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See the infamous KGB headquarters, Revolution Square, the last Karl Marx monument in Moscow, the Bolshoi Theatre, and the first McDonalds in the USSR on a fascinating tour of the city’s communist heritage.

Duration: 2 hours
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  • Pass the infamous KGB headquarters
  • Hear stories of Communist terror at the Solovetsky Stone memorial
  • Get to know the Communist history of the beloved Bolshoi Theatre
  • See more of Moscow’s Communist heritage on Tverskaya Street


Moscow was the capital of the enormous Soviet Empire for more than 70 years. The city's streets are still full of remnants of the communist regime and the Cold War, and the fearsome Soviet strongholds still guard the young Russian democracy.

This tour takes you to the infamous KGB headquarters, also known as Lubyanka, Revolution Square, the last Karl Marx monument in Moscow, the Bolshoi Theatre, and the first McDonalds in the USSR.

Discover hidden pages of Soviet history, from the Great October Revolution to the Perestroika movement, from Lenin to Gorbachev.

Your guide will speak about Stalin’s Great Terror political campaign, the GULAG system, the KGB’s secret prison, and how people lived in the Soviet Union.

What’s included & not included

  • Professional guide
  • Entry tickets

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Meeting point

Next to the St. Regis hotel on Lubyanskaya Square. If you’re travelling by metro, take the red line (#1), get off at Lubyanka station, and take exit 9 or 10.

Reviews from travellers (9)


A great way to learn a lot about this amazing city
We loved this tour. We enjoyed being told about the recent history of Moscow by a local guide. Elena described events in the communist history very well, and her description of these events was made even more interesting with the anecdotes she told about specific people's experiences. She took us to places that we simply could not have found on our own without doing a lot of research. We not only learned a lot but it helped us to become familiar with the city centre and so I think it’s a great tour to do early on in your visit.
Highly recommended
A very interesting tour of Moscow's different periods of time, starting from the transition from Tsarist rule to the Soviet regime and until the present days of capitalism. The tour emphasizes the contrasts, sometimes absurd, of the use of certain areas and buildings in central Moscow, throughout different times. What makes the tour particularly fascinating was the passion of our sharp and delightful guide, Irina, to her hometown and her sharing of her and her family's personal experiences in the extreme changing realities of life in Moscow. The tour is highly recommended for anyone visiting Moscow!
Incredible and insightful
Although there was confusion originally with the tour’s starting time, it turned out to be incredible. It ran slightly over the time allotted however this was of no bother or concern for the group who felt incredibly included and valued. It covered many interesting aspects of Moscow and I would highly reccomend it to anyone else.
I loved this tour!
Our guide Marina was extremely personable and was able to share some interesting anecdotes about living in soviet russia. The tour was very informative and wasn't too taxing, the walking helped us stay warm in sub-zero Moscow. One of the most fascinating stories was how the government modernised the city centre in the 30s without destroying any buildings - they cut their foundations and moved whole buildings on rails, with the people still inside, to allow the creation of the wide boulevards and roads in the city today. If you're curious about early soviet history, I'd definitely recommend this tour.
Friendly and informative
Our guide was friendly and informative, and the tour was just the right length and amount of information for everyone to find it enjoyable without being too much. We had history buffs and beginners so it was a good balance!
Great guide
Irena was very knowledgable and had a sense of humour. It was a nice small tour group and I learnt alot about Moscow's history.
The guide Ana was fantastic, really good English, very interesting information, very open for all questions, not rushed at all and besides the standard places also very interesting spots which you can not find yourselves!
We started out across the street from the building that was the KGB headquarters in Soviet times. Our tour guide had excellent English and a strong passion for the subject matter. She showed us a building that was being renovated and was the place where 40,000 Russians were sentenced to death. She pointed out details about the different views of Soviet times among Russians. She recommended that we go to the Museum of Contemporary History we went there the next day that was helped to complete the overview of this subject matter.
MARINA was the perfect ambassador for Moscow
Our Tour Guide was MARINA. Her English and stories were so good with also a lot of humor, that we booked all the tours with MARINA. We can really say that because of these tours we have had a super super time in Moskow. Thank you, Moscow Free Tour and of course Marina.
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