Riga at Night Kayak Tour

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Kayak along the Daugava River and the Riga canal at night when the city’s landmarks are beautifully illuminated. This tour is a perfect mix of relaxation, picturesque views, a dreamy atmosphere, and good company. Join us and experience Riga from the water!

Duration: 3 hours
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  • Enjoy panoramic views of Old Riga from the water
  • Cruise past the eerily illuminated Riga Port
  • See Riga’s monuments and bridges dazzling in the night
  • Admire the city’s sights from a totally different perspective


Our Riga at Night Kayak Tour is our most popular tour, not only with visitors but also with our guides!

Join us on the water and admire the city from a totally different perspective. We’ll kayak along the Daugava River and the canal at night when another face of Riga reveals itself.

You’ll see illuminated bridges and fountains, many lovely parks, famous Riga landmarks, and maybe even a few beaver families who call the canal home.

Take the chance to embrace nature in the very heart of Riga. Fresh air, a bit of physical activity, and stunning surroundings are guaranteed to make you feel relaxed and recharged.

Please note that the total distance is 8 kilometres.

What’s included & not included

  • Friendly and professional guide
  • Transport from St Peter’s Church to the starting point and back
  • Kayak and paddles
  • Life jacket
  • Waterproof bag for your belongings

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St Peter's Church entrance

Reviews from travellers (49)


Brilliant time learning to kayak and seeing the sights!!
Fun activity with in a beautiful and relaxed sorrounding
See how Tiga is at night from a totally different kind of perspective
Guide was rude
The kayak tour was both great and beautiful but our guide was not. He seamed to be irritateded the hole time but we were just usual tourists. We didn't Do anything wrong. Om time we thougt he wanted to have our help with getting the paddel, the he shouted at us "get out of my territory" It didn't feel so good when we just wanted to had a good time. He was like that the hole trip. We really loved to kayaking at night but I will never rekomend this man.
Nice tour
Nice tour, special guide
The tour itself I would recommend, it is something very particular to do in Riga. Bridges are illuminated and you actually paddle on the river and through the canal. Our guide was very knowledgeable when it came to Riga history and paddling itself. However there are some cons to this trip: When it is 13° at night, I do not necessarily need history information about Riga. At this time of year the trip could start much earlier, so it doesn’t end at 1:15 at night and you can be earlier on the river than 11:15 after a lot of logistics and explanation on how to use the kayak. The guide itself treated us Very dominantly and “military style”, which I personally found inappropriate. We have been customers and I hope he learns to be customer oriented soon
Great experience
Had a great time kayaking through the city. I’d recommend for sure

We followed the map from the website and ended up waiting outside the wrong side of St Peters For a bit...the guide didn’t seem too happy we were late 🙊
But we got there eventually!

It’s a nice interesting way to spend a few hours in a new city!
Brilliant way to see night time Riga
I would highly recommend this activity. Our guide was excellent and great with me and my friend who had some navigation issues at first with the kayak but once we got the hang of it then it was great. You are picked up from St. Peter’s and given a full explanation about the kayak and where you will go. I felt really safe during the whole tour and in control of the kayak. We saw Riga in a completely different light and got to see beavers along the canal. My one thing I would say is if you are not interested in kayaking or think you will tire easily then this may not be the trip for you. My friend had never kayaked before and has no upper body strength whatsoever and she found it hard.
You should definitely add this to your to do list whilst in Riga.
Awesome Riga Tour on water
We loved the tour on the river, first we thought that it will be too hard for our hands but eventually it was fun and interesting. The guide was professional and had lot of interesting facts to tell us. Loved the jokes about Estonians and Latvians :) I know that some people have told that the tour was to long for the, yes we finished 1:20 but it was worth it, we loved every moment of this tour. So if you are going to book this tour, to not tell your friend that you are coming to the club with them ;)

Best regards
Great tour guide if you are into dry humor
I am from Latvia and I understand our dry and semi-snippy humor.
The tour was great and the tour guide was even better. My boyfriend and I took the tour last Monday evening and it was a great time. You can paddle at your own pace and the guide will stop throughout the tour and wait for everyone to get there and talk about different locations. However, the tour guide does have a dry humor and some people might not get it. We would give this tour 10/10 -would definitely recommend.
Nice tour, long instruction
On the first day we actually booked the tour it was raining and heavy thunder.
At first the guy wanted to go ahead and still do the tour, but we declined.
We were able to reschedule for free to do the tour the next day.

The day after the weather was much better so we went on the kayaktour.
The instruction was really long and way to detailed.
The tour it self was quite nice with beautifull lights!

We were provided with free lifejackets and drybags to put our stuff in.

The tour was nice, but our instructor was a bit grumpy and negative but knew a lot about the city and kayaking.
Interesting perspective of Riga
This was an interesting way to see Riga. Make sure you are ready to kayak 8km as it does get tiring by the end. Overall, great time had by all.
Highlight of the Trip
My experience with the Night Kayak Tour through Riga's canals was one of the highlights of my trip to the city. Fresh air, a good workout, great company, and some notes on the city's history made the experience memorable.

The tour is friendly towards beginner and new kayakers. Keep in mind that the tour does take a couple hours, so be prepared for an arm workout. That being said, the pace of the tour adjusts to the speed of the participants, so there is no pressure to race through.

All in all, I would highly recommend Riga Night Kayak Tour to anyone looking for a unique tour of Latvia's capital.
magical experience
Well organised Really good instruction. Interesting snippets of history and stories. Seeing the city by night is actually different experience really enjoyable. Our group was 11 people and 1 guide. We were in double or triple canoes. The guide was very experienced and kept the group together. We were given drybags and lifejackets and taken back to the drop off point highly recommend it. We were experienced canoists and the evening was perfect the river was totally still no wind.
Really cool experience
Had a great night kayaking trough the canals of riga, seeing all the buildings lit up beautiful and with some exclusive spots in town. Long story short: it was amazing
Daugava and Riga canals at night!
This is a chance to explore the old city's perimeter on a boat, and it's clearly illustrative of the medieval maritime city's life while being a thrilling adventure. This was my first kayaking in the night, and the lit canals are a great photo op. The tour guide was a very experienced hand and very accommodative. It was a great experience, thanks!
not good organized/ underequiped
The giy came with a damaged car to pick up 24 students. So he had to drive six times to get us into place. As he was totally unorganized it topk to mong to advice. But for the unorganized thing he blamed very good listening students not to pay attention. Finally at the water everything went well, as we were there with a good group of students. It was very exhaustong for those who were not used to do sports. At the end he forced young girls allone in the car to bring em back to St. Petris- without anyboyy warching them.
The tour is an adventure but because of the bad organization nothing for big groups or student tours.
A really cool kayak tour
It wa a first and great experience to kayak by night!
With nice lights on the Daugava river through the city.
I recommend to do this tour.

Fantastic experience
After spending a few days seeing the sites of Riga during the day, getting to see them at nighttime and on a kayak was a brilliant experience. Guide was really good at giving a quick update on how to use the paddle and generally some important safety tips. Their knowledge of the city was really good as well. Travelling across the Daugava and up the main canal of Riga was really good fun and gives the city a new perspective. One note of caution is that there were loads of mosquitoes at the boat house so look to go protected or use some deet/mosquito spray in advance. I would still highly recommend this trip though.
Amazing trip, definitely recommend it!
Great way to see the city from a different perspective. Guide very informative.
This was an awesome experience! The remainings of the storm "Herwart" created a few pretty nice challenging waves in the Daugava river, that made a lot of fun when crossing it.
After arriving on the other side and entering the channels of Riga's oldtown a very exclusive feeling came up. Honestly, it is awesome to look into the city this way.
Definately recommendable! Whenever we'll be back in Riga, we gonna repeat this.
Amazing experience
When on the night kayaking tour with my boyfriend, and it was the highlight of the trip for us!
The tour guide was funny and friendly and the beautiful light at night made the tour really special! I highly recommend going!
Amazing experience !
Really nice guide, amazing night across Riga !
Loved it!
The experience was amazing and one of the top things we did in riga. The route is about 8km so don't go if you already had a tiring day.
Amazing adventure
We have had a great time during the Night Kayak Tour. It was pretty tough and cold but an amazing experience. Unfortunately the local guide reminds more of an army instructor than a funny excursion leader. If he knew how to really entertain tourist groups and how to make such a trip a fun event, we would have given a 5-star-rating. If you are not looking for an animator and you wanna see Riga from another perspective, then this tour is the best way to do that!! We loved this unconventional sightseeing tour!!
Awome tour. Had I not done it, I would have missed an essential impression of Riga and its culture! I can recommend it to (almost) everyone provided you consider the following points:

* service: the tour guide we had turned out very lovely and very nice; however, if you are only used to American-style tourist tours with a lot of professional service smiles from the very, very beginning, be aware that this is not the US. In Riga, locals need to get to know you before exchanging heartfelt pleasantries; but once you have won/earned them, you have found a friend for real!

* if you have never taken out a Kayak before, call the tour guide beforehand such that your group is homogeneous in terms of starting experience.

* strength of voice: this is the only disadvantage and the reason I did not give 5 stars. Our tour guide had the tendency to fall back into speaking with a low voice.

All in all a great experience I can very well recommend!
Great experience
My friends and I had a great time doing the kayak tour. The tour guide was friendly, informative and made sure we all had the best time. I'd absolutely suggest bringing a raincoat as we all got absolutely drenched from both the rain and the water from the river!!

Would definitely do this again.
A unique experience
The kayak boat ride was a unique experience and travelling at night allowed the same sights to be seen but at a quieter time making it more enjoyable.

The guide was good in telling use what to do and providing use with a good amount of information about the sites in Latvia we visited, however he could improve by being more friendly as when we asked him question his attitude was sometimes not the best.
A great way to see Riga from a new direction
This was an amazing tour. We were collected on time and given a very detailed instruction on how to paddle and handle the kayak. It took some time, but definitely saved any set backs on the water! The tour itself was amazing. You get to paddle all around Riga's old town, along the river and around the canals. It's quiet and peaceful going along the canals and a bit more fast paced along the river. It is a long tour and be prepared for long stints of paddelling, but as they are double kayaks, the load is shared!! Highly recommended!
Great tour!
Really cool way of seeing the city from the water. You get exactly what you pay for, the trip is actually a bit long and you don't finish til about 1am.
Great experience
This is the first time my daughter and myself have kayaked, and it was a great experience. We were given a good explanation of how to row on the kayak and practiced a bit in the marina before going out on the river. It was magical going along the canal and under the lit bridges. Every now and then we were given an explanation of what we were seeing around us that added a lot.
Only problem, it is an 8km route, towards the end it gets really hard and your shoulders suffer a lot (simple because you are not used to this kind of exercise).
I would really recommend to do some shoulder stretches before starting and definitely afterwards in order not to be too stiff the following day.
I got pretty wet during the course, though to be fair, I obviously was not rowing properly. My daughter came out dry, so be prepared for either option.
Cool Experience, Poor Service
I'll start by saying I'm happy I went on this tour as it was extremely unique and a very interesting way to experience Riga. If you're looking for an alternative to a traditional walking or bus sightseeing tour with some gorgeous sunset views, this is it. However, I was extremely dissapointed with the service. There were 40 of us when most of us were under the impression that it would be a small group tour, so the entire tour took from 10pm until 2:30am. The guide was extremely impatient and gruff, and there were even some rude, sexist comments made. There were no taxi's arranged ahead of time. He was nice enough to shuttle us back and forth to the start in his minivan, but this resulted in some of us not making it back until 3am.
Great tour
A lovely idea, something a bit different. The guide is knowledgeable and friendly. Good length and the canal is very quiet. Highly recommended
Excellent experience for those who love to kayak
Our guide was very informative and let us go at our own pace. It's a little long for those who have not kayaked much but so worth it for the beautiful views of the city at night.
Funny tour but you might get soaked
The tour was fun but the guide was not very friendly and quite impatient. Be sure to bring a second set of clothes. You'll get a drybag for your stuff. Some of the group were totally soaked (the paddle pours water in) but at least the water was warm. There was no ride back from the bay which made me walk 2,5 km at 2am. I did not see that it was included so I should have insisted on it. Not so funny anyways.
Great experience
Seeing Riga at night from the water was a great experience; good introduction on how to handle the kayak; new, high quality Kayaks; knowledgable guide; we had a great tour!
Fantastic tour - good equipment and enthusiastic guide
Cozy trip though the canals of Riga with a great and knowledgable guide
Rated 5
A fabulous experience at night - highly recommended.
We were very happy with the tour around Riga by Kayak. We had an eager and friendly guide who knew his history and was also an Excellent Kayak instructor. We were also very lucky with the weather that night which made the trip beautiful in almost full-moon light over Riga. There were no traffic in the canal so we had the waters all to ourselves. I would recommend this tour to everyone.

I would rate it a 4,5 star. The only reason for not giving a 5 is because there could have been even more history breaks and it was sometimes hard to hear the guide talk out on the water. Apart from that, it was an great experience. 3 hours passed in no-time!
First time kayaking, tour host made sure that we all knew exactly what to do, host was entertaining and informative, good value for money and very interesting way of seeing the city. Would recommend :)
A must do for all visitors in Riga.
The tour through illuminated oldtown was amazing with patient and nice guide with good English. On arriving to the starting point we were provided with detailed instructions on paddling and safety precautions, and then the adventure started. A must do for all visitors in Riga.
I give this tour 5 stars of total 5!
My best decision during my stay at Riga city was to book a Riga at Night Kayak Tour – that was an absolutely amazing experience I would recommend to anyone. The guide was a very calm and knowing his job person, who explained everything and made Daugava traffic absolutely clear for understanding. Unexpected storm came while we were kayaking but that made out tour even more exciting. My partner also said this tour was the greatest idea ever. I would absolutely recommend to take this tour, even if you never tried kayaking or if you think you are not very interested. Probably the best way to explore Riga if you are short of time and if you like not just to lay on the couch ;)
The guide wasnt so skilled or friendly and he had abit of a poor English. And its better to tell people that its 8 k/m tour because some people are not physically well to do it.
Other than that it was a fun experience and i liked the ride. The price was suitable also. Thanks
I would recommend the tour to everyone!
It was an amazing experience and so much fun! We met really cool people from around the world as we got to kayak through Old Town and see Riga in a different way than most tourists do. Our guide was very knowledgable and had a great sense of humor! He even helped us get back to our hotel after the tour! I would recommend the tour to everyone!
We loved this tour!
Riga by night is beautiful and it is exceptional to kayak through de city center and see all the important buildings etc. Our guide was very friendly and patient explaining us how to kayak correctly and of course the facts of the city. However, our arms are quite hurting the next day, since kayaking is exhausting as well. But we'd definitely recommend this tour and give 5 stars!:)
This tour was excellent, a great way to see a different side of Riga. I was a complete beginner and the guide was very patient!
Thank you for a great experience. We both loved it. My girlfriend a little nervous at first but it was no problem with such a professional and nice guide.

We loved the peaceful and very different way to see the city. Thought 8 KM for us newbies in a kayak would be too much, but was no problem. Got good info and intro to how to kayak.

Loved the fact that it was done at night but would also be a nice trip at day, I guess.
Our Night Kayak tour was a highlight of our trip to Riga. It was the most amazing way to see the city and gave a different and very interesting perspective. HUGELY RECOMMEND :D The guide was knowledgeable about the city and they also gave us a good quick masterclass in kayaking which meant that it was perfect for those with little or no experience either. The route was stunning and to see the city lit up was wonderful. The guide was engaging and encouraging and it was difficult to believe that the time had gone so quickly. Whilst the website says that the trip will take 2 hours (i.e. you will be done around 12) we found that it took much longer and were not back until around 1.15 but like I said it didn't feel that late!
While staying in Riga, some friends and I chose to try the kayaking trip along the canals. The most intriguing part was the time. The trip leaves at 10 pm! Seeing the old town at night was beautiful! The bridges that you go under are brilliantly lit. You must bring a waterproof camera like a gopro. You will be seeing many beautiful sights like fountains, statues, buildings, and yes, even beavers! I had a really great time on this excursion and would highly suggest people of all skill levels too try.
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