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Funky vegetarian for hippies & hipsters

City, O' City

Why locals love it

This café/bistro/wine bar is at the vanguard of Denver's movement to redefine what a vegetarian restaurant can be. Tasty and healthful dishes synthesize Mediterranean, French, Italian and American influences in a manner both clever and endearingly goofy.



Why you should visit it

Denver isn't exactly replete with late night dining options, especially apart from lard-soaked diner food (though of course that has it's own time and place). City, O' City, open till 2 am every day of the week, offers a refreshing alternative that's much lighter on the heart and the hips but still rich in flavor and style.

Special tip

After a few drinks on the town check out their late night happy hour, from 11 pm to 1 am.

City, O' City
Denver, CO 80216

Mon-Su: 07:00-02:00

+1 (303) 831-6443
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