicago architecture. The next step is to enter the buildings and appreciate the architecture from new perspectives.

Tour starts inside the Marquette Building at 140 S. Dearborn. Walk Straight through the lobby and continue straight to the back of the exhibit space to find your tour guide. Please arrive 10–15 minutes early. Tour ends inside the Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington St.

What’s included & not included

  • Professional tour guide
  • Shared iPads with photos and videos
  • Chicago Pedway map
  • Special Chicago gifts

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Meeting point

Walking Tour starts inside the Marquette Building at 140 S. Dearborn. Walk Straight through the lobby and continue straight to the back of the exhibit space to find your tour guide.

Reviews from travellers (4)


Loop Interior Tour...FANTASTIC!
Having never been on any type of tour in Chicago before, we weren't sure what to expect. Wow! We were we blown away by all of the fascinating things we discovered while on our Interior Loop tour yesterday. Elizabeth was a FANTASTIC guide! Chicago architecture and history rolled up into a fun/informative walk. Loved it! Can't wait to try some of the other tours that they offer!

Best Architecure Tour, absolutely the best
I went on a architecture tour with this group I consider myself an architecture enthusiast and I still learned so much. The tour was very professional and had aspects to suit anyone. The company had spent years going through archives and books to find information that even google cannot find for you. Plus we got to go into a church inside a 22 story skyscraper, the Chase bank headquarters, and even the Chicago pedway. The pedway is pretty much a series of tunnels under the city that goes for over 5 miles, plus the tunnel goes under buildings and is one of the coolest parts of the tour. The tour guide who's name is Alex Bean was funny and enthusiastic. I will never forget the eternal flame that was surrounded by pigeons who where using it to warm up. Mr Bean also told us that once a pigeon on fire flew over him when he was teaching a tour. All in all I highly reccomend this tour that helps you appreciate Chicago more than the average tourist.

Inside out and around the Loop
Great walking tour. Really gives a different perspective of architecture from the inside out, moving through indoor lobbies, street/sidewalk spaces and Pedway. It is ok for any kind of weather. Our tour guide, Alex, was so interesting that in the church in the skyscraper another tour stopped to listen to him. Encompasses a great deal of Chicago history and we learned the many spaces, places and ways downtown that can help one see changes and meaningful moments. As a Chicagoan, all the things we saw were familiar to me but received added emphasis and value of knowledge.

Fun, interactive, and educational tour!
I was on the Loop Interior Architecture tour with Chicago Detours this past weekend, and it was a very fun, interactive, and educational tour! The roadmap they put together was thoughtful from starting at a building surrounded by architecture history, to ending at the beautiful Chicago cultural center across from the Millenium Park. And in between, they took us to some of the most beautiful and interesting buildings in Chicago - who would have thought, a church inside of a skyscraper? We also got to explore part of the Chicago pedway (which is great since it was cold that day). And I really enjoy the pictures and movie clips on the iPad. For me - those pictures and movie clips put things within the context of where they were before and where they are now. Our lead, Alex, was so knowledgeable and fun. I was always interested in history - and he didn't disappoint offering not just history you got to read in books, but also pop culture tidbits related to them. I so enjoyed this, and plann
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