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Explore Lisbon with a Local Guide Explore Lisbon with a Local Guide

Hello Local Lisbon guides! Do any of you have some local knowledge of a good place to get a workshop in portuguese cera… Read more

Mari January 25, 2022 answer

se é um ex-aluno do sistema de ensino português, poderia ser gentil e preencher um rápido inquérito para o nosso projet… Read more

Iris November 24, 2021 answer

Hello All, Where to buy oil paintings at a reasonable price in Lisbon? Also kindly guide of some good antique shops … Read more

Zia November 13, 2021 answer

Hi guys, I hope you're all healthy and fine! My friend and I would come to Lisbon this weekend and stay for a couple… Read more

An Teu October 6, 2021 answer

We are arriving in Lisbon on September 3 and would like to do the 10 tasting tour. What is the current situation Wha… Read more

Hi, would appreciate any recommendations for 4-5 star luxury hotel that is central for first time Lisbon tourists. I w… Read more

Suzanne July 21, 2021 answer

Hi, I hope you’s are all well in Lisbon ! I am just getting in touch to see if you could help me. I am traveling… Read more

Billy June 20, 2021 answer

hi. I want to connect with a number of local Lisbon vendors and help them sell better and more of their products. I eve… Read more

pegah January 16, 2021 answer

I want to connect with a number of local Lisbon vendors and help them sell better and more of their products. I even li… Read more

Pegah January 16, 2021 answer

I know... there are many delicious and tasty dishes in Lisbon, why hamburgers? I travel with a kid and his only request… Read more

Juri September 15, 2020 answer

I don't need any top-notch bacalhau, since I won't be able to tell the difference anyway. Just want to get some back wi… Read more

Martha September 15, 2020 answer

I want to surprise my husband with musicians congratulating him with his birthday. It has to be a surprise at night. Fr… Read more

Marina August 30, 2020 answer

Hi all, I will be in Lisbon next weekend and I really want to listen Fado music. Could you kindly reccommend me nice pl… Read more

Pınar February 14, 2020 answer

What are the best places to eat a great Francesinha in Lisbon? Thank you

Ricardo February 6, 2020 answer

I will visit this wonderful city in February, and i would like to ask you if you can recommend some less touristic,more… Read more

Simon January 2, 2020 answer

Hi! I work at a travel startup company Surprise Me. We create interactive self-guided tours in a mobile app because we … Read more

Ekaterina October 10, 2019 answer

Hello.. I am traveling to Lisbon 8/8 - 8/13. Aside from doing tourist sights, I would like to shop authentic shops/flea… Read more

Carol August 7, 2019 answer

I'm travelling alone and would like to spend a Sunday in Lisbon ...

maggie July 8, 2019 answer

Hello, I will be in Lisbon during the Eurovisin 2019 finals with some friends. We are 3 people and we barely speak port… Read more

Olaf May 12, 2019 answer

...who know a lot of places that locals love to go! Thanks! Have a nice day all!

Andy April 29, 2019 answer

Hi I am in Lisbon on the 19th March and would like to hear some Fado, can anyone recommend a venue?

Kim March 11, 2019 answer

What neighborhood do you recommend staying in, that is central but not too touristy?

Ariana February 17, 2019 answer

Hi, I am trying to book this event for Wednesday the 27th of Feb for 6 people. Our request is for a one hour ride only… Read more

Tina February 11, 2019 answer

I wanted to know places to go outside Lisbon center, such as Ameixoeiras and around.

nina January 7, 2019 answer

In your local opinion what would you say the 5 best/most intresting things are to do in Lisbon ? Or the 5 things we n… Read more

Callum December 29, 2018 answer

I'm a musician visiting Lisbon for a month and would love to find other musicans

Ken December 15, 2018 answer

We are traveling this month to Lisbon, Porugal please let me know the names of disco clubs and location for 16 years p… Read more

mike December 4, 2018 answer

Hello everybody, I'm looking for a restaurant where me and my girlfriend could spend a great new year's eve in Lisbon. … Read more

I'm close to retirement in the US, and looking at places around the world that might be good to live. But I need a good… Read more

Doug November 24, 2018 answer

Hello! Could anyone please suggest/recommed a restaurant within a walking distance from Praça do Comercio to ceebrate n… Read more

Olga November 15, 2018 answer

Bom Dia! Where can I buy a handkerchief with a Azulejo pattern in Lisboa?

Leslie November 14, 2018 answer

Spending one day in Lisbon this week. Looking for a nice place to have nice local lunch&wine with my boyfriend. Any sug… Read more

Tiina November 12, 2018 answer

Hi everyone, I'll be visiting Lisbon in a few weeks with friends to celebrate my birthday. I already planned some thin… Read more

Michelle November 7, 2018 answer

Hello, I'll be in Lisbon for about 2 days and I was looking for the best way to move around. Is there a daily ticket th… Read more

Andrea October 30, 2018 answer

I asked a question regarding NYE a few week ago but received no real answers ... What as locals would you recommend to… Read more

Callum October 30, 2018 answer

Hi! I will stay in Lisbon for 3 weeks, and will most likely be making at least 2 trips with public transport every day.… Read more

Jette October 29, 2018 answer

Hi, I have a question on Lisbon about the reasoning of the end of a bottle being set into a wall / door? The photo I h… Read more

David October 23, 2018 answer

Me and my girlfriend are coming to Lisbon on NYE..what would people reccomend doing/seeing etc? And is there anythiny… Read more

Callum October 19, 2018 answer

on 23 of november will be my boyfriend's birthday. I am thinking to organize something surprising for him, for exempl… Read more

Marta October 15, 2018 answer

arriving in lisbon with 2 kids soon inshahAllah and would be staying over for 4 nights. any suggestions on places to … Read more

MUHAMMAD YASIN October 13, 2018 answer

There will be three of us celebrating a birthday in Lisbon on 17 October. We are looking for good food and a cool fun v… Read more

Bryan September 30, 2018 answer

we will be a group of 40-45 people coming to Lisbon 04/10/18 and wanted to eat together on Sunday 07/10/18 preferable i… Read more

Vigfus September 17, 2018 answer

What are best vegetarian restaurants? I'm interested in places that serve local Portuguese cuisine not pizza/burgers. … Read more

Sylwia August 30, 2018 answer

we collect them from all our travels and would like to pick some up on the way home

James August 22, 2018 answer

My boss is going there for two - three days Sept. 19-22. Any thoughts? She is 54 and loves to party.

n August 22, 2018 answer

We are a family of 6 spending a week in Lisbon (near Alfama) to celebrate a 40th birthday. We love our food and would … Read more

Lulu August 12, 2018 answer

Please suggest some nice and tasty seafood restaurant/cafe somewhere around Lisbon and Peniche. Not interested in "tour… Read more

Ilze August 10, 2018 answer

Any recommendations for vegan restaurants, or others with great vegan options? Looking for all types of meals as we are… Read more

Maria August 9, 2018 answer

Any ideas on where the locals go for seafood in Peniche municipality? No need for design and/or comfort, just seafood a… Read more

Лёша August 5, 2018 answer

Is there any nice outdoor pools in Lisbon that you can recommend in this heat? I don't mind paying for it

Emilie August 4, 2018 answer

I will be arriving in Lisbon at 1450 in the afternoon on Aug 17, and would like to book a private tour to Fatima for r… Read more

Christabel July 30, 2018 answer

Where are your favorite places for: Getting a casual drink and some tapas near Travellers House Hostel Going out … Read more

Ronna July 29, 2018 answer

Hello again! We're traveling with our son and on the 10th of August, he's gonna have his 5th bday. Any suggestions o… Read more

Лёша July 29, 2018 answer

Hello! We are planning to stay near Peniche and to visit Lissabon once or twice. I'm warned about the uselessness o… Read more

Лёша July 27, 2018 answer

Bomdia :) Porutugal's October 5th is a public holiday, what about travelers on that day? Obrigado

Leslie July 25, 2018 answer

Could you recommend one?

Emilie July 18, 2018 answer

Any kind of event/open airs/festivals/concerts/markets/art installations (anything really) that I should know of? Enlig… Read more

Emilie July 18, 2018 answer

Which Restaurant would you say is typical Portugese and serves good food at reasonable prices?

Adrian July 6, 2018 answer

Can anyone suggest any good restaurants with a view? Also want to visit Sintra, how far away is it and can we take loca… Read more

Michelle July 5, 2018 answer

Hello everyone! Where can I find official information regarding the transportation system in Lisbon? (prices, timetable… Read more

Lorenzo June 30, 2018 answer

We will be in Lisbon for my husbands 30th birthday and I’d like suggestions on what to do! He loves to eat and drink… Read more

Ronna June 25, 2018 answer

Hi there, i visiting Lisbon, do you guys have any suggestions for nice hip and cool men’s clothing stores. Thank you!

jorge June 11, 2018 answer

Travel plan - Lisbon - Sintra - Pena palace -Monterio - Estroil - Cascais - Colaris - Lisbon What is advisable - Car… Read more

Srini May 27, 2018 answer

I am planning side trips from Lisbon in October 2019. Can anyone suggest nice places to stay in Elvas and in Tomar, for… Read more

Susan May 23, 2018 answer

Hello! I will live in that neighbourhood for a year. I will cook a lot, but I am sure that sometimes I will try some lo… Read more

Agnes May 20, 2018 answer

Hello, I’m in Lisbon from tue-fri, what are the best places to go to dance kizomba and/or bachata? Any suggestions are … Read more

Sophia May 15, 2018 answer

HI! im turning 25 and will travel to Lisaboa with 10 girls for celebrating! Need help with tips for a good restaurang… Read more

Bea May 13, 2018 answer

Hi. My husband and I are arriving in Lisbon on the 21 June at 10.30 hours at airport. We will be departing on the 23 Ju… Read more

ria May 4, 2018 answer

I would like to set up birthday for my girlfirend in lisbon upon the day we arrive by 24th May. She is getting 30 and … Read more

Yavar May 4, 2018 answer

I read somewhere about safety issues On Libbon trams, notably #28, “even abandoned by locals”. Is that true?

Thuy April 29, 2018 answer

Hi, I am looking for local place/ buffet for a lunch to a group of 40 people in Lisbon in Baixa or Alfama, any recco… Read more

Bartek April 17, 2018 answer

Hi all, I have got a job offer in Lisbon. In the beginning 1000€ will be paid per month. I wonder if that could be enou… Read more

Ozlem April 14, 2018 answer

Can you suggest areas and hotels under €85?

Adam April 8, 2018 answer

I am a solo traveller ... please suggest the best places to listen to traditional fado ... what one would have to pay f… Read more

s. April 8, 2018 answer

Dear Local Guides, we are five Ladies planning a City trip for 4 days to Lisbon in November. As None of us was in Lisb… Read more

Elke April 8, 2018 answer

Hi, i would like to know where to go on 13rd to enjoy festivities in Lisbon ? And if there is any music festival on 20t… Read more

Xavier April 2, 2018 answer

Bom dia :) Is IPMA weather forecast generally correct? (Of c… Read more

Leslie March 20, 2018 answer

Where can I check the upcoming jazz events in Lisbon?

Mikita March 18, 2018 answer

but I want to travel around other cities that are chilled out maybe seasides anything thats away from the city crowd th… Read more

Melissa Mae March 17, 2018 answer

I am staying in cascais in july and looking to go to quunta regalia one day and cabo de roca another. I have illnesses … Read more

Deb March 16, 2018 answer

Bom dia :) I was interested in Azulejos and I checked several places to see Portuguese Azulejos in Lisbon: - Fron… Read more

Leslie March 15, 2018 answer

I’ll visit Lisbon with my friends on that week, and I saw its a national holiday.

Anna March 12, 2018 answer

Hi all, I am crazy about textiles and different fabrics, anyone know a great fabric shop in Lisbon? Please let me know,… Read more

Lynn March 10, 2018 answer

My wife and I would like to take a private tour (only two of us),of Sintra from Lisbon ?We are senior citizens and woul… Read more

prasad March 10, 2018 answer

Bom dia I happen to know zomato app. Do Portuguese mostly use zomato app? Usually Trip advisor or Google maps usual… Read more

Leslie March 6, 2018 answer

Hello Dear, I am planning to go to Lisbon this fall, and I wonder where restaurants are popular with locals. I enjoy S… Read more

Leslie March 4, 2018 answer

We just did thevCalouste Gulbenkian museum and it was wonderful.

dori March 4, 2018 answer

I'm staying in Lisbon in June 2018 and I'm wondering where the best location or part of town to stay in for nightlife a… Read more

Phillip March 2, 2018 answer

We are Plint, a small publisher in the Netherlands. And we try to bring art and poetry together in a way that it is acc… Read more

Lisette February 27, 2018 answer

Hello! My friends and me are going to stay at the apartment in the Alfama neighborhood, so do you guys have some advice… Read more

Hi locals! Two traveling Aussies looking to experince some Carnival fun. From what I can see most towns have something… Read more

Ren February 7, 2018 answer

Hello, I would like to take 8 friends out for a drink (beer, wine, coffee) inside Lisbon (during the week). I am search… Read more

Ana January 28, 2018 answer

I’m bringing a group of 22 guys (from UK, Germany and Australia) to Lisbon on 24 Feb Are there any good restaurants f… Read more

Ben January 21, 2018 answer

Hi! We're coming to Lisbon for the first time and we have two and a half day to see the city. So we would like to kno… Read more

Hanna-Mari January 9, 2018 answer

hi I'm looking for a recording studio in Lisboa. not a big one, an Home studio or a little one. can you please suggest … Read more

alessandro January 3, 2018 answer

I want to organise 2 trips on sperate days cabo de roca and surrounding area and quinta regalia on another day. I have … Read more

Deb January 3, 2018 answer

Hi everybody ! With my partner, we're coming for the first time in Lisboa between christmas and news eve. What would be… Read more

Anne-Claire December 19, 2017 answer

Hello, I'm a yoga teacher with a yoga studio in Santos. I teach in english and french. The studio is nice, bright, with… Read more

florence December 14, 2017 answer

I was wandering if someone could list me the most well-known old neighborhoods in Lisbon and each of their different sp… Read more

Gabrielle December 14, 2017 answer

What would you recommend for a couple going on a 4-days trip to Lisbon in february? :)

Signe December 12, 2017 answer

Good morning. Looking for an "authentic" New Year's Eve Party. We are staying on Rua do Arsenal, just down from Praca… Read more

Tim December 7, 2017 answer

Boa Noite! Dou you have any good suggestions for a good Jazz bar/club/live? I've been to Hot Club and it's good but … Read more

Irene December 3, 2017 answer

Hello! I've lived in Lisbon for more than one year now and I still have not gone to any FADO. Shame on me. The reason i… Read more

Irene December 3, 2017 answer

Bom Dia! Do you know of any unique old fashioned herbal apothecaries in Lisbon? Less interested in manufactured/… Read more

BN November 29, 2017 answer

Guys ! Have you ever heard about kabanosy ? It is typical polish sausage. Do you know the place where I could find it, … Read more

Iga November 26, 2017 answer

Where we can find a local and cheap resturant that serves sea food, polvo to be precise? It s prefrebable to be in th… Read more

Miodrag November 25, 2017 answer

What can I can visit, try or do in this short amount of time? Where to go on Sunday night?

Ture November 19, 2017 answer

Could you tell me the avg beer price because the price of the beer varies drastically from place to place? The highest … Read more

Miodrag November 2, 2017 answer

I am a freelancer and staying one month in Lisbon. I was wondering if there is a place (appart from bars and caffes) su… Read more

Miodrag October 31, 2017 answer

We don't like to do the "tourist things"! Thanks

Tess October 21, 2017 answer

Hi, I am coming to Lisbon to attend WebSummit in november. I am organizing a networking event with 30+ danes, but i ne… Read more

Lars October 15, 2017 answer

Hi I am coming to Lisbon and with my interest in crystals (gemstones) I would like to find a shop that has a large sele… Read more

Mari October 14, 2017 answer

Most beautifull undiscoverd historical places in the city?

Danielle October 1, 2017 answer

Near CHunch bells, locals feel, non tourist area and Good central walking location. Thanks chef Ed

Edwin September 26, 2017 answer

Could you recommend me some places where indie and experimental music are played/performed? Thanks

Slobodan September 15, 2017 answer

Hello ! I need help for a good area/neighborhood and not too expensive (hotels / airbnb apartments) to stay for tourist… Read more

Elli September 12, 2017 answer

Is there any place name for night life fun in Baxia Chiado region? Thank you

Eyup September 11, 2017 answer

Hi, we are now in Lisboa and want to go by bus to Porto on wednesday. I can not find the address of the bus station buy… Read more

Mia September 11, 2017 answer

Hej! I just started at KU (CSS Campus) and was hoping to find a nice cosy (and mostly quiet) place to do school work … Read more

Alyssa September 7, 2017 answer

I'm travelling to Parede from 16 september untill 2nd of October to visit my girlfriend. As I can not sleep at her hous… Read more

peter August 30, 2017 answer

Hi, are there any bachata or salsa party in Lisbon from 7.9-13.09 thanks

Mia August 27, 2017 answer

We're trying to furnish an apartment in France. Is there an area in Lisbon where we can find consignment or antique sto… Read more

Bonnie August 26, 2017 answer

Hi We are 2couples 50+ and fit and have 3 full days in Lisbon and would like suggestions on what to do. Keen to do a wa… Read more

Caroline August 24, 2017 answer

Hi We are 4 people with 5 bags and hand luggage and do you suggest getting cabs or hiring a van from hotel to airport? … Read more

Caroline August 24, 2017 answer

What would you recommend that a tourist do in Lisbon if they only have about 24 hours in Lisbon spanning a Saturday nig… Read more

Phil August 18, 2017 answer

My girlfriend and I are planning a trip for NYE and were looking at places and things to do. We would very much like to… Read more

Fransua August 12, 2017 answer

Dear people of Lisbon I love history and I am interested the Andalusian times Any good places in Lisbon? Thanks in a… Read more

traveling with 6 soccer playing teens and want to play and eat where the locals are - not the tourists. any ideas? than… Read more

katie August 1, 2017 answer

Hey everyone :) I am goung to travel Lisbon in September. I have 2 days to spend in there. I am open for any recommenda… Read more

Eyup August 1, 2017 answer

There is (or was) a small bakery in Bairro Alto where you could get sausage in a bread out of the door. It only opened … Read more

Stephan July 24, 2017 answer

HI , best tip to park a car in Lisbon ( free, cheap, central ..or not ? ) ? thank you

Thibaut July 19, 2017 answer

Hi. Does anyone have any advice on fairly cheap breakfast/brunch places and lunch buffet-restaurants? Thank you.

David July 16, 2017 answer

Hi. Does anyone have any advice on fairly cheap breakfast/brunch places and lunch buffet-restaurants? Thank you.

David July 16, 2017 answer

Hello :) Im looking for a cheap restarurant or bar to eat a dinner and lunch near to the Pensao Sao Joao da Praça. Than… Read more

Is there a pool open by night where to have a drink and a bath? :)

Marta July 13, 2017 answer

Me and my girlfriend are going to Lisbon next friday for five days straight, (then off to Barcelona). Anyway.. Do YOU g… Read more

David July 12, 2017 answer

I'm going to Lisboa this week and I'll be with two friends who really enjoy live brazilian music (like samba). I've be… Read more

Benoît July 9, 2017 answer

Tomorrow (Sunday) we are looking for a steakhouse or something that serves big pieces of meat with good drinks. Does an… Read more

Axel June 24, 2017 answer

Tomorrow (Sunday) we are looking for a steakhouse or something that serves big pieces of meat with good drinks. Does an… Read more

Axel June 24, 2017 answer

Is this something we can do using public transportation? Are there tours going there? We've some on Viator but they i… Read more

David June 19, 2017 answer

I've read that Carcavaleos is one of the best day trip beaches. But we would need towels , chairs w umbrellas, things l… Read more

Melissa June 17, 2017 answer

I'm studying the Festival programm now, and realise that this deserves a separate topic. The variety is so big, and the… Read more

Elena June 10, 2017 answer

I and my boyfriend are staying in Bari for 7days. Im considering to drive to Lecce and explore many beaches as posible.… Read more

I and my boyfriend are staying in Bari for 7days. Im considering to drive to Lecce and explore many beaches as posible.… Read more

We are old-school travellers and prefer our boarding passes to be printed out. Where can we do it in Lisbon? Any publi… Read more

Elena June 9, 2017 answer

Are bookings necessary?

Anthony June 9, 2017 answer

Hi! I am aware that there is a big celebration of the St. Anthony’s day on 12th and 13th of June, but are there goin… Read more

Elena June 9, 2017 answer

Hello everyone! I like fishing (not on a boat). Is there anyone who likes fishing or know someone who can fish with me?… Read more

Yentl June 2, 2017 answer

Hello friends! My mother is visiting me in Lisboa. I want to take her to experience Sintra one day, but I'm worried … Read more

Irene June 1, 2017 answer

Olá! What is the best way to get from Lisbon to Cabo da Roca by public transport? Obrigada! :)

Elena May 23, 2017 answer

What are your favourite working cafés? I'm looking for a place with free (and fast) WiFi, good coffee and preferably si… Read more

Torunn May 21, 2017 answer

Hello, I will be in Lisbon in July and I am looking for a special/typical restaurant where they play Fado. Any suggest… Read more

Emma May 14, 2017 answer

Hello, I will be visiting Lisbon on July 3rd for 3 nights and want to make it interesting for my 11 years old son. Any… Read more

Emma May 7, 2017 answer

ola! I am working on a project with my boyfriend that requires Armature wire but we've not had any luck finding any in… Read more

M April 26, 2017 answer

First of all I'd like to say thank you for the people who create this amazing website I rally liked it I have few que… Read more

Nader April 26, 2017 answer

Hi! We are visiting Lisbon in a few days and we are staying at Bairro Alto. When arriving from airport I can see we sho… Read more

Maria April 1, 2017 answer

Hi there, can anybody tell us where we can watch some football play? But its Polish national team playing with Monteneg… Read more

Mariam March 26, 2017 answer

Hi all, we are getting married on a Saturday in October outside of Lisbon but all the guests are staying in Lisbon for … Read more

Where can you dance salsa and bachata in Lisbon?

Anca March 10, 2017 answer

I just today noticed that there is Bocelli's concert on 25th March at MEO Arena. In the booklet "Follow me Lisboa" they… Read more

Marketta March 9, 2017 answer

Hello, I will be visiting my BF in April and I'd like to surprise him with a unique experience that fits his interest. … Read more

M March 3, 2017 answer

My husband and I are looking to take a day trip on Sunday. Is there anything to do or see in Peniche? We have already b… Read more

Lori March 2, 2017 answer

I'm looking for recommendations for a fun restaurant that can seat a large group.... I think around 20-25 people. Are t… Read more

Lori February 24, 2017 answer

Hi Lisbon Locals! I would like to try to live in Lisbon. Where do I look if I want to find apartments for 2-3 months (m… Read more

Mari February 17, 2017 answer

I dined there in 2011, and look crazy but happy, which is pretty accurate. It was awesome, a recommendation from our ho… Read more

Katija February 17, 2017 answer


Mamoona February 7, 2017 answer

Kreuzberg in Berlin is know for its anti capitalist character, is there such an area in Lisbon?

kAte February 1, 2017 answer

Who wants to show us a good time in Lisbon, we use KIK to chat

I am planning to move for 5 months in Lisbon. I found a room in Graca, near the Travessa de São Vincente, 22 - Graça. D… Read more

Where can we drink the best caipirinhas in Lisbon ? If they could also be cheap in that place, it would be great ;)

Mathilde December 28, 2016 answer

Hello friends! My mom is visiting me in Lisbon, and she really wants to eat sardines. I've heard that it's not the righ… Read more

Irene December 19, 2016 answer

Where do the fireworks take place at New Years Eve and where would be the best viewing point? Also is there a restauran… Read more

Helen December 15, 2016 answer

I am visiting my brother in Lisbon during NYE and want to give him a combined birthday/christmas gift. What activities… Read more

Tobias December 14, 2016 answer

My daughter and I will be arriving Lisbon on 25 December at 17:45 and are staying at the Turin Saldanha Hotel. Can you… Read more

Douglas December 7, 2016 answer

Any recommendations for a dinner at Largo do Carmo area? Some place that has great food and good wine selection. Any h… Read more

Santa December 1, 2016 answer

I'm in Lisbon for another 3 days. Any recommendations on hangouts, live music, bars, food, etc.

Greg December 1, 2016 answer

Hi! I just moved here one month ago, and have not had time to really explore restaurants yet. My dad is visiting me … Read more

Irene November 27, 2016 answer

The DATE SHOULD BE WEDNESDAY 7th December (NOT Wed. 8th)

An Inactive User November 19, 2016 answer

Hello I am a man from Scotland and I have approx. 3.5 hours free in the afternoon of Wed 8th December before I watch B… Read more

An Inactive User November 19, 2016 answer

Can I take my dogs on public transport - buses and ferries? My partner and I plan to stay next week at a campsite on t… Read more

Catherine November 13, 2016 answer

Hi! We will be visiting in december and have the luck to celebrate NYE in Lisbon! I am travelling with a friend. Any … Read more

Evy November 5, 2016 answer

Hey, I booked a weekend in Lisbon for my 18th birthday with my friends (6 girls in total) can someone tell me which nic… Read more

Charlotte November 2, 2016 answer

Hi, can you recommend a Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum. Thanks

Lucy November 1, 2016 answer

Hey, I'll celebrate my 30th birthday at Lisbon and can you help me with some advise for interesting activities for the… Read more

Vasil October 24, 2016 answer

I was thinking I might like to go out of Lisbon for a bit to Porto, Braga, Coimbras and maybe an old Celtic village. Ar… Read more

Kevin September 22, 2016 answer

Is it frowned upon to order a double cappuccino "to-go" in a cafe with good espresso? Its seems like I never see people… Read more

Kevin September 15, 2016 answer

I am interested to know about: - Is there any public transport to the nearest beaches? - Best spots to see the sunset… Read more

Frank September 10, 2016 answer

Many places do not have good cappuccino and outside seating. I like KaffeeHause, but would like more options like this… Read more

Kevin September 8, 2016 answer

Hi, its my boyfriends 30th birthday when we are in Lisbon and I would like to book a nice meal for the occasion. Someth… Read more

Dee September 8, 2016 answer

Where I'm from in US, you can buy 85% dark chocolate like 'Endangered Species' (fair trade, not owned by conglomerate) … Read more

Kevin September 7, 2016 answer

What neighborhood would you recommend for three 30-something travelers to stay in? We won't have a car, so looking for … Read more

Jen August 23, 2016 answer

What are the best pubs/bars in lisbon for beer drinkers???

al August 21, 2016 answer

Dear friends, I would like to ask you about things to do in Lisbon; What will you suggest in doing and seeing in … Read more

Keti July 29, 2016 answer

We are a group of six young adults and coming to Lisbon for a week on 26.7-3.8.2016. My boyfriend turns 35 on the 2nd a… Read more

Sisko July 7, 2016 answer

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