Riga–Tallinn Sightseeing Tour Bus


55 EUR

Transform the boring Riga–Tallinn journey into a great experience with our fun and entertaining day trip through the picturesque towns of Viljandi, Cēsis and Sigulda!

Duration: 12 hours
    Available in
  • Estonian,
  • English,
  • Russian


  • Climb the Soviet bobsleigh track in Sigulda
  • Wander through the charming town of Cēsis and admire its medieval fortress
  • Visit the mysterious sandy cliffs of Sietiņiezis
  • Stop by the Saltavots freshwater springs
  • Explore the Valga Military Theme Park
  • Walk around the romantic town of Viljandi
  • Arrive in Tallinn at the end of an entertaining day!


On the Latvian side we’ll visit the mysterious sandy cliffs of Sietiņiezis and wander through the medieval towns of Cēsis and Sigulda, which are known as the most beautiful towns in the country. In Sigulda, we’ll also visit the bobsleigh track – a Soviet masterpiece that’s still in use today.

On the Estonian side we’ll explore the romantic medieval town of Viljandi and visit the authentic Valga Military Theme Park.

We’ll arrive in Tallinn at the end of the day (around 9 pm). The tour ends at Niguliste 2 in Tallinn Old Town. Hotel drop off may be possible.

All of our day trips are for small groups of up to 8 people. You’ll be driven around in a car or minivan.

NB: All of our tours are in ENGLISH. Private tours are available in other languages.

What’s included & not included

  • Friendly and professional local guide
  • Transport by minivan or car
  • Admission to the Valga Military Theme Park
  • Lunch at a local café

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Reviews from participants (38)


Our guide was totally awesome!
Excellent. All very well done
We were a Senior group and Katrin re arranged the standard itinerary to suit us. We had just the right number of stops and visits. Katrin's very knowledgeable commentary was greatly appreciated.
A great way to get from Riga to Tallinn
Our guide was very entertaining and knowledgeable, we learned a lot about the region's history.
Fun and interesting
Excellent way of doing the trip between Riga and Tallinn. I would definitely recommend it.
Great experience!
Instead of taking a simple bus ride from Riga to Tallinn, we decided that we would like to see something of both countries on the way and booked this tour. It was amazing! Old ruins, a world famous bobsleigh run, sandstone cliffs, occupation museum and much more. Very entertaining and rich in variety! And the guide was great and told us many interesting stories about the two countries and the locals. We completely recommend this tour!
Great tour, exactly as noted
My wife and I were really pleased with the entire trip. We particularly enjoyed the stops in the countryside. The driver was patient when ran a few minutes late reaching the starting part.
Great alternative to regular bus
Amazing Experience
Our guide John was just a great person with tons of knowledge about the country, culture, history and people. We had an amazing experience driving and walking through the countryside of Latvia and Estonia.
Nice way to go from Riga to Tallinn
The tour was interesting and pleasant, the guide /driver took us to interesting locations on the way, had a nice lunch , good company. recommended !
Entertaining and educational ❤️
Riga to Tallinn : A wonderful journey thoughtfully devided into smaller segments. It was entertaining, educational and with the help of our charming guide Chris, it was an amazing experience to remember for a long time. Although it was a long voyage, I hardly felt bored. Beautiful scenery, interesting stop overs and some surprising hidden spots made it a memorable journey. For me, it was a well spent 55 euro. Thank you Chris for being patient and a lovely guide. Cheers !!
George was an awesome guide.
George was very engaging and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this tour to anybody.
Interesting and funny trip and good alternative for the usual bus
Fantastic tour, the best way to get from Riga to Tallinn!
This tour was worth every penny. Small group, knowledgeable guide/driver, a bunch of interesting stops on the way, and beautiful route through nature & villages. Not only we got from Riga to Tallinn but we also covered some of the must-see's on the way and most important got a sense of how these countries are outside the capitals. Highly recommended!
Perfect way to move from riga to tallin
I think this is the perfect way to move from riga to tallin. Guide was really kind and it was really good to know related histories.
Great e perience
Everything was very nice. Would be great if we had spent more time in Cesis. Guidebooks say it is very nice. From the traveller's point of view we could tick off another tourist spot. Abdreas is a really nice guy and I appreciated his personality.
Very enjoyable transfer trip
A perfect way to travel from Riga to Tallinn. Our driver Jevgeni made the trip interesting and informative. We got to see more of Estonia and Latvia than by the normal bus route - recommended.
Perfect trip
It was great decision to book this trip. I was travelling alone and this was great option to see many different places and to meet new people, new travelers :) srrongly recommend ;)
Best way to get from Riga to Tallinn!
It was a fantastic day with Jevgeni! I saw so many hidden places I wouldn't have visited otherwise. It was fun and informative and a very special experience! I would recommend it to everyone!
A great road trip!
I'm glad we took the Riga-Tallinn trip. A lot of history and non tourist areas visited of the two countries which would otherwise not known to many.
Excellent choice from travelling from Riga to Tallinn
It stopped at 5 or 6 places during the trip. You'll see some hard to get to places or places you may not know. It's totally worth the money. The driver/guide is from Estonia. He is excellent and patience.
Great Tour
This was a great way to travel between Riga and Tallinn and stop off in places that you would otherwise not see. The guide Maria was very knowledgeable and extremely friendly and made the long trip enjoyable. It is a long day but went by quite quickly. If you have the time I would recommend this tour.
Our guide Maaria was very friendly, positive, engaging and flexible. We made one extra stop that used to be part of the tour because one person requested it. We all enjoyed this stop. She would stop whenever someone wanted coffee or to use the bathroom. Also she was helpful in dropping people off in Tallinn close to where they were going if not far out of the way. The places we stopped were all very interesting and/or scenic and she was always very informed about these places and in Estonian history culture and history in general. The van was comfortable.I would highly recommend this tour.
Having fun from Riga to Tallinn
Our sightseeing trip to Tallinn from Riga was truly amazing! We had a truly great time from beginning to end. Our guide Jon (sp) was very knowledgeable and super friendly and the sites that we stopped by were all interesting and fun; sites that we perhaps wouldn't have known of had we decided to rent a car and drive ourselves to Tallinn. We highly recommend this bus tour and thank our guide for being such a good sport and fun to be around. We wish him all the best in his future studies. Thank you! Loty & Steve
Interesting tour to go to Tallinn
Marjaa was a great guide. Interesting, funny, very professionnal. As the road to go to Tallinn is really quite boring but very beautiful (nature all around), it is another way to go from Riga to the Estonian capital visiting different venues that I would not have done if I have not booked this tour. I recommend it.
very best
We did the tour with Chris and had a lot of nice places with very interesting historical and local informations. We´re very pleased to see and taste estonian country in this way. Thanks Chris
Excellent Excursion
When I came across the option of traveling from Riga to Tallinn by a one way sightseeing tour bus, I instantly thought it was an excellent way to make the journey. I was not disappointed. Our guide was George. He was cheerful in personality,, knowledgeable of history, sincere in his interactions with the group, and responsible as a driver. He managed the day very well between maintaining the schedule and allowing for spontaneous moments provide the magic and extra fun they usually do. Since the tour ended 36 hours ago, I have met a couple of my tour mates for dinner and lunch. We agreed that it was the totality of all these individual sites collected together, along with a cool guide like George, which makes this tour memorable. Highly recommended for couples, small groups, and solo travelers.
Chris was our guide . His enthusiasm, extensive knowledge, whit and humor made it a truly memorable day. My kids and I learnt so much . We have left a rating on trip advisor and will tell all our friends. Thank you all . The Estonian swing is so cool
Authentic Estonia Unplugged
Chris is a terrific guide, engaging storyteller, knowledgeable historian, all around good guy and a lucky catch for a lovely Bengali tiger... We were very lucky to have a semi-private tour where we got the insiders point of view and above and beyond detailed lessons of many subtle and interesting aspects of Latvian and Estonian culture and history in an interesting modern worldly perspective of the region. We were surprized and engaged by Chris's openness and courteous good nature! He was a shining light on our eastern European trip... Highly recommend this Tour!
We were dealt a grey, rainy day but Martin still made our journey from Riga to Tallinn a memorable one. We went to some beautiful, quirky, out of the way places that I would probably never have heard of, let alone visited, had I not taken the tour. Also, the stops were spaced very well, so we never had any very long periods in the car. Highly recommend this tour. I would take another one in a heartbeat!
Professional and informative
Did the transfer tour from Riga to Tallinn with Kalev, that was very professional and informative! Going through the countryside of Latvia and Estonia opened up my travel route in Baltic countries and gave me a fuller picture beyond capital cities of Riga and Tallinn. (Sigulda and Viljandi are awesome ^_^) Because it was a public holiday in Estonia, Kalev tried very hard to contact museums and restaurants and drive extra miles for us to see as much as possible. And he answered our many many questions on anything large or small. Thanks a lot for your effort, Kalev!
We booked the 12 h tour Riga to Tallinn. It was amazing. Thx to Liine. We had a lot of fun.
We wanted to take a regular bus from Riga to Tallinn first, but decided to do this tour instead and could't be happier about our decision. Kris was a reasonable and dedicated driver and a hilarious and kind guide. Thank you for that awesome day!
Learned more about the history and culture of the region that I ever could have hoped!
I took the 12-tour from Riga to Tallin with Kris, stopping at a couple quaint country villages, some castle ruins, and at a unique and slightly quirky military museum. We also stopped to do some short walks in some beautiful locations including Gauja National Park to see the sandstone cliffs. What liked most was to hear the history and unique facts of the two countries that Kris was so knowledgeable about. It gave me a unique perspective that I don't think I would have gotten from any history books. His personal stories and the experiences of his family really gave me something to think about and are things which I will never forget.
12-hour trip of interesting stops and explanations – time just flew by...
We are an Italian family of 4 and were a bit worried about the long trip we were supposed to face from Riga to Tallinn. Then we decided to take a Traveller's Riga to Tallinn tour to have the opportunity to see something along the way and make the trip more interesting. Not only did we see many amazing places, but we could learn a lot about Estonia and Latvia from the nicest tour guide we could hope for. Eliise, a young Estonian student, showed us beautiful places while driving from Riga to Tallinn. She spoke excellent English and explained many things about Estonian and Latvian culture and history. She was nice and amusing and made the day go by very fast. The tour took place in a mini van, which we shared with a very nice family, and not in a big bus. This made the trip much more comfortable We definitely recommend it!
Tour from †Riga‡ to Tallinn with Kris
I did a 12-hour tour from Riga to Tallinn with Kris. We stopped at several castle ruins and beautiful parks on our way. Besides that we went to an obscure little museum near the Latvian and Estonian border. All the places we've visited were very interesting, especially because Kris told us about the history and culture of the two countries, but also several contemporary topics (and music) were discussed. It was a very lovely and informative day with a small group (4 people). It was probably the best way to go from Riga to Tallinn.
I’d rate the trip very highly.
Our guide Liine was fun, full of energy and extremely knowledgable as well as being a safe driver. The tour makes for a long day but it is very varied and well planned with plenty of stops. we had a couple of lovely walks as well as seeing some local towns and some offbeat attractions! I felt well looked after. Highly recommended as a way of travelling from Riga and Tallin.
I took their first day trip to Riga and I'm so glad I chose that option instead of the normal 5 hour bus. The Estonian and Latvian countryside is so beautiful and I would have missed it all, since this trip follows an alternative road to Riga. Thank you so-so much Tallinn Traveller and Mart for the great day. Definitely recommended!
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