Free Walking Tour in Munich



Join our Free Walking Tour for an entertaining insight into the history of Munich and an introduction to the customs, sounds, smells and flavours of our amazing city. We’re not just your guides and historians, but also your friends InMunich.

Duration: 3 hours
    Available in
  • English


  • See the famous Rathaus-Glockenspiel and the spectacular Royal Palace
  • Marvel at the magnificent Church of St. Peter and the distinctive Frauenkirche
  • Treat your taste buds at the Viktualienmarkt food market
  • Visit Hofbrauhaus – the most famous beer hall in the world
  • Learn about the rise of the Nazi party in WWII Bavaria


This tour takes you on a journey through Munich’s Old Town and the amazing history hidden deep within its streets. The former residence of the Wittelsbach royal family, monks and their monasteries and the world’s most famous beer halls are just some of the treasures waiting to be discovered with your enthusiastic local guide.

We believe that you should always have the opportunity to join a top-quality tour with a highly experienced guide, regardless of your budget. Our Free Walking Tour therefore operates on a tips basis. If, at the end of the tour, you have enjoyed yourself and learnt about our beautiful city, our guides will gladly accept whatever you feel the tour was worth.

Meet your guides on Marienplatz, Munich. They’ll be holding a white and blue umbrella & holding large signs that say ‘Dachau Tour’. Look for the small kiosk close to the shop Wormland and the intersecting roads of Kaufingerstrasse & Rosenstrasse. ***November 27 until December 24 the tour meets at the department store Ludwig Beck (Marienplatz 11). ***

We suggest arriving at 10:30am ready for our 10:40 start!: FREE TOUR & DACHAU TOUR.

What’s included & not included

  • Friendly and knowledgeable local guide
  • Food
  • Drinks

Check availability of the tour:

Meeting point

Marienplatz in front of a small kiosk by the shop "Wormland". The guides will have a White and Blue umbrella and signs advertising the tour. *November 27 until December 24 The tour meets at the department store "Ludwig Beck"( Marienplatz 11)*

Reviews from travellers (381)


A good tour of main city attractions
We were happy with our NZ guide, Thomas taking us Aussies on the tour. We took his advice and visited the Haufbrauhaus and Augustiners for meals.
Guide didn't show up
The guide that was supposed to take us was late, he said he was stuck on the train and there was no sign of him showing up soon.
His colleague at the meet up point handled it well though, he advised me to go on one of the other free tours since I was leaving the next day.
It was cancelled
The tour was cancelled on that day and was asked to join the tour by another company.
Marcin is a Skilled lovely Person, Loved by Munich and it's Culture
Funny, Relax and Interesting view of Munich, Baviera, and German most significant highlight story and their history in different perspectives views! We strongly recommend this Tour! Thanks a lot Marcin!
Very funny and informative
Scott was an excellent guide. A great balance between funny and informative. Definitely recommended.
Great tour, Learned a lot
Adam was our guide. This tour was exactly what we wanted: a nice pace, very informative tour guide who gave us “insider” info and had a great sense of humor. I highly recommend!
Great tour! Very knowledgeable and entertaining guide. Great way to explore Munich.
Great guide(Ralph) and fun intro to the city.
Informative and interesting, but slightly long-winded
Marcin was great!
Inspite of the wether, our guide was really motivated and passionate to tell us interesting stories about Munich! It was informative, but not boring, the duration of the tour was about three hours. Marcin gave us lots of Insider tips and we enjoyed his sense of humor :) Highly recommended!
Interesting tour with detailed information
Our guide Marcin gave us an overview about Munichs history tradition and so called jet set life.

We had pictures of the people and buildings he talked about.

Last but not least he gave us some ideas where we should go. The tour was very fun and is highly recommended.
Entertaining but too long
We loved our tour guide! He was very entertaining, used a lot of irony and sarcasm to tell his stories which we loved, and taught us a lot about Munich history! We just think that the tour could’ve been cut a little shorter, 3 hours is a long time to pay our full attention and be standing around
It was amazing and funny, I learnt so much about Munich!
Probably the best "Free walking tour" I ever had!
Marcin was super informative and entertaining. He had fun facts, explained important anecdotes of the city and was attentive to our questions. Overall, probably the best "Free walking tour" I ever had!
Great experience!
Our tour guy Adam was excellent, it’s easier to understand why when you can imagine the history in the place you are standing in, the best of this tour it’s that it’s not only conplete but also good jokes too.
The best tour ever
Our guide, Marcin, was a treasure of information, jokes and stories. Thank you for a great insite in the life of Munich. Although the weather was awful and very cold, I never felt bored.
Marcin was great
Marcin was very entertaining, very knowledgeable and seemed to enjoy what he was doing. He gave us a great perspective on the history and city of Munich!
Marcil in Munich
Book it now!
Excellent tour led by Adam our tour guide. He is super knowledgeable and friendly I learned lots of interesting new facts about the city I once called home. This tour is really worth while and I absolutely recommend you secure your place now - even if you are only visiting for a day or two. I also can’t believe this tour is free, get involved! You won’t regret it.
Fantastic walking tour of Munich with Hein
Sorry to Hein for the lateness of this review! We took a walking tour of Munich with him on I think the 16th December. It was fantastic! He is very knowledgeable and a great story teller. I felt much more informed about the city after the tour and had a great time during. Thanks again Hein.
The best walking tour I've ever done
Super knowledgeable, funny, awesome guide. Really fun, engaging tour. Small group, easy to hear, great vibe! Made my trip to Munich 1000x better and gave me lots of fun facts and stories to delight my friends when telling them about the trip. If you do one thing in Munich, make it this tour.
An excellent storyteller who really brought the city to life! Book it!
We absolutely loved this walking tour. Hein was an excellent guide; a natural storyteller who really brought the city to life.
It was entertaining, informative and fun! So many interesting and funny stories; we learnt a lot! His knowledge of the city and wider history is incredible and we thoroughly enjoyed his company.
Would definitely recommend booking.

Adam was entertaining and knowledgeable
Unfortunately we lost him in the Frauenkirche. We tried to find the group again but couldn’t
Best ever
We have had these tours all over Europe and this one was without doubt the best. Entertaining, informative and funny in places, Marcin our guide, took us through the amazing city of Munich. I cannot recommend this tour enough!!!!
Guide Kurt lost me after first object, sorry, but walking tour was so rush: no time for photos, etc.
Complete history of Munich in 4 hours!
Our tour guide was Marcin, musician and teacher and German beer acolyte. His historical accounts were fascinating, funny and filled with dry and interesting observations on each character and episode. The weather was cold, windy and wet and the duration was a tad too long under the circumstances. All said, we did enjoy Marcin and the tour tremendously. Better summery weather would have helped, with maybe an hour-long rest stop at a brauhaus 😁.
The tour was great. The guide was very informative. Would highly recommend this tour.
Passionate guide
An excellent walking tour in a lovely city centre by a guide who gives you nice tips and interesting information about the city.
very nice and funny guide
Great! Chris was super knowledgeable!
This was my third walking tour of Munich, my husband's first. We both thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot about the city. Well paced and a very knowledgeable guide in Chris. Thank you for coming back to be our guide!! Amanda and Mark
Nice Voice good Choice
One of best walking tours ever
Loved everything about our walking tour with -- informative, entertaining, lively, and learned much we didn't know. Also some great recommendations on cheap eats and overlooked places not mentioned in the tour guides. This was a highlight of our trip to Germany this year.
learned the names & dates
Keith was great-- as a foreigner, he could give the foreigner perspective that a full local couldn't. But had 8 years of experience and was educated as archaeologist, so had appreciation for history.
A must for all visitors to Munich
We have been on a few walking tours in various cities around the world and this particular one has to be one of the best walking tours we’ve been on - our guide (sorry I can’t remember his name but he’s originally from South Africa) was outstanding- he is extremely knowledgeable, articulate and has the ability to convey historical facts in the most interesting way. He’s the main reason why the tour was fabulous. Thank you for the free tour. We went on the Third Reich tour with another company which we had booked before this tour and it was no where near as good as this one. I wished I had time for the Dachau tour with your company - will do it when we’re next in Munich.
Highlight of Munich
Came 5 min late, couldn't find the group
Unfortunately couldn't find the group. Ended up joining Sandaman (sp?) tour as they were clearly marked. Was quite sad as I had done a lot of online research before picking this operator.
"Great Experience"
Our guide was knowledgable and paid attention to our group concerns. Did not rush and gave us the time we needed.
Great informative knowledgeable tour guide.
ok tour
the group was way too big, so most of the time you couldn’t hear the guide unless you were close to him. on the times I was close enough to hear, he seemed knowledgeable but spoke way too much and too often about how much beer he drank and what kind he liked. i did not take the tour to hear his life story
Great Walking Experience
Keith was great in getting us through the history and interesting stories of Munich
Eye-opening experience
The tour was the best thing l've done in Munich other than drinking beer. The tour upgraded my visit to Munich significantly. It was informative, entertaining and thought-provoking.
Knowledge and entertaining
There is alot of history in Munich and he pointed out most of the interesting things that the local tourist would be interested in. He was friendly and answered everyone's questions. Would recommend!
Good tour
Very informative tour that showed us all the key sights of Munich. Adam gave us some good tips on places to go, etc and was very entertaining throughout.
Really funny
Informative, professional and time very well spent!
Guide was easy to find and identify.

He was very thorough knowledgeable . One of the best tours I’ve taken in Munich.

We really enjoyed the pace, the multiple sites that took us to the actual events, and the use of pictures to prove de historical context.

Great value, highly recommend!
Better than Sandemans!
I am a student living in Munich and I took a visiting friend to do this tour. It was my second tour here in Munich (first was with Sandemans). The Sandemans tour was also good, however I really enjoyed this tour! It was highly informative, funny and definitely worth it. There were many additional facts that the Sandemans tour didn't cover, which really made the city come alive.

The guide had pictures of what Munich used to look like which was fascinating to see how it had changed. This was different to the Sandemans tour too.

The only downside was that it was extremely busy (although, the Oktoberfest is currently on and he mentioned its not always this busy). Also, it would be nice to have a break in between as the tour was around 3.5 hours with no stop.
Great tour friendly guide thought we had been Munchkins. all our life,would recommend a must do part of a visit to Munich . Patti a
Free walking tour
Adam was great! He talked about history and Bavarian culture and was very informative. We covered most of the important and interesting sites and felt well oriented at the conclusion. I would highly recommend a tour with Adam.
Fantastic walk in the beautiful city of Munich
Pattie,our guide was so interesting, informative and amusing.
Matt is cool!
My boyfriend and I participated in the tour around Munich on the 2nd of September, we had Matt as our guide and he was amazing! Very funny and friendly, open and well-acquianted with Munich. Thanks a lot, it was a wonferful experience!

Perfect Tour of Munich
A great way to see Munich and get fun in interesting information. Our guide from Australia was wonderful!
Entertaining tour.
Aussie perspective on the Munich people and town. Genuinely nice guy and no high pressure for a tip at the end! Highly informative and a manageable walk. One comfort break at the end of the two and a half hour walk. A good introduction to Munich and some ideas of where else to go and where to eat.
Couldn't find the guide
The instructions for the meeting point weren't very clear
I looked for the guide for around 15 minutes and eventually gave up and joined another tour
Great way to spend a few hours
We were only in Munich for a very short time, but we feel this tour gave us a really good taste of the city and its history. Marcin, our guide was excellent.
Some good tips
We enjoyed the walk as a good introduction to Munich. We particularly liked Adam’s stories, his explanation of Bavarian culture and personality and also his tips for other things to do and places to eat. One of them - Zwickl - was a gem and we went there twice. Best meal we’ve had in Munich - actually had plenty of green leaves.
Best walking tour so far
Hey Travelers/Backpackers,

I have always booked walking tours for every new city I've visited and let me tell you, Nick is by far one of the funniest and very informative tour guide I've met.

My friends and I booked for a 3 hour English tour in Munich, starting point at Marienplatz 3. The group size was about 8-10, which was the not too big and not too small and Nick was loud and clear. The tour said it would take about 3 hours, but ours extended to about 4 hours, along with a 15 mins ice cream/coffee break. We visited St Peters church, the vegetable/fruit market, beer garden near the center, Juliet Statue from Italy, Ledehosen shop and how to traditionally wear them and what it symbolizes, the kings risedenz, the most expensive shopping district and so on!

Nick works as a state guide and is authorized as well. He also conducts day tours to Dacau concentration camp (which we didn't do since we didn't have the time), but I'm sure would've been equally amazing. Hes extremely friendly and encourages questions and is considerate.

A big thumps up from me if you plan a trip to Munich! Thanks!

Rianna Dsilva
Witty, insightful, and brilliantly executed HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!
I'd have to say, out of al I'll the walking tours I have done around Europe, this one is the best!
Marcin is super intelligent and quick witted which makes his ability to tel I'm the story of Munich so engaging you hang off every word. I highly recommend this, everyone should do it.
Top Tour
Our guide, Marcin, seemed a bit serious when we arrived, but then we realised that his seriousness was due to a super witty and sarcastic sense of humour, which we adored. It was so easy to listen to his stories due to this as they were full of funny anecdotes and dark humour. Everybody was laughing so I am sure we were all enjoying it. The knowledge was very impressive and the length more than enough. It ended up being 3h30 hours so we did learn a lot!
I would be doing the Dachau Tour in the near future as the experience was really worthwhile. Thank you, Marcin, thank you Like your Local Guide!
Great tour with Adam
Marcin was awesome!
He was very knowledgeable and had great humor!
Wish most tours were like this!
I love how consistently enthusiastic Marcin was. I loved every fact and tidbit he had for us. A few things though: wish it wasn't that long so that there's more to do for the rest of the day. also, when he took us to show and talk about augustiner, wish he gave us the chance to try the beer too and in line with that, maybe a snack or beer break. it was really hot that day too. but all in all it was great, it's just that some things i heard from other tours became redundant.

good job!
Nice tour in Munich
We had a tour when Munich was melting down. +32 already in the morning, that's why we appreciated our guide who touring us mostly through the shadowed places. We visited main buildings in downtown. Maybe we expected to see a bit more, than we did. But overall information was detailed and interesting.
I recommend to take a city tour any city you are in, just to become more familiar with a place and then you can decide what to explore by your own.
Great tour!
A great intro to Munich
Thanks for a great tour around the center of Munich. Well-planned route, humorous and insightful guide, and I left with excellent ideas to enjoy the rest of my time in Munich. Well done! Highly recommended.
Amazing history of Munchen
Maurice gives a wonderful insight into the history of the monk city 😀. Right from day of a bridge being built to this day. If you miss this tour you have missed something about Munich.
Excellent Tour of Munich
We really enjoyed our walking tour with Adam. He gave us the history of Munich and the sights we were seeing and also some of his personal experiences as an Aussie now living in Germany.
He was very friendly and open and we liked his Aussie sense of humour! It was a great start to our stay in Munich.
Thanks Jax!
A great and personal alternative tour through Munchen. Our tourguide shared a lot of fun facts but also important lessons about Bavaria, Munchen and its history. We highly recommend this tour!
Timo was great!
Lovely and thorough tour, well worth my time. Timo was great made sure we had places to sit and some shade. His stories enlivened the tour.
Awesome experience!
We went on the tour with our 5 children,all aged younger than 13yr. At the end of the tour they said that the time had passed so quickly! Adam was amazing, so patient en we could see he loves Munich and the German traditions! We would reccomend it any time, even with kids!
Absolutely amazing!
I was very lucky to have a charismatic tour guide who knew how to approach the audience. Better than expected!
Really fun tour of Munich
Great fun!
Saw things I would have otherwise missed.
Our guide had a different slant to history than most which brought it alive.
Fun & informative
Scott was our guide and was very knowledgeable on the history and sights of Munich. Every bit as good as a paid tour. Our group was smaller than most of the other paid tours I’ve done. They work solely on tips and make sure you enjoy yourself. I would book through this group again!
Absolutely Fantastic!
We had a wonderful tour with Wolfgang! He made us feel so welcome and showed us so much in the Old Town and around. He spent more than three hours with us in a relaxed, informative, and good humored way. Anyone would be lucky to have him show them around Munich!
Very informative tour of Munich. The guide was considerate of the big group and happily answered any questions. Would recommend.
Informative and entertaining
Marcil gave us a fantastic tour on Sunday. Lots of interesting stories about Munich’s history from politics to Bavarian dress codes, with everything linked by beer. Did not shy away from the dark aspects of German history but also plenty of funny parts, too- including German’s funniest ‘joke’.

I would highly recommend the tour.
Awsome tour
I have made a lot of free tours during my life, and this one was one of the best.
The path was very good and dynamic, without feeling repetitive or to long. And the informaction precise and not boring. Very recomended.
Great way to discover Munich
The tour was really interesting and even though the group was relatively big, it felt quite personalised and not rushed. We even had time for a pint.
Great tour
Fantastic tour led by Scott, he was very knowledgeable, loves what he does and it shows. His ability to lighten the mood whilst educate was fantastic
Great tour
Very informative tour, pointing out lots of interesting things that would otherwise be missed. Found the history part about Hitler’s rise to power the most interesting. Not being a beer drinker, there was a bit too much beer talk but understand it is a big part of Munich life. Shame that some people choose not to tip the guide but not sure what you can do about that.
A walking history lesson
Brilliant few hours spent walking around the aldstadt. Our guide was knowledgeable and energetic. Great job keeping everyone engaged.
Very experienced guide
We had fantastic tour with Scott. Loved his passion, knowledge & wonderful sense of humour! Group size good & he kept all fully engaged. Thanks so much Scott
Very interesting tour
Excellent guide!
Learnt off-book history of Munich with amazing guide!
Our guide, Scott, is one of the best walking tour guides! He showed my father and I around Munich with his historical knowledge. The best part of the tour was his deadface humour. This lightened up our mood and made our experience very pleasant. Another great point of this tour was how small the group tour was. We saw other 30+ people walking tours around Marienplatz. We were so happy that our tour only had less than 10 people.
Good tour of Munich
The walking tour focuses on the center of the town and is not hard work at all. The group was managably small.
The guide was quite knowledgeable about the history of Munich and its relationship to Hitler and particularly beer.
My suggestion would be to see a wider array of sites and spend less time talking about beer.
The walking tour was terrific. Our guide was well informed & enthusiastic. I shall recommend your tour to others. Thanks Helen
Great way to start our trip!
Guide was interesting and friendly. I initially thought 3 hours may be too long for a tour but it was great. Guide even brought us to a bar to grab beers half way through. Stopped for a bathroom midway. Afterward half the group traveled to the English garden together. Great start to the trip and introduction to Munich!
Our guide Austin was super funny and very knowledgeable. Answered all our questions and gave us good tips on where to drink the best beer, eat and what to do in Munich. Highly recommended, go for it!
Ali is really good
I had the walking tour with Ali on 18th April 2018, She has lots of interesting stories to share. That helps me to have a better insight of Munich.
Amazing tour and tour guide!
Great Tour - thank you!
Our family of 4 loved our 3 hour walking tour with Adam who provided us with an abundance of information delivered with a good sense of humour. We would recommend all visitors to Munich join this tour - you'll have a great time.
This tour is a must
Great tour with a very well versed tour guide. Marcin was fantastic and full of knowledge and interesting stories. Highly recommended
To the beginning until the end : Interresant
Everything is in the title !
Great tour with Adam; he came really prepared with all the historic things and all, making it really fun! Sadly we got separated from our group somewhere after the middle of the tour; but still, it was a fantastic experience.
Very interesting tour!
Great tour!
Lots of historic information and photos. Very helpful to understand Munich.
The tour was super nice nd informative
We took the free walking tour in Munich with Adam who was our tour guide. It was almost a three hour long tour which was very informative and fun. He mixed history, modern times and recommendations for where to eat and drink. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who is visiting Munich for a short period of time and wants to get the essential infromation.
Great way to get to know the city!
I loved this tour! I'd already walked around a lot of the places as I'd been here for a few days but it was really interesting to have things put in to context and to learn the history and significance of a lot of sites. It'd be a great way to get to know the old city if you're completely unfamiliar as well. Our guide was very friendly and knowledgable and made it fascinating and fun :)
Great experience with fun and professional guide
I really recommend to do this tour. Takes a bit less than 3 hours and you get good insight of the inner city. The guide was great, very professional and fun.

Perfect start to a Munich weekend!
Great experience! Highly recommend to those visiting Munich
I have been to Munich for several weeks already, when I joined free walking tour with like-a-lokal guide, and this walk opened to me another view on same ancient streets.

Marcin (the name of the guide) has a solid knowledge of Munich history as well as a good sense of humour. That is why the tour was not only interesting but also much fun.

Best city tour!!
Fully recommended. The guide (Maurice) was great, he was knowledgeable, he took the time to explain every detail and he was funny. He made a very cold morning, a very nice one !!
Definitely recommended!
Marcin was an amazing tour guide who took us to amazing spots around Munich and explained interesting historical stories in detail and in an enjoyable way :) Bonus: Good English as he’s actually British. He also recommended some good pubs and restaurants for us to try out. Thanks!
Adam was very knowledgable
A beautiful experience
I'm really glad I choise to follow this city tour!
All the tour guides are doing a wonderful job!
Adam was the best we could have, extremely cheerful, polite, awesome guy, he did a great job guiding us voluntarily around the city for 3 hours and answering questions we may had.
Please do a gift to yourself and follow this city tour next time you'll be in Munich. The tour guide will make you love this city!
Thank you Adam, thank you "Like A Local Guide"
He was great!
This guy knows his stuff. He had a great sense of humor and did an awesome job keeping everyone interested and engaged in the tour! He clearly had a lot of experience and was very knowledgable about the history and traditions of Munich. The tour ended up running over by about 30 mins, which was a little long, but it was definitely worth it!
Excellent tour
Just the right balance in regard to the range of history covered, really enjoyed it.
Great First Day
We took this tour on our first day in Munich and we're so glad we did. Not only did it orient us with the city, but it also gave us touchstones for the rest of the trip. Keith was a great guide.
Irish Keith awesome guide
We really enjoyed all of the tips and facts we wouldn’t have learned about if we hadn’t gone on this tour. Thank you Keith
Insightful and funny tour!!!
My friend and I were on the walking tour with Ben and it was really a great experience! For sure to recommend!
Very well done
Great way to learn about a city in a couple of hours!
We really liked our tour guide, Keith. He is an anthropologist and historian that brings comedy to his tour and had us all in stitches! This was a great way to see the core sights in the old city. Fabulous time!
Amazing Tour, amazing Guide
Fantastic tour
Great tour with a very knowledgable guide. It was a fantastic introduction to Munich and has inspired us to explore more of the city and surrounding area. Just make sure you wrap up warm in winter as it gets very cold after 3 hours!
Walking tour- Münich
Marcin is an awesome guide
Enjoy the city
Marcin was superb and full of knowledge, the tour become more exciting when you know the story.. thumbs up 👍🏻
Very professional highly recommended
An Amazing tour by a great guide. very experienced learned a lot about the city and was really fun.
Great tour
Best guide ever
We have a city tour with Marcin. Great guide! Tips, history, local stories and jokes - his excursion was really useful and interesting. We had a lot of european city tours and can say that he was one of the best guides! Thanks a lot!
Best walking tour we've done in Europe!
Our tour guide Marcin was exceptional. Very knowledgeable, and filled the tour with fun facts, humour, and lots of history about the beautiful city of Munich. Would highly recommend this tour to everyone who goes to Munich.
Very good.
Beautiful city, wonderful guide.
Very informative tour
Adam was a great tour guide mixing humor with history. We saw many major sites and my entire family was entertained.
Best free walking tour we've been on
Great facts, history, stories. Covered quite a few landmarks. Very thorough and informative. Great tour guide. And didn't ask for tips at the end!- which we thought was very graceful. Would definitely recommend this!
Incredible start to our Munich Visit
Informative and entertaining. Recommend to everyone visiting Munich.
Tour guide a
Very informative
For me it's a bit too much information, haha
Amazing Tour!
It was freezing cold that day, but it is still a very good tour. Our guide Marcin is very knowledgable and enthusiastic, He took us around the city and told us a lot of useful tips.
I had a lot fun on this tour!
It's because of guides like Marcin that we love Free Walking Tours so much!
We have already been traveling for some years, but only very recently started doing Free Walking Tours on our trips, and let me tell you that it's because of guides like Marcin that we love Free Walking Tours so much!

We met Marcin at the arranged meeting point (Marienplatz) at 10:40 AM, and just after exchanging a few words we knew we had made the right choice and were in for a good time!

Marcin is a British citizen living in Munich for 9 years, but when you hear him talk about the city and the whole region of Bavaria, you get the feeling that he was born there! Marcin carried with him a dossier with historical photographs of the city, the region and some of the most notorious figures, which he would show while he was telling us about the most important moments in Bavarian history.

From kings to beer, from the war to Hitler, Marcin entertained for about four hours, always with a smile and several bright notes of humor. This was by far one of the most interesting and hilarious tours we have ever had!
Very thoughtful and exciting guide!
Despite the cold temperatures of a saturday morning in Munich, we really enjoyed our visit! The tip and the stories from Adam werde very interesting ! Thanks a lot, mate!
It was amazing!
Even though the weather was freezing, we had so much fun and learnt so many secrets about Munich, we didn't even realize the tour took three and a half hours!
I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the city.
Walking tour with Adam
Brilliant guide. Very knowledgable. Being Australian his English was excellent but he was also fluent in German and he lived in Munich so this made the tour so interesting (and the whole point of ‘local guides’). Would definitely recommend as a ‘must do’ in Munich.
Reallt informative and fun walking tour!
The tour took us from history to modern fun facts, all around the city center. It was a blast, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to hear more about Munchen.
Very nice experience
Its fun and engaging way to learn about a city and its history.
Fantastic tour
Our tour guide Adam was excellent. The tour was thorough, informative and enjoyable with plenty of jokes and inside tips for in and around Munich. Highly recommend!
Fun way to familiarise with history
It was very informative and entertaining tour.
Great Tour, Exceeded Expectations
In my experience, most "free" things are worth their cost, but this walking tour with Adam exceeded my relatively low expectations. He had a well-prepared tour complete with a binder of photographs and visual aids, and kept an obviously well thought of schedule with good segues between locations. His knowledge of and ability to convey the good, bad, funny, and sad moments in the history of München and the Marienplatz kept me entertained for the entire three hours.

The tour also gave plenty of tips on local culture, cuisine, and made a well-timed stop in order for group members to grab a sample along the way.
centre of munchen
Excellent way to start your stay in Munich
This was the last free walking tour of my 26 day journey through Europe. I was extremely happy with this tour and our guide, whose name I can't remember but he said he started the tour. It was a very cold day but our guide made our tour so interesting that I almost didn't notice. He gave lots of history and current information about Munich. He told us all about the breweries and who had what. After I went to his favorite and can understand why it is so. I loved it. Thank you for an informative walk, and the story about the clock and the spickie mickies.
Great orientation to the city!
This tour should be the first thing that you do in Munich! It's a great way to get to know the old city centre and figure out what you want to see more of. Our guide was very knowledgable and told really interesting stories about the history of Munich.
Very cognitive and funny tour, about beer and not only it! Thanks a lot to Marcin, he is excellent guide!
Marcin was an excellent guide - one of the best we have had. He provided interesting historic information in an entertaining and easy to listen to manner..
Great intro to Munich
This was an excellent way to get an introduction to Munich and the main areas.
Adam was very informative and we thoroughly enjoyed our walk.
Definitely worthwhile
Adam was awesome. Besides being friendly, open to questions, and informative, he had a sense of humour as well, which definitely helped make the tour more enjoyable.
MUnich walking tour
wonderful experience, most memorable tour of city I ever had
When I booked this tour, I did not expect too much, just ordinary tour with showing of sites and historical information (maybe because it was free). But what we got, exceeded my expectations in every way. Our tour guide Marcin was extra ordinary, I give him 10 stars,out of 5. He showed us Munich in best possible way,telling us a lot of stories on interesting funny way, so you could not forget them. We didn't feel time passing (almost three hours), and when we finish the tour everybody was cheerful and delighted.My opinion? Don't look any further, book this tour and you will enjoy as we did. Thank you, Marcin, one more time for wonderful , memorable experience.
Emilija Antik
Excellent tour with a good mix of history and things to do in the present!
Our tour guide Marcin was an excellent guide with a great sense of humor. The history of the city was well told; very detailed but easy to listen to and understand. We learned a lot about the culture of the city as well as good places to go for food or sightseeing after the tour. Best experience I've had with a tour, definitely would recommend!
Great tour, Amazing guide!!
Adam, our tour guide was extremely good! His vast knowledge of and passion for the history of the city made this an outstanding tour. The tour was a great way to orient yourself in the city and would highly recommend this tour and Adam!
Great tour of Munich
Adam was one of the best walking tour guides we have ever had. Although he is not a Bavarian native he was extremely knowledgable and passionate about Munich. He grew up in Australia so his English is perfect which makes the tour so much easier. Often we have natives of a particular city - that's great - but their English is not always easy to follow which then can be a distraction.

Nice time in Munich!
Fantastic experience, very informative and entertaining
The tour was just the right length and offered a great insight into the city.
Our guide Marcin knew everything there was to know about the area we walked through and was very approachable. We learned so many interesting things and stories filled with great humour.
Couldn't recommend it highly enough.
Have done this tour twice--great both times!
I took this tour when I first moved to Munich to get a feel for the city. Five months later, I booked this tour for my family when they came to visit. Both times I had Adam as a tour guide. He is knowledgeable, interesting, and obviously excited to share the cool history and trivia about Munich. Made for a wonderful experience both as a new resident and as a kick-off for the things around town I wanted to show to my family.
Fabulous Guided Tour of Munich
The tour was very informative covering all subjects of the city. Our guide was friendly and spoke loudly. He also answered all questions asked during the tour. Highly recommend!
Very much informative
Guys is very informative does know his history. I am recommending this tour to anyone
Munich Walking Tour
Our guide Adam was friendly and very approachable. His tour was informative and he added a fun aspect to the stories. He also answered any questions that were asked by the group and seemed genuinely interested in where you was from and what your plans were for your Munich break. Very good tour. Would highly recommend.
Austin from Dallas,TX was informative & entertaining!
Keith shared a wealth of knowledge about Munich, German culture and history.
Our guide Keith was personable, engaging and shared a wealth of knowledge. The tour was outstanding and we certainly learnt a lot about Munich. We would certainly recommend " Free Walking Tour in Munich" to all interested in local knowledge and historic places.
Top Notch
What a fantastic tour, so much history and humour from Marcin. I highly recommend this tour. Cheers Paul
Fantastic city tour!
I had a blast with our tour guy Adam, what a fantastic person.
I really really recommend this tour, as you'll be shown the most important sites of Munich along with pills of Munich's history.

Thank you very much!

Informative and fun
Our guide Adam did a great job keeping everyone moving and making sure we understood what we were seeing. He added his humor to the tour and his experience as a local which gave the tour an authentic feel. I highly recommend.
Informative and a great tour
Our guide was Australian who spoke fluent English.. he was energetic and lively. He engaged with us and was open to answer any questions we had. He explained each stop in detail.. if it's your first time to Munich it's a great tour to take which will help you on things you could do on the following days! He gives out maps and great tips during the tour which are helpful..
So much information, so many sights, would recommend this to anyone here and in other cities.
Excellent. Recommended.
Informative, brought the history and culture of Munich to life
Delivered in an easy going and humourous manner
Best Walking Tour!!
We have done walking tours throughout Europe, and this one is by far the best. You have to do it if you're in Munich!
Did not go on tour
Hi Thankyou for the email. I actually couldn't go and had to postpone to next year, 2018. Fortunately I shall take a holiday to Singapore in October. Sorry I didn't not notify the business... 2 family members passed. I will rebook for 2018 Munich. Regards Alia Joy
Is cheap and interesting
If you go to Munich for first time, you need take this tour. If you travel alone, you have a oportunity of meet with others and know about the history of the city.
The guides are good and you can aks for help.
Great Giude
Had a educational and fun tour. We loved learning about Munich's beer history and culture.
Really funny and entertaining
This was about 2 years aga!
Munich walking tour
Great way to see the sights
Really enjoyed this, tour guide knew his stuff. Went in winter and was bitterly cold- wrap up well if you go in winter!
The tour was very informative and very entertaining. A great introduction to the city. Highly recommend.
A hard but worthwhile walk
Keith was our guide on the walk through Dachau and he was a wealth of information and paced us well. He was friendly and accessible while making sure we captured the depth of what we were seeing.

I recommend this tour to anyone with an interest in the WWII-era concentration camps.
Great tour, great guide!
It was an interesting walking tour. The guide was very informative.
great spots , easy explanation and good knowledge
Great Tour
I highly recommend this tour guide! The best ever in Europe!
Loved It!
interesting, fun, very nice way to start your stay in munich
was good day and satisfied quide
Excellent fun
Excellent and informative
It was v good tour worth the time :)
Guide provided great insights on munich history and culture. Thank you
free walking tour
Very informative
Patti, our guide, was fantastic. We had a very informative walking tour through Munich. She gave us tips on where to go after and good restaurants.
Fantastic guide & great tour!
Marcin knew what he was talking about. You could tell he was an experienced guide. He had a great combination of humor and history. I would definitely recommend this tour!
Excellent tour
We recently went on the city walking tour with Marcin. His knowledge of the city was excellent as was his presentation. The tour lasted for 3.5 hours so quite long but did not feel long at all. We enjoyed this tour & would definitely recommend.
Very nice, informative and with a good sense of humor!
Long but good
Great tour . A little hard to find our guide in MarienPlatz as 'Like A Local' was very small on the banner he was holding up.
His knowledge was amazing and the stories (although a little biased) were very entertaining. The tour lasted 3 hrs 45 mins - although interesting to hear, just a little long with no stopping/sitting point. Good value for money - felt happy to give E15 each.
Fantastic, would 100% recommend!
One of the best walking tours I've been on - very informative, the guide was a great speaker, easy to understand as well as being friendly and super helpful. Really enjoyed it.
Great tour!
I have done so many freetours throughout Europe, but this was by far the best one! Tom, our guide, was incredibly knowledgeable and brought up a lot of good points about German culture and history. Plus this was the first tour I ever took, that actually used up the three hours! I would absolutely recommend!!!
Really, really great tour. Marcian is a great guide, with pictures and witty, sarcasm, 4 hours flew by fast, we learned a lot about Munich!
Awesome tour to explore Munich
This was a perfect tour to do, especially for a first day in Munich. We only had a few days in Munich and this was our first visit to the city. The tour met in the late morning so we had time to sleep in after travelling and met in one of the most beautiful spots in Munich. The tour was a perfect length (3 hours) and took us to a lot of different places that I wanted to see as well as a great market for lunch and an afternoon beer. Our tour guide, Adam, was very friendly and knew a lot about Munich - he had great stories and folk tales about the city and building that made the tour great. I highly recommend this tour as one of the earliest things you do in the city because it also helps get you acquainted with the city.
Good Day Tour
Enjoyed our day tour. It started off late as some of the members didn't arrive on time but it was a good trip with a small group. Our guide was quite informative and we had a good time
Great way to get adjusted to downtown Munich.
LIz was our tour guide and she was exceptionally good herding the 14 of us through the chaos of Marienplatz and the streets surrounding this center. She was knowledgeable, funny, and entertaining. We had a great time learning the back stories and getting recommendations for eating like a local. Would highly recommend this tour!
Entertaining and knowledgeable
Marcin seemed well versed in city history as well as popular culture.

He wove his beer theme into his presentation quite well.

We appreciated his tips for bats and dining.

Well worth the time. I would recommend.
Interesting and entertaining!
Very nice and well organized tour of Munich
The tour was pleasantly "long" and full of notions and anecdotes about the places visited. I greatly appreciated the preparation and organization of our guide, which accompanied the explanations with photos and visual references.

If I have to find small negative points for me...i would say: few places visited compared to the time of the visit; the guide spoke a little too fast (compared to my incomplete knowledge of English) :-)
Enjoyable walk
Adam was very pleasant and sociable. Showed a good knowledge which was presented in an interesting fashion. Invaluable information to enable a good understanding before exploring the city more fully.
munich walking tour
loved the tour, we stumbled across it and loved it. we learnt so much about the history of not only Munich but also the rise of Hitler and the NAZI party. would recommend the tour to anyone. Easy walking around and directed back to the starting point at the end. some good recommendations about where to eat and drink as well.
Nice tour
Nice tour. Wasn't as long as others stated: 2 hours. Friendly aussie tour guide with good voice to speak to a crowd. Didn't mention the four gates into the old city.
Munich city walk
Adam is great
Our guide Marcin was extremely knowledgeable and made the time together interesting and at times humorous. He gave us a great overview of the history of Munich.
Great guide; great tour
Marcin was among the best guides we've had and we have done many walking tours in a variety of countries. The tour was historically and socially interesting and entertaining. We received many helpful tips on local places, customs and activities. This has enhanced our stay in Munich. Bravo, Marcin!!
Great tour, interesting and amusing
Our tour guide Marcin was great. He went through the rich history of the buildings and people and made it come alive, not like a dry history or architecture lecture. We covered some serious topics as well.
A great way to get to know the city!
very interesting and funny
Our guide Hein, was great. He knew his stuff and he was happy to take questions. He mixed the bread and butter historical facts about the architecture, kings etc with funny and interesting stories. I would recommend this tour.
Great tour
Learned so much about Munich. Our tour guide pointed out things that you would never have noticed if you were on your own. Highly recommend this tour.
Great city tour with flashes of history
Had a great walking tour with Marcin! He is a great tour guide with never ending stories about historical events and places of Munich. Got a lot of info and many interesting details about issues which have taken place in the middle of Munich. I will highly recommend him for your guide! But please, take some beer and sandwiches with you while the tour may take longer than expected! :-)
Great walking tour
Marcin is a wonderful tour guide. His tour was very informative and entertaining. I highly recommend this tour of Munich to learn more about its interesting history.
Great tour with detailed city history
Best tour I have taken
Marcin was one of the best tourguides I have ever had. For a walking tour that went for approximately 3.5hours, he managed to keep our attention for the entire time through his sense if humour and general knowledge of eveything about Munich. Luckily, we had amazing weather so that made it an even better experience. Highly recommend this tour for anyone visiting Munich whether it be your first or fifth time...there is so much to learn about this city!
Hein was an excellent guide
Hein met us at the hotel and responded to the goals of our group. We saw all of the key sights, and he had great stories and history of the important locations that we wanted to see. Very highly recommended.
A great introduction to Munich
Tom was our guide and he made the 3 hours together interesting and informative. He brought history, culture, place, food, etc. together to give us an enjoyable tour that prepared us to further explore Munich on our own
Scott was an excellent tour guide - full of
Great Guide, interesting tour but it went on longer than expected
The guide was brilliant - Marcin - but we were expecting it to be 3 hours long and it was 4 hours - so by the time it finished at 2:45pm we were starving and thirsty for a beer! We didn’t want to leave early as he actually told us lots of really interesting things and we wanted to tip him! So my feedback would be - go on the tour - it’s really good - but be prepared to not eat till 3pm, which for us is a very late lunch, or take snacks :)
Very informative and entertaining
Our family took the walking tour of Munich city centre with India (the guide). India was very energetic and kept the entire group entertained with interesting and informative anecdotes from history. She even handled a a rude lady who shushed (!!) her with confidence and politeness. The stories behind the buildings and different walks brought the place to life. Thank you.
Just the tour we needed!
Awesome tour
Our guide is really knowledgeable about the city, talks well and is an all-around nice guy. He told us some nice stories that we wouldn't be able to get otherwise and we had a nice surprise guest participation of an elderly couple who confirmed a story about the WW2 era (they were just passing by and stopped to talk to the group).

Highly recommended.
Worthy of a tip equal to having paid fee!
Seriously, don't be stingy! We had Marcin as our guide and It was an excellent tour with much cultural, historical, and humorous information. You will not be disappointed. Book it, have a great time, and be generous. (PS...if you book it and change your mind, please have the decency to officially cancel so it frees up space for others and the group doesn't have to wonder if you're​ coming. It's free, but the rules of etiquette still apply.)
Awesome Munich Tour
Adam was excellent with this stories and knowledge of Munich. We seen things that we would have missed by wandering around aimlessly or if we did stumbled upon the hidden treasures, we would not know the significance in the history of Munich. Especially the Devil's footprint inside the church or the stories behind the main clock in Marienplatz.


Danica and Bill
Chill Knowledgeable Tour Guide
This was a great value tour. Our guide was funny but not over the top. It was a great relaxing way to spend an afternoon.
Great time
Adam was very friendly. He gave us a lot of information without being boring. Thank you Adam! Definitely recommend taking the tour.
Tour full of fun!
When you book a free tour, you generally get yourself prepared for the worst to avoid any disappointment, but so far this was my BEST TOUR EVER. Marcin while giving us the necesary historical background to be able to appreciate the city (showing us also photos about it before the bombing, the historical figures he was talking about etc.), did not forget about mentioning little fun facts about the sights we were visiting, sharing his experiences as a local and teach us how to spot a "Schickimicki".
Result: 3 hours passed without notice.
This tour is a great combination of added knowledge & sense of humour.
Historic Munich City Center
Adam provided a wonderful tour about the historic sites of the Munich central city. He gave us a lot of detail that brought together things that we had heard on other tours. He is very engaging and fun to listen too and his voice was loud enough that I could hear him.
I would recommend this tour to others.
Organized and nice
Sabina was great, the tour was organized and good the only downside is 3 hours are not enough
Hein was fantastic guide
Our guide was quite knowledgeable, very pleasant and exceptionally professional. I learned more about Munich in 3 hours than in 16 years of school.
Tour Hein
Hein was an excellent guide! We thoroughly enjoyed getting to see Munich and learning what every building was. He did an great job of explaining the little details and history of each stop. Would highly recommend this tour!
The best walking tour I've ever been on.
I was on the walking tour on 3/20/17. Marcin was, by far, one of the most charming, witty, and fun tour guides I have ever had. The tour was at times light-hearted, and at times very serious and educational, which I appreciated greatly. I deeply appreciated Marcin's attention to all phases of Munich's history, and for him not shying away from Munich's unfortunate connection to the rise of National Socialism in the early part of the 20th century. This tour was exceptional, and doing this early on in my time in Munich definitely helped me navigate the city center for the rest of my time there.

I could not recommend Marcin and InMunich enough. Thanks a lot!
5/5 would do it again !
The stories from the guide give to the old stone of the old town a whole new meaning. Time flies with such a good story-teller (our guide's name was Hein).
A remark : not a "free tour" but a "free price tour" : one gives what one want, and it is fine, but it could have been told on the website.
Never thought that Munich could be such an interesting city! Tanku Scott!
Heather Was So Awesome!
She was so knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor, and really made me feel at home in the city. Afterwards she even walked me back to where we started, pointed out the best bank for me to get Euros, and gave me a discount code for the Dachau tour. She was really great.
Excellent tour guide
He is so friendly and explained very details to elaborate all the history of Munich city. He also shows us the local favourite food and best place to hang out. It's really awesome. Thanks again for your guide.
Nice time in Munich
Great experience!
For this being a FREE tour it is well worth your time. Adam was very knowledgeable throughout the tour and provided a lot of history and information about everything we were seeing. This tour is definitely a must if you're visiting Munich!
Great tour
It was the first time 3 of us had been to Munich. There was so much interesting history our tour guide shared. He kept a fast pace, yet stopped for coffee to keep us warm. It was 3.5 hours and we all enjoyed every minute.
Excellent tour.
Scott was very informative about the history on the city walk. He kept the tour group engaged with his stories.
The information
The stories
The jokes
A we stayed in one platz yet learned so much
Totally loved it!
Great guide, great tour
As far as cities tours go this is the best one I have ever been on. Lasting 3.30hrs it covered a huge variety of Munich's history and most of the major churches and buildings. Our guide Marcin was really interesting, knowledgable and was able to keep the tour lighthearted despite covering the dark history of the Nazi party in Munich.

I would highly recommend this tour to any english speakers.
Knowledgeable, humorous, good sites, free, appropriate length
Basically what I said in the title. Adam was my tour guide and he led a great tour. My friend and I liked it so much we went back the next day for his tour to Dachau. The tour hits the main sites in Munich like the Rathaus, Frauenkirche, and market. You get little tips on the way and I would absolutely recommend this to anyone (appropriate for any age) who comes to Munich.
Great introduction to Munich
Our guide Adam was great. Even managed to keep our 3 kids interested for 2 and a half hours. Would highly recommend this tour.
Complete free walking tour in Munich
A great one of a kind walking tour
The tour was excellent Adam our guide was very knowledgeable and fun. I highly recommend it.
Best walking tour ever
This was by far the best walking tour I have been on througout Germany.
Marcin was a dedicated tour guide who told a story about the history of Munich and its buildings. I learnt a lot of information most of which i can still remember.
This tour covers all eras of the city and goes into small details as well. This is well worth your time and effort to take this tour.
Great guide, very knowledgeable and interesting insights even for people not new to Munich!
Brought Munich to life with his knowledge and people skills.....a great introduction to city, history and culture. Thanks Adam.
Fun way to learn about Munich
Our guide Martin was easy to locate on Marienplatz and he was extremely knowledgeable about the history of this wonderful city as he walked us around. It took rather longer than we were expecting and we felt a small lunch break, where we could have sat down for a short while somewhere warm, would have enhanced the tour. Overall, very pleased though.
Absolutely to recommend
I was heading to Marienplatz a bit too late, nevertheless I luckily found the Group due to random reasons and the sign of our tour guide, situated in front of his chest. Fortunately I made it because the tour was great. It insists of many positive issues. Funny, informative, symphatically, always paying attention not to freeze and having suggestions to go afterwards in mind.
A nice and interesting tour. The guide spoke a bit too fast for foreigners maybe.
Great Experience!!
We had a 3 hour tour with Adam ( fellow Aussie!) who was informative, easy going and full of great stories that really make the difference in city tours like this. I've been travelling Europe for 7 months and done a few "free" walking tours in that time - this was one of the best!
City tour
Adam was engaging as well as knowledgeable! Rain wasn't gonna dampened his mood. Thanks for the guide
Exceptional tour. Marcen was great and we learned so much.
Bavarian Munich
India was a great guide who obviously cared about everyone who joined the tour. She ensured stops along the walking tour were inside (when possible) as it was very cold outside. India had interesting stories and facts to share about some of the monuments in the town. You gained insight about some Bavarian traditions and habits that are indicative of Munich and surrounding areas. India had great energy and was happy to answer question and chat between stops on the tour.
Good guide
Amazing !
Nice combination of culture and humour
My girlfriend and I were pleased to be guided by Marcin.
The tour he offered was very interesting, with many details we wouldn't see without him.
The concept of a tour from modern times to the foundation was nice and kept us attentive. Marcin was well equipped and his folder with pictures of famous people, place before/after the war or in the middled ages emphasised the immersion into Munich history.
We can appreciate the quality of the tour when we remember stuff. Afterwards with my gf we played on "verifying" what we have learnt and surprise! What Marcin taught us just lead to deeper details, great to know - Thanks for this!

Marcin is a very funny person. Within a few minutes he made us comfortable and reassured in his knowledges (the perfect timing at Glockenspiel at the beginning of the tour is the best exemple).
He also set straight his a bit "sarcastic" humour! Fantastic! He is also very open with great background.
100% Approved!
Very nice tour.
It was really nice!
The giude was hihgly professional and new a lot of things. I think we crossed through all the major attractions in the city centrum. Also i enjoyed the feeling that he was sincere about all the places you can eat and drink.
whenever we go to a European city these days we try to take the free walking tour. The guides are usually locals and really work hard to ensure your trip is entertaining, factual and memorable. Adam was no exception. He gave us a fascinating historical overview, studded with myths, legends and traditions. He gave good recommendations for venues to visit and places to eat. We have been to Munich before but didn't really appreciate what the city had to offer. Thank you Adam, we will be back again to visit the places we have missed out on.
Knowledgeable n with great sense of humor
Very enjioyable tour
InMunich Tours like a local with Adam
Great well spent 3 hours, Adam was Professional, Friendly, Informative, no messing around, Great really enjoyed was one of the best walking tours I have done totally recommend
Excellent, Informative, and Funny!
Our walking tour with Marcin was just great! This was the first walking tour of our trip to Europe and we couldn't have been more pleased. Marcin was a phenomenal guide with great historical information that although was on the "beaten path" were certainly facts we had never known about Munich. His attitude was cheeky but never over the line and kept the tour light hearted and interesting.
Great tour!
My friend and I both came from Canada and we had Adam as our guide. He had a great sense of humour and was very knowledgeable about the city. He even stayed behind afterwards to give us some tips about the city and answered our questions about politics and other local topics. Highly recommended!
Adam was great! Highly recommended!!
In other cities we have visited, we have paid for walking tours and received much less service and advice. I found Adam was very knowledgeable and friendly. He kept good pace and was loud enough to hear which can be difficult when there are so many people surrounding you. If you are visiting Munich, go on his walking tour as soon as possible as he gives good recommendations on where to eat too.
I took the tour with Chris and it was really good!! He was very nice and well informed.
Fantastic tour! Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide
Great Tour
Really great in-depth tour of Munich
Maybe the tour was a bit too long
5 stars, no doubt.
I had a fantastic time on the free walking tour around Munich for 2 people on my last visit to Munich in June.
Everything was absolutely fantastic. Our tour guide made the city come to life for us. I now feel like I know some parts of Munich better than my own hometown.
Fantastic tour guide, had extensive knowledge of Munich and its History. Also brought along some images to show us from previous years so we had an idea of what he actually was speaking about! Works on a tip basis so you get to pay what you think the tour is worth - trust me it's worth it!
Thoroughly entertaining.
Our guide, Keith, was splendidly amusing, very informative and enthusiastic.
He answered all questions, even the stupidest, with good grace.
I would unreservedly recommend this tour.
Couldn't have ask for a better tour even if I had pay for it, our guide was so funny and passionate and made everything super interesting, I'm so glad I took this tour I was so impressed! will definitely recommend it to everyone I can ! Thanks guys for doing this amazing tours and bringing so much happiness and amazement to turists!
Best Walking Tour Guide we've EVER had!
Marcin was excellent in telling us about the history of Munich! His recommendation of the beer was absolutely fantastic (best beer we've ever tried) and because of his advice to visit Adechs Kolster my friend and I spent a day in Herssching hiking up a mountain for, you guessed it, more beer.

Marcin, thank you so much for making our trip to Munich excellent!
Fantastic Tour of Munich !!!...
Thank you so much for this great tour, we are so happy and lucky to join this group with a fantastic guide, who loves to tell us so many stories about Munich... He was passionate and very enthousiaste, he went through different subjects from funny stories about beer to the very important history we must not forget, especially in our today's world... The tour was truly fun and profond experience, thank you again !! Pierre from Lille, France
Fantastic Tour
Adam was a wonderful guide. The information he provided about where to eat was invaluable. So glad we did this tour on our first morning. Great sense of humour and lots of cool information. All over excellent!
Fun, Informative Overview of Munich
Katy did a great job showing us the important parts of the city, telling us the history of Munich, and explaining how it shaped its modern-day culture. It was definitely worth it!
Great info and sense of humour
Best walking tour I've been on.
Marcin let our walking tour and it was absolutely fantastic. He is very knowledgable and does a great job explaining the history and politics of Munich in such a fun way. I thought he was so good, I booked his Dachau tour for the next day (which was also very well done). I really can't express enough, how great this tour was.
Great not your regular tour
Really good tour
Interesting! A great way to see the city. Only negative thing I could say is that maybe it was a little long (over three hours). Make sure to go to the bathroom before :)
Couldn't have asked for a better introduction to Munich
Marcin had such a passion for his adopted city, its rich history and culture, that you couldn't help fall a little in love with the Bavarian capital. A very professional, knowledgable and entertaining guide - I'd highly recommend this tour.
Free walking Tour in Munich
100 % recommended . Terrific tour guy, you will know everything about Munich
Free walking Tour in Munich
The is one of the tour I most recommended, not only because it is free, because the tour guy is a excellent , you will get the best information about Munich, History ,Restaurants, Life style, Politics.You will know what to do, and what not to do with you stay in Munich
The guide was excellent..Very engaging, funny, a wide range of topics, excellent structure as it was all linked at the end. My only criticism was that I found the tour itself a bit long especially in the heat.
very informative and interesting
Great Tour
Three and a half hours went by pretty fast. Great tour with a great tour guide. Marc was friendly, Sardonic and very knowledgeable. Would recommend it to anyone! Definitely highlight of our visit.
Excellent tour and guide!
I didn't find the meeting point
"Marienplatz, the tour guides will be wearing white and blue" is not a meeting point precise enough for a place which is overcrowded. Maybe it is easier to find when there is no special event on the platz.
The best!
Don't think it could be improved upon! I learned a lot and was impressed with Marcin's knowledge and ability to share so much in a short amount of time.
Quite nice experience
I used to be a tour guide myself for nine years, I've visited a lot of places in various parts of the continent and I can honestly say that it isn't every day when you meet a guide like Marcin.
Our 3,5-hour tour completely met our expectations as we looked for something interesting and not 'overloaded' with information. History as well as everyday life where shown from various sides, with a good sense of humour and in a very nice English that was not too complicated for non-native speakers.
Worth visiting. Worth recommending.
Our applauses.
Best walking tour in Munich
Thank you Marcain for a wonderful tour of Munich .you covered all the sites with a perfect mix of history ,quirky facts and humour .I have done quite a few city tours and yours was the best.
Fantastic tour!
Had a blast with your guide Adam! He was friendly knowledgeable and a delight to your Munich with! Liked it so much that I booked a tour with him the following day! Highly recommend it! You will not regret it!
Top notch
Excellent tour. A little bit of history, beer and personal anecdotes makes this tour fun and engaging. I have no idea why it is free but cheer.
I would give the tour a 5-star rating. Our guide was Adam. Great walk through downtown Munich with lots of good information about the city, the history and things to do later after the tour.
Five stars.
A very long and informative tour. Loved it and appreciated the tour guide. He was British. Very humorous, whity guide.

The guide was very nice, passionate, told a little bit too much detailed stories.
Quite interesting and informative
Our guide (I think whose name is Adam) provided quite interesting tour. I'm living in Munich for one year and still got a lot of new interesting things from the tour. Histories, myths, recommendation - all were very valuable.
Great way to get to know Munich
Whenever I travel I prefer booking free walking tours because they are usually a lot of fun and you get to decide how much the tour was worth. I usually end up paying more than I would for a regular tour because they are so great! This one was no exception! Almost three and a half hours long, packed with a lot of interesting information, and a great guide with a great sense of humor - I couldn't recommend anything better! Make sure to book it at the beginning of your trip because you'll get a lot of tips about where to eat, drink (!) and what else to visit. Enjoy your time, you won't regret it :)
Learnt a lot!
So glad we signed up for the walking tour. The guide is really knowledgeable with a keen sense of humor!

Highly recommended!
Excellent tour. A good and knowledgeable guide although not sure why we had a break after 2 and a bit hours!

He was witty and tried to interact with all members of the group.
I give a 5 star rating for this tour!
We saw the main historical places and got directions to others farther away. The free map was very helpful and the picture book complemented the explanations really well. Jon did an awesome job, he was very knowledgeable and answered everyone's questions as thoroughly as he could. Thank you! :-)
My husband and I give this tour 5 stars. We had a beautiful day for exploring the city, and our guide, Jon, did a great job of pointing out the interesting bits we would have missed otherwise. Jon also did his best to add humor to the tour, and never seemed rushed or put out even though our tour went nearly an hour longer than scheduled. Thanks for a great introduction to Munich!
I rate the tour 5 stars! It was an excellent tour with amazing facts shared by our tour guide. A definite must do for anyone wanting to know more about the history of Munich and Bavarian culture.
The tour was a 5. The guide John was very informative and entertaining.
It was a great tour!
But of course, it was only free if you don't like your tour guide. Ben was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Munich.
An excellent tour around the city with some fun facts. We could have done with more breaks along way for coffee but I appreciate with a large group this is difficult.
Our guide was Adam from Australia. He was funny and knowledgeable. He put in extra effort in making sure everyone can hear him in the midst of the construction at the Marienplatz. Really appreciate that. 5 stars thank you.
The walking tour was fun and very informative. I would like to give it a 5 star.
I would recommend others to participate in this as well to know more about the city.
A great tour!
We took our Munich walking tour with Scott on 11th March 2016. The tour was great. Scott told us a lot of history about Munich, it's buildings and people. He took us to places that we just wouldn't have seen had we not taken the tour. It was very interesting and informative and we enjoyed our few hours very much.
Five stars!
4,5 stars for the tour. Congrats for the website and the concept, "like a local" helped me make my choices for my short stay in Munich!
5 stars it was cool tour. Very informative I liked it :)
Marcin was an amazing guide and had extensive knowledge about the city historically and culturally. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and we would highly recommend them to other English speakers.
I definitely give this tour a five star rating. Our tour guide Adam was awesome! He really kept interest, and was extremely knowledgeable. We loved this your and will or course be recommending it to everyone! Here are some of the shots we got!
A Great Tour Indeed!
Definitely a 5 Star for the tour. Marcin was our Tour Guide. He is Fantastic and knowledgeable . I enjoyed the tour from start to finish. 3 hours seemed to be gone so fast. At the end of the tour i was so impressed that i ended up with booking the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Trip as well for the next day. That too was very good, lots of information and very very troublesome history, that was kind of overwhelming for me. I would highly recommend this tour. Lastly a BIG Thanks to Marcin for making my trip to Munich memorable.
We had Marcin as a guide. He was fantastic. Had many fun and interesting facts and stories to tell us. He knew so much about the city and we were very glad we found this tour. It was little hard to find the tour group with all the other tours on the Marienplatz as well as the Christmas market booths still up.
Absolutely a 5.
We took our guests the following night to the same places and told them the same stories we'd heard... so hopefully Marcin was accurate :)
Definitely a 5 star tour! Very good job by the tour operator!
Thank you the tour was amazing!
Incredibly engaging, funny, interesting, thoughtful and thorough tour! We ended up paying about 20 euro for it at the end (even though it was free!) because we thought it was so fantastic.
It is definitely 5 stars :)
I'd rate it 5/5. It was extremely enjoyable. The guide was very knowledgeable about various aspects of the city and its history.
5 Stars! ! !
Scott did a superb job in guiding our tour! He was very knowledgable and funny, keeping everybody engaged throughout the day. He made our visit memorable.
Adam very good guide and enjoyed the tour
Our tour was very informative and interesting, Adam did a great job!
Great city, great tour, great guy.
The walking Munich tour with Marcin was fantastic! From start to finish the tour was funny, informative, in-depth without being boring and allowed us to see a side of Munich we wouldn't have known about otherwise. From spotting Klaus the golden chicken in the Marienplatz to learning about the bulletholes in the king's stables, Marcin kept everyone's attention the whole way round, and we continued the tour afterwards by buying him a couple of beers (Augustiner only please!). Great city, great tour, great guy. If you don't sign up for this then you will be missing out – bigtime! Thanks again from Danny and Christine
We really enjoyed the tour!
Our guide - Adam was excellent. He was informative, patient, good natured and he had a good sense of humour and fun. Adam gave us knowledge and an experience we would not of got from a tour-guide book. We would highly recommend this guide tour to everyone. Thank you so much for offering this experience and we loved your city!
Sorry to take so long to do this, but I wanted to say that it was a 5 star tour. The tour guide, Adam, was fantastic. He had a great knowledge of Munich and its history, and was able to put everything into context. He also showed us some great places to eat and drink, in addition to the fantastic sights of central Munich.
Tour was fantastic! Thank you very much for organizing it!
Very informative, had a great time
Adam was great, we learned a lot and enjoyed every minute.
The tour was very well conducted.
SCOTT the tour guide was very informative, polite, helpful & humorous. It was a great Sunday morning spent in Munich with Scott.
Peter was our guide and I would rate him and the tour a 5 - excellent.

He was humorous, informative and made the tour a great introduction to Munich.
Totally worth the time!
The walking tour was amazing and totally worth the time. Marcin was very informative and the concept of carrying the older pictures to help us visualise the original buildings when he described it, was a clear winner! I wish I had done the tour at the start of the trip –Marcin’s suggestions on food and beer were outstanding! Unfortunately I couldn’t explore all of the places suggested since I was running out of time. I wold strongly recommend the tour to all travellers, as it gives us a very good insight into the city. I was thoroughly impressed and would definitely do it again I could.
Thank you.
My wife & I booked a walking tour of Munich, Marcin was our guide & it was very informative, a must for any tourist to Munich as we learned so much in about the three hours the tour took to complete. Definitely a rating of 5 & I would advise any visitor to book with a local tour guide. Unfortunately, I wanted to go to Dachau on Saturday but I was feeling unwell & had to cancel. However, we will be returning in the near future.
I took both the free walking tour and the Dachau memorial tour with these guys. Both tours were very well done and the our guide , Adam was wonderful. We could feel his love and passion for Munich. Dachau was very interesting as well and emotional. The only ‘negative’ comment that I would have is that the time in the museum in Dachau was a little bit too short. But not a big deal.

For these free tours I would mention in bigger print on the prospectus and website that tips are welcome and according with your satisfaction. In my group I am not sure everybody gave Adam a tip for the Dachau tour (About 7 hours of his time) and I was so sad for him.
I've been living in Munich for quite a while, but I always wanted to do a walking tour of the city. I booked this free walking tour when a friend visited me, as she would only stay for the weekend and I wanted her to see as much of Munich as possible. She got excited with the tour and I also learned a lot! Jon was our guide and he was informative and entertaining and he spoke in real English. The latter is a plus! Munich has a multi-layered history and one would need days to cover all of it. Jon though did a great job by giving us a good overview of the history behind the most important sights. I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Munich!
Great experience, learned lots about the history of Munich and was able to see a lot of landmarks in a short period of time.
Your tour is consistent, yet reveals lot of things about Munich. Our tour guide - Jon, if I remembered the name correctly, has an unique style of talking about history, combined by british humor and excellent presentation skills.
The only thing I have as remark is that we were expecting more visible blue-white mark. We were at the spot well on time, standing next to your guys, finally we've joined the tour from the start.
I give the tour a 5.
Adam knew a lot about the city and showed us a great overview of the sights. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for something to do in Munich. I even left knowing a few facts that my friends who live here did not know.
This was beyond what I expected.
My tour guide was Marcin and he offered such a wealth of knowledge, it was almost envy worthy. He even had a folder with googled retrospective images of what Munich used to look like compared to current sites. The tour was long but at the end of it, you really feel you know the heart of this city.
What can I say. This was awesome. The guide was funny, engaging, entertaining, full of knowledge and very patient. Sometimes he would go a bit fast which made it hard to follow the history given the small and many details but other than that it really was incredible.
The tour was great (although it was free).
The guide (Jon) was very informative and humorous.
Definitely he had to learn a lot about the city in order to give the best to the group.
he also gave good advices on a lot of things.
It was fantastic, 5-star rating, we enjoyed it very much.
Wish we had longer time!
Just wanted to say that Marcin did a fantastic job as tour guide, loved the sense of humour and the reality that he brought to his experience of the city. The time flew by and we had a good overview of the history of the city.would thoroughly recommend to any other first time visitors. Just wish we had longer to take in the other tours on offer.
We enjoyed the tour very much. It gave us good insight in the city culture of Münich.
John was an excellent guide!
Clearly spoken, in real English, with a good knowledge of what he was showing us! It was a really good experience - though I would have preferred a 'group' stop for lunch.
We did the Free Walking Tour on our first day in Munich. It was very interesting and informative. Jon our tour guide had a wealth of knowledge of the history of Munich and gave recommendations of the best places to eat and drink. We would highly recommend the tour.
The free walking tour was pretty nice. Adam was a great guide.
Thanks for the inquiry, the tour was amazing! It was very informative, throughout and funny. It was really useful to do a little summarizing in the end so we remember more details than normally after walking tours.
The Free Walking Tour of Munich with Jon was terrific!
He was very knowledgeable, funny, and after spending several days feeling lost not knowing German it was nice to have some English speakers around. I will highly recommend this tour to friends visiting the area. Thank you for offering such a wonderful experience to English speaking travelers!
We enjoyed Jon's tour very much. Actually we left the tour about 2.5 hours in in order to get some lunch, but I would give the tour a 4. It was a little too long for me and I personally needed a place to sit once and awhile while Jon gave background info. Maybe you can find a few spots that would work into the tour route.
It's a great tour!
Adam is fantastic and enthusiastic about the city and German history. We learnt a bit more about the local culture and best beer to taste before we leave :) Highly recommended !
Adam was very funny and helpful explained a lot of things that we had no idea about before.
The tour is such a great way to know the city. Steve our guide is very friendly and happy to answer everyone questions. I think this tour is great for people who have not had much knowledge about Munich and have a good stigma as we stood up at all time during our walking tour. Highly recommend to everyone and his ice cream recommendation is great :)
Jon was my guide and he was very knowledgable and very nice !!! I'd recommend the tour to anybody wishing to visit this amazing city ! thank you so much ! :)
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The guide was very relaxed and knowledgeable, approachable and friendly. The places we saw and the facts he told us were varied in nature and interesting. The tour definitely was a highlight of our time in Munich as it was good to gain an understanding of the city we were in and learn some of its history. The time went very quickly and we felt there we could have continued for longer learning about what was around us in Munich.

Thank you – I would definitely recommend the tour.
My friends and I signed up for the walking tour with Jon and it exceeded our expectations by far. The group was small enough so you could actually hear. Not to mention he was hilarious and knew everything about Munich so it was easy to stay attentive. We loved it and the next day we even came back for the Dachau tour with Jon again. This was also a very informative and eye opening tour and he knows his stuff. I would 100% recommend this to anyone ever traveling to Munich. Thank you!
Super, very insightful and relevant info to get to know the history and up to date city.
5 points to Adam :-)
It was a good tour. Jon, our guide, has good knowledge. He is very friendly and patient. I would definitely recommend this tour for anyone, who wants to spend good time at the heart of Munich. You can learn a lot about Munich through this tour. Thank you very much Jon.
An excellent guided tour of Munich by competent and funny guys that let you enjoy the city and his history in the better way a guide could do, telling stories about the history of the city, the monuments and historical characters in a funny way.
Unfortunately we had to leave the tour after the first 30 minutes because my girlfriend was sick.
I suggest this tour to everyone visiting this city for the first time.
Me and my friends enjoyed very much the tour and we loved Adam!
We had Adam, and he was amazing. He answered all questions, and explained spots that we would usually not even notice.
Our tour was guided by Marcin. We really enjoyed the tour, because the guide was very enthusiastic and has a fun way of telling stories. We were a select group of about 10 tourists, which made the tour very personal.

We recommend the tour to anyone who goes to Munich for the first time, as it gives a good feeling of getting known to the city center. Since the tour is for free, we did not have high expectations, but it was really worth the time.

The tour lasted about 4 hours, instead of 3 hours, this messed up our schedule a little bit, but the tour was great!
guide was excellent. great tour.
4 is our rating.
really great guide with a good sense of humour!
We had Jon as our guide and he was great. He explained various aspects of the city's history while taking us to historical landmarks along the way. He engaged all of us and lead a great tour. Even provided suggestions to places to eat and drink.

Would recommend to anyone.
Great tour, with a fantastic guide. It's a really relaxed, interesting walk around the city. John knew a lot about everything he was showing us and left each stop with all questions answered. He has lived here for a few years now so can also advise you on all the great places to eat, drink and relax. This is the only tour I have ever been on where the guide doesn't try and beg or guilt trip a tip out of you as well, which was refreshing. However he does deserve and is grateful for whatever you give him.
We did the free city tour with Scott, and australian tour guide and it was fantastic, very informative , great mix of history and humour, and a great way to see the city and all it's hidden treasures. Highly recommended . It is free but we gave a tip as it was well deserved and very professionally delivered
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