The Krakow city, cover photo


About Krakow

Poland's jewel and once royal capital, Krakow is the heart of Polish culture and is immersed in history. Once at the crossroads of all major trade routes from Europe to the Middle East and Asia, the influences of many cultures are evident throughout the city which still maintains its own uniqueness. As one of the very few Polish cities to survive the wrath of World War II, Krakow offers everything from medieval charm and Jewish history to the remnants of a Communist era, and recently a more modern flare. All of this comes with trendy neighborhoods an historic Old Town with the largest medieval market square in Europe and even a magical castle steeped in tradition and mystery on top of a hill once guarded by a fire breathing dragon. Whether you come to Krakow to relax, party, or immerse yourself in history and culture you will not be disappointed. The city's numerous cafes, restaurants, museums, bars, and clubs will keep you coming back for more. The city center is full of attractions however if you want to experience the real Krakow don't be afraid to venture outside of the Old Town.