The Frankfurt city, cover photo


About Frankfurt

Situated in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt is a city of many contrasts. It is a place of tradition and modernity, commerce and culture, activity and tranquillity. Frankfurt is known to be Europe’s smallest metropolis, a moniker it gained thanks to its high degree of internationality. Germany’s most international city is also Europe’s largest financial center. For centuries, German kings and emperors were elected here, first crowned at Aachen and later in Frankfurt. Top attractions are the Frankfurt Book Fair, which began in 1478; St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, where Bartholomew the Apostle is buried and where Holy Roman Empire kings were elected; St. Paul’s Church, important because Parliament’s first democratic elections were held here in 1848, and the Archaeological Garden that was uncovered by World War II bombs. Frankfurt was home to Germany’s largest timberframe old town, but it was destroyed during World War II. However, for several years now, Frankfurt has been planning to reconstruct the old town according to the original plans. As things stand, the reconstruction of the old town will be complete by the end of 2017.