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Our famous 2-hour walking tour focuses on the history of Iceland, Reykjavík’s evolution as a city and Icelandic culture in general. It’s presented in an informative and entertaining way by English-speaking Icelanders and history majors. You can pay as you please after the tour.

Duration: 2 hours
    Available in
  • English,
  • Spanish
We did this free walking tour on the 7th March.Tomos our guide was very well informed and knowledgeable on the history culture and current affairs of Reykjavik and Iceland in general.
He was very entertaining and kept things light but still got the important facts over.
Definitely recommend this tour to anyone wanting to get a good locals view of the city.
We gave a moderate tip but noticed many people on the tour legged it at the end without giving any tip. Come on guys considering the cost of everything in Iceland 1000Krona isn't much for two hours of great infotainment.
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  • Pass the 19th-century House of Parliament
  • Learn some local history at the Arnarhóll public park
  • See the Tjörnin lake in the centre of the city
  • Admire the award-winning Harpa Concert Hall
  • Wander the streets of the historical Grjótaþorpið district
  • Visit Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík – one of the oldest schools in Iceland


The famous two hour walking tour focuses on the history of Iceland, the evolution of Reykjavík as a town and Icelandic culture in general, laid out in an informative and comic way by either Marteinn (Martin), Eiríkur (Eric), Sara (Sarah), Jóhannes (Joe) or Tómas (Tom) english speaking Icelanders and history majors.

This tour has no fixed price, instead it runs on the great Free Walking Tour model found allover the world where each participant sets the price of the tour afterwards instead of in advance. As a result, the guide relies solely on your contribution and works hard for his share in the donations.

The "Free" classic tour departs multiple times a day all year around. Occasionally on holidays we take a day off.

This tour is completely non-commercial and non-sponsored. There are no meals included, there’s no shopping involved and there will be no toilet breaks or food stops. In the case of bad weather, construction, parades etc., the route will be adjusted accordingly. Indoor stops are frequent in winter.

The total walking distance is around 2 kilometres.

We've only open for bookings for one week at a time.

What’s included & not included

  • Friendly and professional English-speaking guide
  • Coffee or lunch breaks

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Reviews from travellers (73)


Riveting Reykjavik Tour
Very informative and friendly guide. Highly recommend!
Great tour!
I enjoyed this tour! Our guide was very knowledgeable!
Nice guide, joking all the time
Since the tour was not focused on main touristic attractions, we would have loved to have more of northern myths.
Reykjavik in a Snapshot
We were apart of the English tour with Thomas and he was amazing, got see lots of Reykjavik and learnt lots. Definitely a must do at the start of your trip.
Friendly guide
This was a nice tour.
Very informative and well presented
2 hour tour of the city centre. Lots of interesting facts on the country, culture and history. Would recommend.
Erik was awesome !
Great tour filled with awesome facts about Iceland. So happy we did this & our guide Erik was the absloulte best!!!
Ty again!!
heard a lot about reykjavik
we enjoyed it and learnt some things about reykjavik but the tour didn't go to as many sights as i expected
its worth doing but dont have too high an expectation
Nice to get insights from locals
Brilliant! Highly recommend
Great walking tour!
Eric was amazing he was very informative this was one of our favorite tours!
Great fun tour
Great Introduction to Reykjavik
We took this tour on our first morning in Iceland. The guide was excellent with a good sense of humour that kept the tour interesting.
He provided some good inside knowledge regarding where too hop, eat etc.
I would highly recommend the tour.
Great free tour
Enjoyable tour that allow you yo learn all about Reikiavik! History and curiosities were explained!
Awesome tour!
Free walking tour was enjoyable.
Nanna was very informative and funny
We.loved the tour and learn a few things about iceland culture,history,schools and medicine. Thank you Nanna glad we finally had a sunny day!
Nanna also for spending a.few.minutes answering a few traveling.questions
Excellent walking tour
Eric provided an entertaining and informative walk through the history of the city and Icelanders.
Eric was very funny, friendly and informative. Answered all questions. Made the tour fun. Enjoyed it. Highly recommended!
great time sharing with real kind people
Great tour!
The guide didn't turned up
We booked a tour for 11am, we showed up in time waited 15 min but no guide arrived. Utterly disappointing
Spanish group
I can recommend this tour to everyone! Is so interesting and our guide was excellent!
Well spent walking tour
Eric was very knowledgeable. Without the tour we could have missed some local spots and understanding the history behind them. Great way to learn about Reykjavik/Iceland.
excellent tour
Loved this tour. the guide was very knowledgeable and the timings were excellent. They do not charge per se but ask for donations. There is no pressure to give but the tour is so good it would be rude not to!

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this tour.
Just what you need to know about Reykjavik in 2 hours
I had an amazing time with the tour guy, he explained everything in a simple manner and showed us the most important sites in the city. I really enjoyed it and fully recommended to everyone that visit the city.
Fabulous into to Iceland!
Had the most wonderful tour and great introduction to Iceland! Our guide Thomas, was exceptionally knowledgeable, a great story teller and bought everything to life. Discovered so much about Reykjavik.
Really good tour
Our guide was Eric, would highly recommend the tour!
I would recomend the tour to everyone.
Reykjavik (not than) well-known
Having been an Iceland lover for years, I was afraid that the information I would get during the Walking Tour are basic and addressed to "typical" tourists. I was surprised that our guide, Tómas, was not only shrewd and funny but also told us many things I have never heard before. I regret that I was not able to stay till the end of the tour, but it was a real good experience. Thanks!
Amazing tour
Eirik was the best guide we could have. He had humour, speaked with a loud voice and clear accent and we’ve learned so many interesting things about the culture of Iceland and the city of Reykjavic. I strongly recommend this tour, especially during your first days in the capital since you’re given a list of things to do, places to visit and hints for hunting the northen lights.
An excellent insight
The tour was very enjoyable, a knowledgeable guide who added commentary on many aspects of Icelandic culture. By the end of the tour I felt I knew more than any guide book or non Icelandic guide could have provided. Thank you
Essential Reykjavik
Our guide, Erik, was the best! He showed us all of the essential spots in Reykjavik while providing stops in City Hall and Harpa to warm up. Best tour in town and a must to complete your visit.
I was just in for ten hours on a layover and decided to go on a tour to get to know the city. I was presently surprised about the guide (Sarah?) and her great enthusiasm and I enjoyed getting to know more about the silly and inspiring history and present of Iceland.
Fantastic tour
Erik was a great guy, positive, enthusiastic, intelligent, and with very interesting information about places we visited. I learned about Reykjavík history, anecdotes of streets, neighborhoods, houses, natives. After the tour, I could explain to others (foreigners and natives too) what I learned about the city. Highly recommended!
Our tour guide was Erik - a very funny guy!!! Tour was informative and interesting, easy place to meet. WE could ask him any tourists' questions we had and Erik would have an answer for it. Truly enjoyed it!
Excellent tour
We decided to take this tour on our 1st morning in Rekyajavik...and very glad we did. This was a great way to see most of the city's highlights and plan where to go and what to do for the rest of our stay.
Pace was comfortable for all.
Our guide (sorry, it was 6maths ago and i can'take remember his name) was very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend anyone to take this tour - and please tip as you see fit.
Fantastic--inforative, entertaining, just plain fu
Superb Walking tour
We went on the Reykjavik 'Free' Walking Tour in Feb 2017 and were so pleased that we did. Joe was our guide and he really made the experience very enjoyable. He was extremely knowledgeable, witty and made the tour very interesting. We attended the Tour on our first morning in Reykjavik which just happened to be the day when over 80 cm of snow had fallen during the previous night! The tour still went ahead (other tours by other companies got cancelled) and was fun with all of the snow. We learned such a lot from Joe that morning and this saved us loads of time during our holiday as we could put our knowledge to good use. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone visiting the beautiful city of Reykjavik to book up for this tour.
Learned a lot of history, had good walk, and saw some interesting sights. Our guide was outstanding.
Great activity for my first day in Reykjavik!
Guide was great! Tour was a good pace!
Guide was great
Patient, clear, knowledgeable, funny
Deeds (Disa?) was terrific. Tour was great.
A terrific introduction to Reykjavik and Iceland
We loved this tour -- learned about history, language, customs, popular culture. Thomas was great about answering questions. The "free" designation is good marketing. I suspect it attracts more patrons who happily fork over money when they experience the high quality.
5 star
decent tour
must do tour
Fun and informative
Very informative.
Would have preferred a smaller group, but was very informative and entertaining at the same time.
Well worth booking this, especially if on a short break in Iceland
Johannes was entertaining, informative and just a nice guy. Pace of the tour was good, and his knowledge of Iceland's history, culture and economic development was comprehensive and pitched to us at just the right level. Would definitely recommend these tours as a great way of learning much about Iceland in a short time - Johannes was also happy to answer individual queries and signpost us to other places of interest. We laughed a lot. Good stuff.
Great tour!
Don't miss this tour! It gives you a good idea of your surroundings especially when you first arrive in Reykjavik. Guide was funny and entertaining.
Reykjavik great free tour
We did this free walking tour on the 7th March.Tomos our guide was very well informed and knowledgeable on the history culture and current affairs of Reykjavik and Iceland in general.
He was very entertaining and kept things light but still got the important facts over.
Definitely recommend this tour to anyone wanting to get a good locals view of the city.
We gave a moderate tip but noticed many people on the tour legged it at the end without giving any tip. Come on guys considering the cost of everything in Iceland 1000Krona isn't much for two hours of great infotainment.
Great local info
An informative and fun tour round Reykjavik - thanks so much Jo.
Your humour was great and much appreciated, local info and little snippets are always so much better than the sometimes more formal tour guides and we love this system, having used it in other cities before.
Thoroughly recommend this.
Tour with Johannes
We took the walking tour around Reykjavik with Johannes. It was so informative and interesting. Would definitely recommend to other tourists.
Fun and informative
Our guide Erik, gave a good overall background to Iceland, Reykjavik and the Icelandic psyche. A great walking tour.
Great Tour
Jóhannes was a great guide - he made the tour both informative and fun - well worth doing when you first arrive.
Informative walk!
Great local info
The guide (Sara) was great, lots of local info about all the places we walked round. She did say that she was going to send us an email with this info in, but we haven't had this yet.
Great entertaining tour!
I had Johannes as a tourguide and he did a great job of telling us about the Icelandic and downtown Reyjkjavic history. Would definitely do again!!
A great insight into the Reykjavik and Iceland
Thoroughly enjoyed our walking tour at the end of January 2017 with our tour guide Erik. He was very friendly, well-informed and gave us a great insight into life in Reykjavik and the history behind the city. Particularly enjoyed that he gave us a mix of outdoor and indoor locations which we appreciated in the rain! The length of the tour was perfect and the information on Reykjavik he gave us at the end was very useful. Would highly recommend doing this tour, at the beginning of your trip if possible.
Very good and informative
Johannes was great!! Two thumbs up!
My husband and I went on this tour on our first day in Iceland and thoroughly enjoyed it. Our guide was so knowledgeable about the history of Iceland and Reykjavik and he inserted some humor as well. It was also a really great way to get to know our way around the city. I highly recommend this tour.
Fun tour!
well paced tour, informational tour and a pleasent guide! all in all would totally recommend this tour to anyone new in town :)
Great walking tour of Reykjavik
The free walking tour in Reykjavik was great, I would rate it with 4 stars without a doubt.
You were amazing! 5/5
5 stars!
The tour was great, I'm very glad I took it at the beginning of my trip since it helped me understand the city, a bit of the Icelandic mindset and the history of the country that influenced both. Sara, our tour guide, was respectful, knowledgeable and funny. I'd recommend it to any first timers!
5 star, funny, interesting tour with a nice guide of what everyday life is like in Iceland. Beer mittens are a great idea :)
We went on this tour our last morning in Reykjavic and wished we had done it earlier in our visit because of all the information we received.

Our guide, Eric, was very interesting and energetic as he led us around the inner city while providing overviews of Icelandic history and education. The 2 hours flew by in spite of the rain. Eric also provided some interesting insights into their culture and a few money saving tips. In addition, if you give him your email at the end of the tour, you get an email full of things to do, places to eat, etc.

We have done free walks in other cities and enjoy them, not because they are free, but because the guides who are working for tips work so hard to make sure that you enjoy them. This was one of the best.
Eric has a lovely sense of humour and really knows his stuff. Great introduction to Reykjavik and Iceland, gives you an insight into the history and the way of life and full of tips to make the most of your trip there. Interesting and fun for all the family.
Had a walking tour of Reykjavik today with Eiríkur and it was just awesome. Eiríkur was very funny but also very informative. He gave heaps of information about Reykjavik and Iceland, the local people and culture. Also told us some great tips on what to see and do around Reykjavik. Would really recommend this tour. Especially do it when you first get to Reykjavik to get your bearings of the place.
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