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Fast, cheap and devilishly good

Why locals love it

Every locals has an experience with this place. For many it was the final frontier of a adventerous night out on the town. The reason for the attraction is their amazing pizzas. For many, this is the best pizza in downtown Reykjavík.


Why you should visit it

I wouldn't call this nice dining. Actually there are real tables, just a counter with some chairs on it. Despite these disadvantages it's quite a tasty pizza. It's not trying to hard on the interior, as their main effort goes into creating the perfect pizza.

Special tip

Best tip I can give you is to take-away the pizza, as the interior is pretty shabby.

Devitos Pizza
Laugavegur 126

Su: 11:30-01:00

Fr: 10:30-06:00

Mon-Tu: 10:30-01:00

Sa: 11:30-06:00

Th: 10:30-02:00

+354 5112244
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