The Reykjavik city, cover photo


About Reykjavik

A small capital with a vibrant city center. It's the worlds northernmost capital with latitude of at 64°08' N. The capital population is around 120.000 and around 200.000 with whole Greater Reykjavík area. City is believed to be one of the first permanent settlement, dating back to 871 (+/-2) as the nordic settler Ingólfur Arnarson found it suitable for residence. The name "Reykjavík" means "Bay of Smoke" and the original name of "Reykjarvík" lost on of its "R" during the 1300, for unknown reasons. Despite the currently low population, the size of the Greater Reykjavík area is about the size of Rome. The city center is relatively easy to navigate and orient, as the Hallgrímskirkja, church of Hallgrim, can be used as a beacon. Recent years the city have seen major improvement in tourism infrastructure and is now top notch.