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This was a super fun tour with 3 guides for our group of 12. We got a taste of different nightlife around the city and a discount at each stop. The walking distance was minimal. Eat before you go...there’s no food stops and we had a lot to drink!!!
Reykjavík Pub Crawl
Meet some great people
Reykjavík Pub Crawl
An amazing way to start off our vacation in Reykjavik. Met some cool people from all over the world that my wife and I continued to hang out with after the pub crawl was done. You will not regret Lebowski bar by the way. "E" was a phenomenal host and he introduced us to the beautiful city and bars of Reykjavik in a way that left us in awe, and yearning for more.
The Reykjavík Bar Crawl
I did the Food and Bar Crawl
I had a great time on the food tour as well as the bar crawl. It was a great way to meet new people who were also traveling to Reykjavik and share stories. The white Russian with Coco Puffs at the Lebowski Bar is highly recommended!
The Reykjavík Bar Crawl
Expensive (everything in Iceland is), but worth it!
A friend of mine and I went on both the beer tour and the food tour; both were excellent! The beer tour included 4 bars, 3 full-size glasses of beer, 8 tasting sized beers, and a shot of Brennivin. On top of that, we got an excellent history lesson on beer in Iceland. The nerd in me loved it! Our food tour was equally excellent. I think we had 6 different food stops and a lot of traditional food that I would never have found on my own. If you're concerned about the cost, just suck it up and book it, and be prepared for everything to be expensive in Iceland. Iceland is generally kind of like taking a vacation at a ballpark...a $3 beer in the US is $10 in Iceland.
The Reykjavík Bar Crawl
Fun time drinking through Reykjavik
The guides were great, teaching us lots of interesting facts about living in Iceland. The pub variety was nice, starting in a craft beer bar and moving through various local spots, sampling cocktails and liquors. Try the Tópas!
Reykjavík Pub Crawl
An amazing pub crawl!
The Pub Crawl was relaxed and friendly - a perfect opportunity to meet other revellers and enjoy good music and good beer. We may have pooped out a bit early but only because of the rigors of travel! The staff of CityWalk did an excellent job of making sure each participant was comfortable and included.
Reykjavík Pub Crawl

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