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I'm thinking about traveling to Iceland, by myself or with my brother, to camp at the Westman Islands Music Festival... Read more

Don April 25, 2019 answer

We are trying to find accommodation in Snaefallsness, Reykjavik and either Höfn or Vik i Myrdal. Any suggestions? C... Read more

Tiina March 15, 2019 answer

We are planning a trip to Iceland in April. What to do, where to go? We have a car. We love exploring and see new ... Read more

Tiina March 10, 2019 answer

Hello ^_^7 I'm planning a trip to Iceland on March! While searching for some Iceland's spots, I found a spot in Akra... Read more

우찬 February 21, 2019 answer

Hello:) we will be there the first week of March. We have our own car, would be so awesome & grateful if you could po... Read more

Justin January 20, 2019 answer

we are 7 Belgians, visiting Iceland from Jan 23th till 30th. We have to be at the airport at 5AM on the 30th so we we... Read more

Peter January 13, 2019 answer

In what month do the boat sightseeing tours begin in Reykjavik?

Nicholas December 31, 2018 answer

Good evening, My aunt and I are traveling from February 9th to the 12th. We are staying at the Galaxy Pod. I don’... Read more

Karine December 17, 2018 answer

Hi I'm travelling to Iceland on Saturday, I'm staying in Hafnarfjordur, my question is, is public transport to Reykja... Read more

Laura December 6, 2018 answer

I am going in January to Iceland, and I would love to go out at night. I love electronic and dance music. Which are t... Read more

Marian November 21, 2018 answer

My wife got one in Reykjavik when we were there and unfortunately it has been lost.

Tim November 14, 2018 answer

Hi! Every article ever say you should not drive in winter. Is it because of the condition of the roads? We are used t... Read more

Maria November 6, 2018 answer

Is it worth the 40 euros or are the other ones around similar?

Hasan September 9, 2018 answer

Where is the best area to stay that is near the best city life but you can also take public transport to the airport?... Read more

Hasan September 7, 2018 answer

I will be visiting Reykjavik in a few days. I'm really interested in modern art, design and shopping local designers

Janet August 20, 2018 answer

Hi, I am planning a trip to Iceland in september and I'd like to learn a bit of icelandic before hand. Also, if an... Read more

Hello, we are planning to get married in the chruch in Lithuania. But my lovely fiance dont have anything except chr... Read more

Dovilė July 2, 2018 answer

We are landing in Reykjvic in mid July and are looking for a pub where we can meet locals and have a good time on our... Read more

Johnathon June 30, 2018 answer

Hope you guys can help. Read a lot of articles on best restaurant to try Lobster but the locals always know best. Can... Read more

Johnathon June 30, 2018 answer

Hello there! I will be traveling solo saturday 6/30 and sunday before I head out for a 5 day Laugavegur trek and wou... Read more

Carlos June 25, 2018 answer

Looking for a few delicious & trendy restaurants for a large group (about 40) that won't break the bank. We will be c... Read more

lori June 11, 2018 answer

I am wanting to visit iceland in january, i am just looking for ideas sround is this a good time to visit how to get ... Read more

james June 10, 2018 answer

My husband, two kids (18 and 14) will be in Iceland for 10 days in June. I’ve some some research regarding reasonably... Read more

Gillian May 31, 2018 answer

We’re going to be in Iceland starting June 7th. Do we need to wear heavy winter coats or will lighter jackets with la... Read more

Gillian May 29, 2018 answer

I took a picture of a sign detailing this battle, and read it at the time, but have forgotten the details. I cannot ... Read more

Gloria May 11, 2018 answer

Hello, my name is Christine and I will be in Iceland for several days in May/June. I will be based in Reykjavik f... Read more

Hi guys! I'm researching for my 19 hour layover in June and I will be there a Sunday. My hostel is near the Klamb... Read more

I am wanting to ship some freeze-dried meals to have while backpacking. I don't know if there's a place I can ship to... Read more

Lauren April 22, 2018 answer

What is the best tour option I could have starting from grindavik, then southcoasting to selfoss and then kerid and f... Read more

Fernando April 11, 2018 answer

is this app available for my Samsung?

Michelle April 7, 2018 answer

Hello guys, I am planning a trip to Iceland soon. I would like to know if there is any affordable place in Reykjavi... Read more

Thomas March 9, 2018 answer

Is there any shops open in Easter (28-31mar) And what about the restaurants? Rgda Maria

Maria March 6, 2018 answer

My wife and I will be visiting in early June and would really like to attend the Iceland v. Norway football match on ... Read more

Ryan March 6, 2018 answer

I'm going in July! Which hikes and spots did you enjoy the most? Tips for planning my itinerary?

Miche March 2, 2018 answer

Quite a few 2for1 deals that seem useful!

Radhika March 2, 2018 answer

.. or would you recommend Nova over this? We’ll be usung data with minimal local calling and almost no texting.

Radhika March 2, 2018 answer

Please contact us 5511999044079. We are arriving tonight and we would love to see the town, explore local food and se... Read more

Cíntia February 26, 2018 answer

Would have loved to pick these up before coming but they're unfortunately not easily available in India. Is there som... Read more

Radhika February 24, 2018 answer

My friend and I came to Iceland at a very inopportune time in terms of weather... We've really tried to see the sight... Read more

Savanna February 23, 2018 answer

Hello, maybe someone knows about winter sports?? I saw the site , the place is near Reyknavik, ant it cost about 3000... Read more

Dovilė February 22, 2018 answer

1st day in Reykjavik and we fancy dinner out this evening. We have and 8 yr old, a budget and hungry bellies, any rec... Read more

Emma February 18, 2018 answer

and what is the favourite brand? and also, how much for 50g of rolling tobacco? and what is the favourite brand?

Dane February 5, 2018 answer

e.g. paying the full cash price? Or do they go online to find cheaper deals?

Dane February 5, 2018 answer

If so, when and where? and are market-sellers sometimes interested in buying as well as selling?

Dane January 29, 2018 answer

..but are hard to find or very expensive in Iceland?

Dane January 29, 2018 answer

I am particularly thinking of products that are small and/or lightweight.

Dane January 29, 2018 answer

Any tips of cheap accommodation for a family of 6 in Reykjavik, Egilsstaðir and Hofn? Thanks!

Mariana January 26, 2018 answer

A girl told me a shop near Hagkaup working 24hours, and across the street is the shop with green title from letter G.... Read more

Dovilė January 10, 2018 answer

My sisters and I are traveling to Iceland March 29-April 5. I understand that this is over the Easter holidays - woul... Read more

Kelly January 8, 2018 answer

My mom and I will be in Reykjavik in early March. We are planning on doing a day tour while there. Would you recommen... Read more

Kristin January 8, 2018 answer

Is everything closed on Sundays or closed early? 19 hour layover there and I'm wondering if i'll be able to do anythi... Read more

Nathalie December 31, 2017 answer

My boyfriend and I are going in June and will only be there because of a 19 hour layover so we want to make the best... Read more

Nathalie December 31, 2017 answer

In Iceland 31 Dec to Jan 7 2018 and hoping to book some 'must see' day trips but are the longer day trips seeing a fe... Read more

Yael December 29, 2017 answer

Arriving that day, will food stores be open?

Ted December 21, 2017 answer

Hi there. We will be in Reykjavik in January and I was wondering if most place accept card payments (restaurants/cafe... Read more

Cara December 17, 2017 answer

Hello, We will be in Iceland between 13-18 of Feb. I thought that Golden circle and sout part of Iceland tours a... Read more

Busra December 6, 2017 answer

Hi, can anyone recommend me a nice fancy (not too much) restaurant to celebrate a birthday? Thanks.

Gal December 3, 2017 answer

Hihi...I need to buy souvenirs where it's cheap.. can someone tell me where?

Norriaty November 29, 2017 answer

Hi, I would like to know the dates of the Yule Town at Ingólfstorg. Thanks.

Gal November 20, 2017 answer

I am visiting Iceland in mid March. Was wondering if it is possible/safe to drive entire ring road. Also, I have a gr... Read more

Brandon November 13, 2017 answer

I'm a San Francisco Witch interested in everything to do with pre-christian Pagan culture... runes, magic, and so fo... Read more

Deborah November 12, 2017 answer

Hi My husband and i are planning our first ever trip to iceland to celebrate our 2nd anniversary and my 30th birth... Read more

Akanksha November 12, 2017 answer

Hey everyone! Maybe you could tell me where to buy new and maybe cheap shoes for the winter ? I'm young (20) and want... Read more

Dovilė November 11, 2017 answer

I don't have driving licence and trip to there via public transport takes too much time. I would like to visit on bla... Read more

Tiina October 29, 2017 answer

If I travel to Iceland in September, is there much difference in weather (temperature) between the beginning and end ... Read more

Michael October 23, 2017 answer

Any recommendations for quick sightseeing that is easily accessible from the airport? Would like to see a bit of Icel... Read more

Sara October 22, 2017 answer

Hi, is there a way to see the active geyser without self driving or using a golden circle tour? We'll be travelling w... Read more

Laura September 3, 2017 answer

Hi, is there a way to see the active geyser without self driving or using a golden circle tour? We'll be travelling w... Read more

Laura September 3, 2017 answer

Hello! I've decided to move to the Iceland at the end of this year. Since then, I'm looking for possibilities of wor... Read more

Filip August 20, 2017 answer

September 6-9, me and a friend are looking to do some trail running.

Mark August 10, 2017 answer

We just went to Kringlan but its closed today.

Rebecca August 7, 2017 answer

We have two fully days in Reykjavik, what would you recommend?

Rebecca August 5, 2017 answer

Can somebody tell me what it coast to stay at Reykjavik Campsite for 3 night? We are two people with a camper van. A... Read more

Rebecca August 5, 2017 answer

Myself, hubby and 18 yr old are staying in the Skuggi hotel for 4 nights. We have the Golden Circle booked for our fi... Read more

Anna August 5, 2017 answer

Are There any bars downtown Reykjavik that has shuffleboard?

Ole July 8, 2017 answer

Will be in Iceland from 29th June till 9th July and I can offer some photo session, if somebody is interested. Port... Read more

Agy June 26, 2017 answer

Is there anyone in Reykjavik that has a foldable toddler travel bed, a kind that suits a 15-month old, and wouldn't m... Read more

Ülane June 24, 2017 answer

I will be traveling ring road for seven nights starting June 28 in a 2 Wheel Dr. camper van. Are there any suggested... Read more

Scott June 19, 2017 answer

I'm coming to Reykjavik tomorrow and will be there June 1-2. I won't have a car for the two days but I would love to ... Read more

Meghan May 31, 2017 answer

I am going to Reykjavik in june and really want ti hike in beautyfull Esja. Is there some organized trips or have you... Read more

Lisa May 17, 2017 answer

Is there any place in Reykjavik where we can rent a few cheap acoustic guitars?

Jukka May 5, 2017 answer

What should I wear in May ? Are there any Gay Bars in Reykjavik?? That I should not miss.

Aldo April 20, 2017 answer

16 people - on a Friday Approx $50 per person or less

Amber March 20, 2017 answer

I'm booked on a couple day tours from Reykjavik and I'd like to bring my lunch. Where can I order a boxed lunch for e... Read more

Aingeal March 11, 2017 answer

Good vibrant places to eat and drink that are reasonably priced

Hello! We are going to be staying in Reykjavik for a two-night stopover in June, with our two children (6yo and 8yo).... Read more

Karen January 31, 2017 answer

Hiya - As part of my preparation for a trip, i am always into getting to know history of the places i visit and th... Read more

Alexandra January 17, 2017 answer

I'm planning to go to Reykjavik in March and I'm curious as to how I should pack? I'm not planning on leaving the cit... Read more

Red December 28, 2016 answer

Somehow none of our party of 10 made reservations for dinner on NYE. Anyone have any suggestions. Early is fine. Anyt... Read more

Rob December 27, 2016 answer

Hi all! I'm looking to bring back something for my partner. He likes viking-type things, so I was thinking of gettin... Read more

Sammi December 1, 2016 answer

I have hired a car during the time I will be in Iceland and I want to visit the attractions such as the golden circle... Read more

Maddy November 17, 2016 answer

Hi I am looking to find a relatively cheap Northern Lights tour that people have enjoyed?

Maddy October 27, 2016 answer

Heading over to Reykjavik this Saturday with friends until Wednesday. Not gonna be doing too much touristy stuff but ... Read more

Barra September 15, 2016 answer

hi we are planning a trip january 2017 and are wondering will accessibility to certain parts of the country be affect... Read more

Keith September 3, 2016 answer

Besides the Flybus, are there other ways to get to Reykjavik (I heard cabs/taxis are more pricey, so not an option fo... Read more

Howard August 2, 2016 answer

Thinking of renting a motor home, but not sure which rental place is good, or if that's a good idea. There will be fo... Read more

Howard July 28, 2016 answer

We're a family of four and looking at exploring Iceland mid August for a week, where we'll drive around (my goal to d... Read more

Howard July 20, 2016 answer

So having found out that it will be 3x the cost of food back home, I'm open for any pointers for places to buy grocer... Read more

Howard July 18, 2016 answer

How many days would be enough to get the overall experience? I will be traveling with my two kids (9 YO and 10 YO... Read more

Howard July 18, 2016 answer

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