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If it's the only thing you do in Krakow... this!!!

Fantastic tour: see beautiful countryside, learn things about Nazi culture that you've never heard or read, view the magnificent beauty of hundreds of years of labor in the salt mine.
Our driver picked us up at our door, spoke great English, stopped us at a great restaurant, and dropped us wherever we wanted to go.
One thing: you need a soft schedule that allows for 10 hours OR MORE. There are a lot of people in both locations so the timing is variable.
Auschwitz Museum and Salt Mine 1 Day Tours all inclusive with local guides
Amazing fun photography session!
I had a blast with the photo session! It was fun hanging around Krakow with Lisa. She is very knowledgeable about the city, very social and is a great photographer. She absolutely goes for the best shots. Tireless, high-standards, puts you in a good mood so you look good on the pictures, I highly recommend her!
Holiday Photography Session in Krakow
The most amazing, humorous & exemplary photographer you will ever meet
I did few photoshoots before for different organisations and events but not personalised ones. I was new to it, Vasilisa Lukyanenko is extremely professional and approachable, time passed smooth as a cake, I have trouble in showing emotions or rather let's say in "acting them out" she was very humorous and professional in bringing a smile to your face and click them at the right angles. Many of the employees and connections from linkedin gave good reviews about my photos. I strongly recommend her for family, friends, events and business portraits.
Holiday Photography Session in Krakow
Great way to get acquainted with the city!
We really enjoyed our tour with Aleksander! After doing a ton of walking in cities before Krakow, we really wanted to rest without missing out on our sightseeing. This was an amazing affordable option. We got to see many major sites of Krakow while the guide provided history and significance. It was great to get to decide where we wanted to spend the remaining time we had there while seeing everything too. Aleksander was informative and even provided us with blankets when it got cold.
Krakow in a Day: 3-Hour City Tour by Electric Car
This was a great way to start our stay in Krakow. Highly recommended, as it gave us a true overview of where to find things in the city and decide what to do and what to see on the days that came later and even though it was extremely cold outside, in the car it was much warmer and we could enjoy the city. Do it, you will not regret it.
Krakow in a Day: 3-Hour City Tour by Electric Car
Brilliant, very Knowledgeable guy, a great tour!
The guide was extremely interesting and knowledgeable. Such a great way to see and find out about Kraków

Krakow in a Day: 3-Hour City Tour by Electric Car
Overall a really good experience
This was a really great way to see the city if you are tight for time. We chose to do this today which was our last day, as we had planned tours the previous days. The guide/ driver was so helpful and so friendly. We unfortunately didn’t get his name, but whoever was driving the 9:30 tour today, was really great!! We purchased tickets separately for Schindler’s factory, which you have an hour in. At times it does feel rushed because you can’t stop and look at everything but you get a good enough feel for the museum. Overall a really good experience I would highly recommend!!
Krakow in a Day: 3-Hour City Tour by Electric Car

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