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Hi, I'm going to Krakow 5-10 November, do you maybe know any good apartament in center? thanks

Marco October 5, 2019 answer

Hi. I am traveling to Krakow in October with my family and I would like to know if there are any reliable bus service... Read more

Roshaan September 17, 2019 answer

Hi, we are a family of 3 and will be Ieaving Krakow to Prague on August 15 nite. I Would like to book the night train... Read more

Pauline July 12, 2019 answer

We will be visiting Krakow again in September of 2020. We want to be in Krakow the same week that the Saint Michael ... Read more

Felicia July 10, 2019 answer

Hello everyone! I will be in Krakow till Thursday and would love to listen some real Polska music. Any recommendation... Read more

Beliz July 8, 2019 answer

Hi, We need transport to the airport from Krakov on New Years this possible?

Elaine June 29, 2019 answer

Hi, we arrive at first to Katowice by flight, what is the best way to go to Krakow? book taxi in advance for 20 dolla... Read more

adi June 13, 2019 answer

Hi, we arrive to first to Katowice by flight, what is the best way to go to Krakow? book taxi in advance for 20 dolla... Read more

Hello, is there any good pubs or cafes rather than the english football club to watch the football match today.

Ziad May 1, 2019 answer

What are the Best Cafés to work / generally hangout with your laptop in Krakow.

Ziad April 28, 2019 answer

I have some friends who told me to go “street art hunting” in krakow because there are a lot of secret gems! I don’t... Read more

tchiki March 27, 2019 answer

I will be visiting Krakow and staying near Klasztor Kapucynów. Are there any shops or supermarkets where I can buy fo... Read more

tchiki March 26, 2019 answer

Can anyone recommend restaurants where I can eat dairy free and soy free food? (I have food allergies) We will be st... Read more

Margaret February 16, 2019 answer

What sim pripad card I should buy? I need only for internet data(4G) during my stay in Europe

Loko January 20, 2019 answer

Hello- I will be in Krakaw for 4 nights- Can you tell the clubs for 16 years plus? Or a hangouts? Thank you

mike December 9, 2018 answer

We are traveling this month to Krakow , please let me know the name of disco clubs for 16 years plus or hangouts

mike December 4, 2018 answer

I enjoy, photography, food and sight seeing. Is Zakopane worth visiting? Are there any brief Auschwitz tours? Are... Read more

Mike November 26, 2018 answer

I am trying to find some replacement Bohemia Crystal glasses which were bought ten years ago from a shop near the squ... Read more

Linda November 13, 2018 answer

Are American Express, Visa and MasterCard accepted at most stores and restaurants?

Mike November 5, 2018 answer

Will I be able to get a SIM card for my Verizon iPhone at the Airport? What is a good price for a card with unlimite... Read more

Mike November 4, 2018 answer

Hey I'm hoping to propose to my girlfriend during our trip to Krakow (9th to the 13th December) and I want to make it... Read more

Brandon November 4, 2018 answer

Hello there I intend to vist both next April. Is it possible and where can I find these tours? Thank you

Erasmo November 2, 2018 answer

Is there another option to consider?

Mike October 16, 2018 answer

Anyone who has any good tips for a bunch of girls wanting nice drinks, and fun clubs/bars? Nice places for lunch/din... Read more

An Inactive User October 12, 2018 answer

Cześć! I will be in Krakow for a couple of days and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a quiet and cozy res... Read more

Lo August 30, 2018 answer

Dear all, I an info please. We are planning to go to Auschwitz on Monday the 13th. We read that there are many tour s... Read more

marika August 11, 2018 answer

staying in a hotel in old town. wondering where the best nightclubs are? looking for a place that doesn't scam people.

thomas August 10, 2018 answer

Hello, I would like to find a parking place in the jewish quarter in Krakow. The hotel offered one for €20 per day. I... Read more

Kata August 4, 2018 answer

What are the best Christmas Markets in and around the city?

Mike August 2, 2018 answer

Hello people of Poland, I will be in Krakow and Zakopane in augest and I need intersting/new things to do What do y... Read more

Sarah July 21, 2018 answer

My gypsy-jazz band 'The Rin Tins' (from Bristol, England) are coming to Krakow in August and are looking for places t... Read more

Tara July 11, 2018 answer

Goodmorning, do you know if there is a website or a place where I can rent a craddle for a toddler for 5 days (10th-1... Read more

marika June 26, 2018 answer

Any good places for kayaking or hiking? I'm a big outdoors person and will miss it when I study abroad this fall

I will be studying abroad this fall and would love to meet some groups. I know that fully cloistered sisters are not ... Read more

I will be studying abroad in Krakow to study Catholic theology at the Pontifical Institute of JP2, and would love to ... Read more

Hi! My wife and I will be visiting Krakow for 3 days in late-July and are looking for a few local/non-touristy food/b... Read more

Mike June 4, 2018 answer

I am going with 10 other girls to Krakow this weekend for a bachelorette party and am trying to plan our "going-out"-... Read more

Emmeline May 30, 2018 answer

For a foodie, that likes a cosy/bistro environment, with true quality product, frequented by locals, tell me one plac... Read more

Pedro April 18, 2018 answer

Hi What is the reliable company (s) taxi that we can catch or call (speak english), during the nigth (00h-04h), outs... Read more

Pedro April 16, 2018 answer

Hi, I´m going to Krakow next week and I´m thinking of getting a new tattoo. I want to make a graphical black tattoo -... Read more

Martin March 22, 2018 answer

Hi I´m Pedro from Portugal. I have been in the past in Krakow and I loved! But it was in 2012... I will return thi... Read more

Pedro March 12, 2018 answer

we will be in town from 9 am till 1 pm approx on this Saturday, total 8 people, 4 teenage kids. some family friendly ... Read more

Liva March 7, 2018 answer

My grandma was born in Poland. And I'm looking for a gift for her.

Alexandr January 2, 2018 answer

Hi! I’ll be in Krakow for a long weekend 5-7th Jan with my boyfriend. I’m just looking at areas to stay where its ea... Read more

I'm comming to Krakow on New Year's, and I was wondering if anyone can recommend some nightclubs or pubs where to cel... Read more

Ivano December 24, 2017 answer

Hi there I’ve been before in krakow for a business trip for couple of days and It was fascinating city to visit but u... Read more

Abdul December 18, 2017 answer

Hi Guys, I'm traveling to Krakow on the 1st of January and i'm wondering what places are good to check out some loca... Read more

Roel December 18, 2017 answer

Hi I'm coming to Krakow in late March for my sisters hen party and want to plan a spa/pampering day. Could you give m... Read more

sian December 14, 2017 answer

Arriving Krakow in May 2018 and would like to find a tour or private tour to take us to Lamsdorf POW camp and museum ... Read more

Di December 8, 2017 answer

Hello locals! What is the best way to get to and from Auschwitz? I booked a 6-hour study tour there for my friend a... Read more

Rachel December 7, 2017 answer

Hi! So its really cold outside and if I would like to sit in some cafe near Old Town Kraków and drink a cup od coffee... Read more

Marija December 2, 2017 answer

Hi there! :) I'm planning with my family a trip to Kraków in December. Do you have any suggestions for us? A "to do ... Read more

Miriam November 26, 2017 answer

Hello, I have a question according to the New Years Eve, hope you guys can help. Firstly: Club Alchemia or Forum: ... Read more

Orsolya November 25, 2017 answer

Hi can anyone suggest a bike tour thats fun and yoy get to see most of the city sites? Any tour websites or companys ... Read more

Toni-Anne November 2, 2017 answer

Hi all, I'm in Krakow for a few days over New Year and wanted to know what are the best clubs/pubs, someone said that... Read more

Christian October 8, 2017 answer

Please recommend restaurant where me and my husband can celebrate our wedding anniversary but which is child friendly... Read more

Ilze September 2, 2017 answer

Hi: I am visiting in September from USA, what is your recommendations for : 1- popular local night clubs for 18 year... Read more

Mike August 20, 2017 answer

Hi everybody! I travel alone and would love to visit one of the escape rooms here in krakow. Is there anyone interes... Read more

Tanja August 19, 2017 answer

Scrapbooking; card making; mixed media

Rosemary August 15, 2017 answer

Hello, This may sound strange, but I need to photograph a Rye (or Barley, or Wheat) field, and I believe there ar... Read more

Danny August 9, 2017 answer

looking for nice home styling and fashion stores that only locals know :)

oran August 7, 2017 answer

Hello, I am visiting Krakow for this weekend and i will be there for 3 days, does any of you have any suggestions o... Read more

Cyrine July 27, 2017 answer

Small glassrs please so we can try a few.

Lizette July 26, 2017 answer

Hello, We are already in Krakow and looking for some local events to go. Also where can we find bicycle tours or for... Read more

Rashmi July 21, 2017 answer

The Bunker restaurant on Podwale, near Plac Szczapanski. It is recommended in my guide book. Is there a review for... Read more

With garden or small playground

Ladislav July 18, 2017 answer

Hi,im wonder what to do in krakow with small children,age 6 years?

Ladislav July 17, 2017 answer

Best places to drink? Best places for food for breakfast, lunch and evening meal? Best clubs for all ages?

Michael July 15, 2017 answer

What is THE weirdest but funniest activity you can engage in in Krakow as a turist only here for a few days?

Hello, me and my group of friends are visiting Krakow from 19 until 20 august. One of these days we will visit Auschw... Read more

Sander June 14, 2017 answer

Hi, I am vegeterian and coming to Krakow. Will I find easily veggie food there?

Selma June 12, 2017 answer

I arrive in krakow on 21st june for 7 days. I want to do as many tours as I can and see as much as I can any help wit... Read more

Vikki May 16, 2017 answer

We would like to start our visit in Krakow with a round tour on the 25'th to get a wives of the town and what we can ... Read more

Mikael May 10, 2017 answer

Where are the best nightclubs on a Thursday, Friday & Saturday night? Music wise we like house, dance & R&B, money i... Read more

Ajay May 8, 2017 answer

Hi myself and my husband are visiting Kraków for our anniversary in May. I understand it is all about the history and... Read more

When it is a free admission day in a museum, do I still need to book a reservation (like a free admission ticket)? Or... Read more

Odeleine April 26, 2017 answer

Hello, this Sunday ( 02/04/2017) I'm leaving with my wife and 2 suns ( age 18 - 21) to Krakow. Any nice restaurants ... Read more

peter March 30, 2017 answer

We will be staying at Hotel Atrium , krzywa street , at the end of July for 5 days , are there any OLD Traditional Po... Read more

George February 9, 2017 answer

Could you tell me the easiest and most cost effective way to get from the airport to Hotel Wielopole near the city ce... Read more

Jennette January 9, 2017 answer

Hi everyone, I'm going to move in Krakow for 9 months. I have some questions and would be very grateful if you tex... Read more

Polina December 23, 2016 answer

Hello, does anyone know of any restaurants open for the evening meal on Christmas Day (25th December), apart from hot... Read more

Katherine December 6, 2016 answer

Hello everyone <3 Please advice me where can 3 of my friends and I celebrate new year night for a good entertaining?... Read more

Nan November 30, 2016 answer

I will be in Krakow for Christmas and only arrive the afternoon of Christmas eve. Just wanted to know if we will go ... Read more

Jahne November 29, 2016 answer

Could anybody recommend the best Jewish restaurant in Kazimierz to go to. Thank you :)

Retha November 28, 2016 answer

Hi everyone :) maybe some of You know where I could buy pasta (half a meter in length)? Thank You in advance :)

Ramunė November 25, 2016 answer

Hi all, Can you please recommend a good real estate agency? or even better maybe you know some realtor who can hel... Read more

Polina October 22, 2016 answer

Can you please recommend me some nice bars ( nice whisky and cocktails ) and also clubs for 30 something foreigner gu... Read more

Vincent October 20, 2016 answer

I am in Krakow by myself for a few days, and I would like to meet some (local) people. What would be a good place to ... Read more

Jet September 21, 2016 answer

Hey I'm about to visit Krakow in January! I'd like to know what is the weather usually like that time of year. What s... Read more

Fwteinh September 19, 2016 answer

Helloooo!!! I'll be in Krakow at 5th to 8th of January! Will there be any kind of christmas customs in the city that ... Read more

Fwteinh September 15, 2016 answer

Helloo =) I'm planning to visit Krakow on January. Is it worthy to go to Auschwitz by train from Krakow or is it bett... Read more

Fwteinh September 15, 2016 answer

I am here for a few days travelling solo (female, in mid 20s if this helps), and it would be nice to meet some people... Read more

simone August 22, 2016 answer

There are 6 of us ladies coming on a hen weekend. We all love food. I want to book 3 nice mid price dinners. I have c... Read more

Debbie August 21, 2016 answer

Hello, do you know any abandoned place (high buildings or factories) in Krakow?

Val August 8, 2016 answer

Hi I'm staying in the Jewish quarter of Krakow next week on a budget. Could you tell me of cheap places to eat and dr... Read more

Eileen July 30, 2016 answer

I am going to visit Krakow for a short vacation soon. I am looking for some stained glass shop/workshop in town, Woul... Read more

Fredrik July 24, 2016 answer

Can u tell me what days markets are on. Visiting monday to friday

Mauree n July 19, 2016 answer

We are a bachelor party that are going to Krakow on the 5-7th of august. We are looking for some local Polish basket... Read more

Calle July 14, 2016 answer

Almost ewery person wee have met i Krakow Are extremly rude. The staff in Oure hotel downright refuse to speek to us,... Read more

Anita July 4, 2016 answer

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