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Diner, bar, arcade, bowling and more

Punch Bowl Social

Why locals love it

If you've ever felt bored at a bar and wished there was something more to do than converse, Punch Bowl is your kind of place. This ambitious, 24,000 square foot establishment contains a diner, bar, coffeehouse, lounge, bowling alley, nostalgic video arcade, pool tables, ping pong tables, dart boards, pinball, foosball, marbles and board games.



Why you should visit it

You could quite seriously visit every day for a month and never play the same game twice. Furthermore, unlike your typical smoked-out bowling alley, this place offers classic fun in chich, retro style. Plus the food is actually pretty good.

Special tip

The kitchen is open late, and breakfast is served all the way through to 3pm.

Punch Bowl Social
65 Broadway

Mon-Fr: 11:00-02:00

Sa-Su: 08:00-02:00

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