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Fab Introduction to Polish Cuisine
We'd only been in Krakow for around 3 hours when we set off on our tour of the Kazimierz area with our guide Maciej and 9 other guests making a group of 11.

We started with what turned out to be the best Pierogi of the trip and got to try a wide variety of food and drink, you won't be hungry at the end of this tour. Our guide was clearly passionate about his city and local food. We got to sit down at all the restaurants and bars visited so it felt unhurried and convivial.

The tour did what I hoped - gave us an introduction and some orientation to an area and ideas of places to return to eat.Thoroughly recommend checking out the Jewish quarter and it's options.
Delicious Food Tour of Krakow’s Kazimierz District
A delightful food tour!
We went on this food tour in mid October, and it was a delightful experience.

I’m not going to give away any of the places we went, but all of them had their own charm.

This was a great introduction to Polish food, but even better is the additional comments and stories that Kamila added. Not only did we get a chance to try quite a few Polish dishes, but also got to learn about some Polish customs and traditions.

We got to sample some Polish pierogi’s that were fantastic. During our stay in Poland we had pierogis several times at different places, however by far the best ones were the ones that we ate on this tour. We got to sample soups, beer, vodka, and several other dishes. My only regret is that we didn’t have enough time in Poland to go back and get full meals at some of the places!

Kamila was a fantastic tour guide. She was truly interested in everyone, and made sure to get a chance to chat with everyone. She shared pictures and stories, and was overall a delightful host.

After the tour, we actually decided that when we return to Poland, we’ll go on this tour again.

Thanks Kamila for a fantastic (and tasty) tour!
Delicious Food Tour of Krakow’s Kazimierz District
Fantastic tour!
So glad we took this food tour on the first night of our holiday as we were able to try more of the different foods and eating places recommended by our fabulous guide Kamila during the rest of our stay in Krakow.
Kamila guided our group around the tour and explained everything we had to eat and drink with such passion it made the tour even more enjoyable. We had plenty to eat and went home full. I would not hesitate to book this tour, you won't be disappointed.
Delicious Food Tour of Krakow’s Kazimierz District
Wonderful Introduction
Would highly recommend this tour as an introduction to both Krakow and Polish cuisine. Our guide was knowledgeable and fun and paced the tour just about perfectly.
We booked for the first night of our stay and the tour provided information we were able to reuse whenever we ate or drank during the remainder of our stay. They even give you a good quality map of the city with recommendations - we tried a couple and both were excellent.
Highly recommended!
Delicious Food Tour of Krakow’s Kazimierz District
Informative and enjoyable
Maciej was an engaging and knowledgeable guide over almost 4 hours. A former chef who patently liked his subject and was enthusiastic throughout. He was also very patient and accommodating with a less able bodied member of our group. We visited numerous eateries and whilst, individually, we weren’t overly keen on one or two of the offerings, we did get to try new things in friendly places. The beer stop was a bit average but overall, we explored some back streets and we all rated the experience highly. I liked the flavoured vodkas and sought them out again later during our Krakow stay.
Delicious Food Tour of Krakow’s Kazimierz District
gingerbread vodka
Brilliant tour - gave us an insight to Krakow that we wouldn't have got any other way. Luckily we were the only ones on the tour - it was very personalised.
Saw much of the old Krakow that is on the road less troden that few other tourtists would experience. Gingerbread vodka and dumbling jars one of the many indellible memories. thanks so much, we're still talking about the day some weeks later.
Local Food Crawl
Fantastic way to see the city - and amazing guide!
We visited Krakow on a team-building off-site. Kamilla was our guide and she was wonderful, patient and so knowledgeable! She had everything set up for us so that when we arrived to each place we had a designated spot. All the food was delicious and it truly felt like she was taking us to traditional polish spots, and not tourist traps. They honestly felt like some of her favorite places to go in her spare time. The food variety was lovely, they even made adjustments for our vegetarian colleague. Overall it was really great, worth the money and I would highly recommend!
Delicious Food Tour of Krakow’s Kazimierz District
Delicious , Informative and Enjoyable
Highly professional from start to end. Really an excellent way to get a good feel for local cuisine, and an intro to a cool neighbourhood. Aside from great guide(s) and a fairly small group, the slected venues were top notch with excellent service. Seemed to get the balance between authenticity and quality just right. Even the pace was just right. Nice follow up too. Would definitely recommend for all.
Delicious Food Tour of Krakow’s Kazimierz District
Just brilliant!
This is no doubt the best way to experience traditional Polish food. Kamila and George are both exceptional and very informative guides.
Delicious Food Tour of Krakow’s Kazimierz District
Very nice tour with good food!
A big part when traveling is the oportunity to try local food. Knowlegde of what to eat and drink without getting caught in the tourist traps is not always easy to catch though.
This tour really give a very good and interesting view, and fast, of Krakows (and Polands) food culture.
It was a very nice, and good, evening for me and my friends and the guides did a very good job when teaching us about the vidden food gems in Krakow. I definetly can recommend this tour to anyone interested in trying and learni g ord about the food scene in Krakow. Singel traveleres as well as couples or friends. You will for sure get and interesting and fun evening and You will. Ot go home hungry!
Delicious Food Tour of Krakow’s Kazimierz District
Lovely to meet Marta and watch her making pierogi. It wasn’t really a pierogi making workshop though as this is a separate event. We were able to help fill a few only. The food was very nice. It would have been good if Marta had been able to talk more about life in Kraków but conversation often dominated by one of the guests.
Marta's Kitchen in Krakow
Å perfect way to get to know krakow better
Delicious Food Tour of Krakow’s Kazimierz District
Amazing Hospitality!!
I had such an amazing experience at Marta's home! She was so welcoming and kind and was willing to share all about what to expect for the evening. The other people that were apart of the dinner were just as friendly and welcomed me with open arms. Upon walking into Marta's home, everything was absolutely beautiful in her kitchen and she was happy to share all of the details about the interior from what we could see. On top of all of that, all of the food Marta made was to die for and it allowed me to try foods that I normally wouldn't have eaten! This is definitely a great way to meet a local and learn more about Krakow and Poland in general!
Marta's Kitchen in Krakow
We had a superb evening at Marta's house last week during our 4 day break to Krakow. It was such a refreshing change to sit with new people and also learn a little more about life from 'real' locals. Marta is a charming hostess and her food (excellent polish cuisine) was delicious. I know that several of the dishes were real 'slow cooked' food and they were clearly made with a lot of care and patience. If you are visit in Krakow, check out the site and see what's on. You won't regret it.
Marta's Kitchen in Krakow
Highly recommend this food tour. Great way to learn about Polish cuisine and culture. Our guide was excellent and really approachable and knowledgable. It was a fantastic opportunity to try food we might not have, had we been on our own. As an added bonus it feel like you have your own guide of the city too as you are walking from place to place.
Food Tour in Krakow
Perfect Last Night in Krakow!
The walking food tour of Kazimierz was perfection! We had some of the most amazing food we had on our trip and everything was warm and inviting. Kamila and Goksel were absolutely terrific hosts and guides! You would be a fool not to book this tour if you ever find yourself in Krakow. We didn't want the tour to end!
Delicious Food Tour of Krakow’s Kazimierz District
Pretty poor experience
Our guide had never done this trip before and was in a rush to do another job so literally dropped us off and disappeared. We had no info at all on how the dinner worked and the waiter spoke no English. There was no choice of the hot food dishes. It just appeared and you got what you were given. No description or choice. We were only aware of the buffet from the advert we'd seen. Entertainment was good if somewhat sporradic and immediately blocked access to the drinks bar. We had no idea what was coming up next at all or when we would be collected or by whom. We had to call the tour company to find out what was happening. Good job we did or we would have ended up on completely the wrong transport back. In all, very badly organised and not really the value for money we had come to expect from the tour company . So whilst enjoyable it fell far short of expectations and we can't really recommend it.
Folk Show & Traditional Feast in Krakow
I was a study abroad student in America, and quite frankly, I had no idea what to expect going to Krakow. All I knew about Poland was the capital is Warsaw. After seeing an advertisement for Göksel and Kamila's food tour, I decided to go for it. And it was well worth it.

From the get-go, G&K were very accommodating. Even though no one else made a tour reservation, they were happy to give just me a tour. Because I was able to go by myself, I felt that I had a real personalized experience and feel with certainty that people should try this tour out if they can. The instant we met, with the bread and salt, I knew I was going to have a good experience and was already super excited to see what was in store.

It was nice to be guided through all the different eating spots since I would not have found these places otherwise. I got to try dishes that I had never heard of and got to hear their significance in Polish culture.

The highlight of my experience: the people! Göksel and Kamila are great conversationalists. Kamila explained to me Polish culture and how it reflected in the food, but we also talked about other aspects of Polish culture. Because the three of us had come from such different backgrounds, the differences enhanced the conversation. I imagine whether you go solo or in a group, you're bound to learn something new and exciting.

They keep it professional but not to the point where it's too serious. They're a friendly couple who ultimately just like meeting new people from different cultures and like to share their knowledge to others. It exceeded all my expectations. Gorąco polecam! I highly recommend.
Delicious Food Tour of Krakow’s Kazimierz District
recommend for the first introduction to Polish cuisine
Met two very knowledgeable tour guides from completely different areas. Their combined experiences taught us much more than just tasting different foods. However, the choices and verity were perfect to start our trip in Poland. This should be a must tour for anyone interested in trying the local food ! I only wish I had a list of the restaurants we visited so we could have returned. I loved the area and every restaurant we sampled.
Delicious Food Tour of Krakow’s Kazimierz District
A taste of polish culture
As a tourist, one visits many places of interest. This folk show is another aspect to taste polish culture; beautifully embroided costumes, jolly music, dancing and singers. All of this can be enjoyed in a typical log chalet with an abundance of food and drink. Good value for money. Enjoyed the evening very much, therefore I highly recommend it.
Folk Show & Traditional Feast in Krakow

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