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Salzburg is a UNESCO-listed city famous for its old-world glamour and majestic backdrop of snow-capped mountains. See Mozart’s birthplace and former residence, visit famous sites from The Sound of Music, admire the 900-year-old Hohensalzburg Fortress and much more a delightful day trip from Munich.

Duration: 9.5 hours
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  • Visit famous sites from The Sound of Music
  • See Mozart’s place of birth and former residence
  • Admire the 900-year-old Hohensalzburg Fortress


Salzburg is the hometown of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. If you’d like to visit his place of birth, former residence, the streets he walked and the cafés he frequented, join our day trip and we’ll take you there!

Salzburg is also one of the most popular “set-jetting” or movie tourism destinations in the world for one simple reason – The Sound of Music. We’ll show you sites you’ll remember from the silver screen, such as the beautiful Mirabell Gardens where Julie Andrews and the children were filmed singing Do-Re-Mi.

And still, there’s so much more to see. Salzburg features one of the finest preserved medieval old towns in Europe, with romantic winding shopping streets, atmospheric marketplaces and outstanding architectural monuments dating back to the late baroque era.

You’ll see piazzas and fountains, the stunning Salzburg Cathedral, palaces and pleasure gardens, churches, monasteries and catacombs, confectioneries and patisseries, and the oldest restaurant in the continent. And, towering above it all, the breathtaking 900-year-old Hohensalzburg Fortress. Framed by a spectacular backdrop of mountains, this magnificent edifice dominates the city’s skyline.

What’s included & not included

  • Local English-speaking guide
  • All transport
  • 2-hour orientation tour in Salzburg
  • 3 hours of free time
  • Personalised recommendations and advice
  • Map of Salzburg

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Radius Tours' office is located in Munich Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof, Arnulfstraße 3), in the area just across from platforms 32-34.

Reviews from travellers (18)


To short to get a real view of the city.
It was good to get to know the city, but I would stay there for 2 to 3 days rather then doing a 1 day tour.
Enjoyable Day but Not Favourite
While I've taking tours with Like a Local Guide before, but this tour wasn't my favourite solely due to our guide. The trip was very well organized- they took care of the tickets , took us to the most famous sights, gave a brief yet informative scope of Salzburg history and even helped me even though I was late (when Germans mean 10:15, they aren't lying, ha ha). The trip would've been a dream come true had it not been for our guide. He was funny, entertaining and is more than happy to give suggestions, but made no effort to "ice break" group members (as in, we had to introduce ourselves to one another), was VERY pretentious and kind of a douche. After he got us to the train station to go back, he was done with us and basically left. In addition, not that it's a big deal, he and the other guide left their garbage on the train. I hate people who don't clean up after themselves.
I wish they would've told us to bring our passports. I had NO idea you needed it and panic when it was mentioned that they may check passports at the station.

I would absolutely recommend this tour to others, just not with my tour guide. It was a lovely, stress free day tour visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world!
Great day trip!
This was a great day trip and we were able to see the highlights of Salzburg. As our time was limited, it was nice to leave the navigation to someone else and experience the city without the hassles of planning it all and navigating by ourselves. That saved us time and allowed us to appreciate the city. I would recommend this trip to others who want a quick day trip to see the city.
Poor Tour Guide - Not Worth the Mondy
The tour guide was terrible, not interactive at all. When you compare her to other guides doing the exact same thing it was obvious she was there for the money and to shop.
Great day trip
Iain was a great tour guide and extremely knowledgeable.
Group Too Big
I was expecting this to be a smaller group. But we ended being 29 people - in winter. Not Maxine's (the guide) fault and she really tried to manage such a large group. Overall, good day out to Salzburg. Maxine clearly knew the city and the history very well.
Beautiful scenery!
Postcard-perfect scenery! Love Salzburg❤️even if it were a short day trip only. Learned so much from Susanne about where to drink/eat, shop, what to do next time should we plan to come again. Definitely worth a 2nd visit!
A trip to remember
This trip was awesome!! Ian was brilliant. Once we got on the train he told us the entire history of Salzburg (without reading of a paper), answered any questions we had saved us time doing it on the train vs. after we got to Salzburg. He then gave us all maps of the city and walked us through every dot on the map in detail so if there was something we wanted to do in our free time it was efficient to figure it out instead of wander around confused. Then he came around and asked what each of us were interested in and helped us decide where we needed to go. Super helpful! The day in Salzburg was beautiful and full of history. Ian did indeed save us so much time so we could fully utilize our 3 hours alone. He made sure to engage with all 32 of us at least once and was knowledgeable and made the tour a ton of fun!
The Aussies
Just needed a clearer ID marker when walking around but overall great fun and interesting
A great overview of Salzburg
While the train was unfortunately delayed, we found the day trip to Salzburg sufficient to see the main offerings of the city. This tour allows you to get a feeling for the city. However, of you wish to see certain sites and attractions in more details, you might need more than the allotted free time. We had a good time and our tour guide was extremely nice! She really knew her stuff, was very positive and happy and overall made the tour great!
Fab Trip
We happened to book this by chance and enjoyed our trip to Salzburg. It has great weather and outing was fabulous. Lucia did a good job in explaining about the locations of Sound of Music and also gave pointers for locations. Enjoyed our time
Awesome Day
This trip was amazing. Ian was the best tour guide and I seriously could have just taken the trip to sit on the train listening to him explain the history of Salzburg and it's interesting facts! Highly recommended.
Beautiful trip through time
Our lovely guide Carlotta was very informative and let us have free rein to look at some of the sites before guiding us through Salzburg itself and then giving us free time to check out some sites for ourselves. All in all a very informative and pretty tour
Susan is the best!
Salzburg is a beautiful city that i previously knew nothing about. Susan was poignant and moved quickly, but slowed down at all the right spots. Allowed for pictures and food at the right times too! We were given a few hours of free time to wander the city, but for me the Highlight was the history you would never learn unless someone told you about it, which Susan did. The train ride from Munich to Salzburg was beautiful and the people I met were all wonderful. I would definitely recommend this inexpensive informative tour to anybody looking to see more than just Munich.
Excellent trip!
Iain was an excellent guide and took pride in his job. He was fun to listen to and had excellent advice about what to and what not to see. He spent the train ride giving us history about Salzburg and genuinely seemed to enjoy the time spent. He answered all of our questions and had tidbits far beyond just brief history. As most people have said, the time was short and you could spend much longer in Salzburg so plan on knowing a little about what you want to see to maximize your free time spent!
The best tour I have ever been on out of the many I have been on, mainly due to the tour guide himself. In addition to being knowledgeable in seemingly everything concerning Salzburg and being fluent in German, he supplied me and my friends with a great and unique experience of Salzburg. None of what he said during the tour was scripted, but was rather drawn from his own personal knowledge of the region and explained with his own good sense of humor. Moreover, the extensiveness of this personal knowledge was shown as he detailed to me and all of the other tour attendees what and what would not be good to see in Salzburg with the current day's climate, which saved everyone a great deal of time and effort. He also went above and beyond what was required of him as a tour guide later on as he explained to me to me and my friends what we should see in Munich and the surrounding region, where one of the best restaurants in Munich was, as well as answering the incessant trivia that me and my friends asked. He even gave me a drink of his own Beer, which is only obtainable in Salzburg and which I had forgotten to buy. I do not feel it is an exaggeration to say that this man is a God, in terms of his abilities as a tour guide. Please if you are going on the Radius Salzburg tour or any other tour for that matter, ask when Ian is doing the tour to get the most out of the experience.
Thank you for making the trip a memorable experience.
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