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Locally Made Jewelry and Vintage

Mildred + Bernice Things You Want

Why locals love it

All the pieces in this shop are vintage or hand made by the owner Ashley. She has done a beautiful job with creating unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces from high quality metals. Her aesthetic is simple, classic, and a little edgy for the modern woman or man. The vintage collection is also outstanding with label-less pieces to Chanel.



Why you should visit it

This is a great place to treat yourself or pick up a gift. What better way to get a souvenir than to support a local artist? The customer service is excellent and this is surely to be a memorable shopping experience. The space of the store is beautiful and modern in a converted garage and just stepping inside makes you feel more stylish.

Special tip

The shop is open by chance or appointment so contact the owner on the website to ensure she will be there.

Mildred + Bernice Things You Want
4241 Jason St.
(402) 922-0514
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