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It's not bar, it's not a cafe.

RDA 69

Why locals love it

This garage opened up as a cultural-social project in 2010 and hosts a bike repair shop, workshops, music events, movie screenings and better known for it's vegetarian dinners. It has a ladeback environment with people coming in and out. Locals come here to not only eat but have long talks with like minded people and meet new fresh faces.



Why you should visit it

Every evening from 8pm they open up the kitchen for you to stuff the belly with heathy green eating. The food is priced 3€ for a full dish and a soup. Isn't that cheap or what? Not only will your stomach be full but also you'll feel good after it.

Special tip

Come on time as the place get's packed quite quickly, of course if you don't mind eating our of your laps.

RDA 69
Rua Regueirão dos Anjos, 69

Mon-Su: 18:00-02:00

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