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Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague

Follow the green fairy! Experience the atmosphere and taste of the magical drink that was an inspiration to many great artists around the world for many years – absinthe.
Duration 2 hours
Private tour available in English, Russian
Private tour pricing from 50 EUR per person
Group tour available in English, Russian
Group tour pricing from 60 EUR per person
As it turns out I was the only person booked on the Green Fairy Absinthe tour, but Natalia was happy to show me around on my own. She had a fantastic knowledge of Prague and Absinthe and the nightlife area from a locals perspective. We got along fantastically as she is just one of those people you can talk to for ever about anything. She is more than just a great guide, I feel like I certainly made a new friend. Can highly highly recommend this tour and any of the others than Natalia hosts.