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Why locals love it

To be honest, locals don't go inside this shop until it is at least 2 months before christmas. It does have beautiful decorations for the christmas-lovers and you'll probably not leave this shop empty-handed.

Why you should visit it

It's lovely little shop where everyday is a christmas day. Ideal way for the christmas fanatics to find their ornaments for their christmas tree and to make christmas a little bit more memorable.

Special tip

Get familiar with the Icelandic christmas traditions. Some of it you may find quite interesting.

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We were in Reykajavik in August 2016 and purchased 4 Santa letters to be sent to the US. Per Anne Helen's instruction, we took the time to write out a note to each child for the Yule Lads to send offering encouragement and congratulations specific to each child. The letters arrived and were terrible FORM letters with just each child's name written in and nothing related to the specific detail we wrote for each child. Total RIP OFF and I'm also notifying the Icelandic Times who did a story on the owner and this shop. Terrible to rip people off in the name of Christmas - YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED ANNE HELEN!!!!! What a jerk.
January 6, 2017
I am horrified at hearing this, and would´ve complained to the respective ministry about their conduct, here is the link: I also have copied and pasted a link to this webpage so everyone can read your comments, here is the link to their facebook page: I knew Anne Helen, when I lived in Iceland, and she should know better than to be dishonest in her dealings with her fellow man, but worst of all, is to disappoint the kids. This is poor performance (I shall have to refrain from expressing it in stronger words as this is in the public domain), I can but pray that she will repent and make amends.
December 11, 2020
So the fact that there was a THIRD party that OWNED the mailbox and MAILED these letters LATE does not matter to you? Now more than 3 years later you have this urge to post this comment section on the Facebook page and spew hate towards my family. Such a christian thing to do dont you think? And the idea that you post links to a ministry tells me that you are a revengefull individual, Why is that? whats wrong? Merry Christmas to you and your family.
December 11, 2020
Do you have an email address for this store? They also never sent me my Christmas ornament that I ordered in August.
January 1, 2017
Hello Michelle. This is their contact e-mail as listed on their facebook page: Calling them during opening hours might also work. The number is +354 552 2412
Local Guru
January 1, 2017
I was in Reykjavik August 2016 and purchased from The Little Christmas Shop 6 Santa letters with gift to the value of 10800kn ($A120 approx.) It is now two weeks from Christmas and no letters or gift. Like any Xmas shop it pulls you in like a moth to the naked flame but be wary because just like the Icelandic Santa and Yule Cat they are waiting to take your money for a Santa letter and gift that will never arrive. Outside the shop is a big red letter box with instructions to write a letter to Santa and a return letter will be sent with a present all this for 1800kn each letter ($A20app) Before I purchased the letters I enquired if the letters and present would be sent to Australia and was informed yes they would so I purchased 6 letters cost 10800kn Now the procedure is 1.You pay your money and all you get is a cash register receipt which if you subsequently hand in to customs to obtain tax refund you no longer have your receipt. So be careful because I think retrospectively this is what they want to happen because you have no proof of purchase. 2.You are then handed detail paper to fill in the child's particulars Name age address friends and a short letter that is to appear 3.You then deposit said letter into Santa's Letter Box outside the store Be wary of this scam and do not pay for these Santa letters PS I also had trouble obtaining tax refund (still waiting on that one will never see that money either) and because of this I have a copy of my receipt no detail just Dept 02 6 x 1800 total 10800T3 I also find it strange that I cannot contact the store direct any reference to the store is through 3rd parties ie Facebook this site Doubt I will ever hear from the store see the letters or a refund for goods not supplied On the off chance you would like to contact me
December 11, 2016
Thank you for the comment and I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the shop. As a moderator for this page (likealocalguide), I'll remove this store from our recommendation in the next few days as this is not the first time I've heard about such things from them.
Local Guru
December 11, 2016
We were in Reykjavik in September 2015 and loved it. We plan to go back. Unfortunately, this was the only store that disappointed us. Not because it's not nice because it is. It's the "mail box to Santa" outside the store. This, to us, is a complete rip-off. We purchased a letter to send to "Santa" from Iceland for our grand-daughter. She was supposed to receive a letter with a small gift for Christmas. We wrote the address ourselves so there wouldn't be any mistake or error. My grand-daughter never received anything. As I write this, it's November 25th, 2016. Maybe this year ? I doubt it. This purchase was not inexpensive so we were very disappointed because my wife had a lot of hope for this special present. We wanted to writethis up on TripAdvisor but there is nowhere to do so since boutiques have no special section. The shop is nice but they should not be allowed to rip off tourists like this. Regards. Jean Pierre Smith, Laval, Quebec, Canada.
Jean Pierre
November 25, 2016
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