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The Naked Tour Guide: Prague Castle at Night

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A unique evening tour for those who want to see Prague at its most romantic. Join us for a night-time walk through the castle complex, and enjoy a rare chance to experience the city's most-visited, most-crowded sight without the tourists!

Duration: 2 hours
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  • Enjoy the magical atmosphere of Prague Castle without the crowds
  • Admire the spectacular beauty of St Vitus Cathedral
  • See the bronze reliefs on the doors, which are only visible at night
  • Learn about Charles IV – Prague's most famous king
  • Decode the symbolism of the Last Judgment mosaic
  • Hear the incredible story of the Lobkowicz Palace


This special night-time tour explores Prague Castle when it’s empty, after the museums have closed and the huge crowds of daytime tourists have left.

Your guide will take you through the deserted courtyards, explain the history of the magnificent St Vitus Cathedral, and discuss the lives of the saints, dukes, kings, and presidents who’ve made Prague Castle their home and shaped its history through the ages.

Tour duration: 2 hours

What’s included & not included

  • Small group of up to 8 people
  • Wonderfully knowledgeable and friendly guide
  • Plenty of opportunity to ask lots of questions
  • You’ll need a valid tram ticket at the start of the tour (a ticket costs CZK 24 and can be purchased from your guide)
  • Please note that this tour does not enter the castle’s museums – they’re closed at night

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Meeting point

The statue of Antonín Dvořák opposite the front steps of Rudolfinum Concert Hall

Reviews from travellers (17)


Extremely informative, knowledgeable guide
I really enjoyed learning some of the alternative history that our guide was able to provide during our Prague Castle Tour at Night - when I say alternative I mean: having done a total of three other walking tours up to the point I did this one, I think I enjoyed our tour guide's style the most. I'm just gonna call him Dan, because unfortunately I can't remember his name. "Dan" provided lots of random tidbits and facts that other tour guides left out which made for an all-around more fascinating tour.

If I'm totally wrong about our guide's name, I'll do my best describing him so you can request him too: he is Czech, studied abroad at Princeton, got his degree in history, and does Naked Tours for fun in his spare time. Also, I discovered he was in one of my photos - so yeah, that guy!
Great guides!
Dan kept us engaged and entertained throughout the 2 hr tour. Having a guide taken us through Prague Castle at night made such a big difference. We highly recommend them!
Great tour! Perfect at night without the crowds.
We wanted to see beautiful Prague castle, but were feeling overwhelmed with the crowds everywhere we went, so for our last evening in the city, we booked this tour on a whim. I'm so glad we did.

Dan was a wealth of knowledge, really taking time to explain the historical evolution of the castle to us. The castle at night was almost deserted which really allowed you to soak in the grandeur of it.

I highly recommend this tour! My only regret is that we didn't do it on the day we arrived, as I would have booked more tours through this company if I could have.

Small group tour after sunset
Great tour, I would definitely book the other tours of The Naked Guide if I had more time in Prague.
The guide (Marcus) was incredibly knowledgeable and willing to share. The small group (we were eight plus Marcus) helped to transform the tour more into a dialogue about than a presentation of the sights.
Lots of insights into Czech/Prague history - of course focused on the Prague castle. Marcus explained how history and architecture are connected, how Bohemia/Czech was connected to Europe’s aristocracies.
It is absolutely worth doing the tour as at night, Prague castle was almost empty.
For what we got out of the tour, the price is almost too low. Ergo: it’s a great deal, great tour, great guide. Do it!
Prague Castle Tour
Absolutely a pleasurable tour with expert guidance. Very small group so you have feeling the guys are talking to you. Dan was super
Highly recommend it!
Interesting evening
Great History
We were the only 2 on the tour and it was great. We were underground the city looking at its history. Our guide was enthusiastic and brought so much more depth to Prague. Which is wildly funny because they raised they city because of the flooding.! We really enjoyed it. Thank you.
Excellent tour ! Highly recommended
Our guide was knowledgeable, lovely and helpful at the same time ! Thanks to her we enjoyed the castle away from the bustling crowds. I personally enjoy history and she was well versed with historical aspects of the Castle, Keep up the good work.
Great enthusiastic guide
This night time Tour really gives you a basic understanding of the Castle. The guide was super helpful and informative.
Excellent Walking Tour of Prague Castle at Night
Our guide was knowledgeable and gave us excellent background on the area. It was wonderful being at the Castle when it wasn't crowded.
Really great tour with a very personable and very knowledgable guide!
I did the Prague Castle at Night tour and was really cool! Given how busy Prague is, even in the the winter, I was really attracted to the idea of doing a tour at night after the swarms of people had already left. Aside from our small group we only saw about 5 or 6 other people the whole time we were there.

Marcus' style is very personable and his delivery of the important bits of information is very easy to digest. He's got a great way of linking together events that span centuries and you walk away with a excellent understanding of this city's fascinating history.
Prague Castle at Night Tour was just incredible
We did the tour of the castle at night and the contrast of the view of the castle is just amazing and no people around to really enjoy the outside in a incredible way. The guide was just amazing and knowledgeable of the history. The next day we went into the buildings and it was a great help to know the history of them from the day before.
A non-touristy tour
We took the night at the Prague Castle. Earlier in the day, we visited the castle while it was filled with tourist. I recommend skipping the castle grounds at daytime and just see it at night. It feels magical an experience to stand in front of the glowing St. Vitus Cathedral in the quietness of the night.

Marcus was great. His tour was personal and updated. I wasn't ready too familiar with Prague's history before the visit and this tour is sort of like a lean, no fluff, Prague 101-perfect for your first night in Prague.
I was fortunate enough to go on two tours with these guys while in Prague. I had signed up in advance for the Prague Castle at night tour, and after going on that I immediately arranged to go on the morning tour the following day.

The Prague castle tour was given by Marcus, with myself and one other on tour. It was fabulous. The castle dates back to the earliest settling of Prague, and was a constant feature of the city throughout its history, and Marcus did a great job of bringing the vast history of the place together into a coherent narrative, while also being able to field any question either of us asked. The place is beautiful, and the time of the tour was well chosen to both show off this beauty and ensure there weren't too many others about.

This theme held up equally well in the morning tour, when we got to behold an almost empty Charles' bridge in all its splendour. Our guide this time was Stefan, who was a fantastic guide, taking us from the old town square through to the Charles bridge and the Jewish quarter, and then on for brunch at a lovely spot in the city centre.

I was delighted with my experience, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
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