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Soviet Ghosts of Riga Walking Tour

Visit must-see places in Riga that are legacies of the city’s Soviet past and find out what life was like behind the Iron Curtain on a fascinating walking tour with a friendly local guide.
Duration 3 hours
Private tour available in English
Private tour pricing from 0 EUR per person
Group tour pricing from 80 EUR per person
Very nice tour with a very competent guide from the city center. It was very informative to see what the Soviet era was like in Riga, the history, the lifestyle and the monuments. The tour also included a small trip on tram to the market place which was nice to experience Latvians daily life. The guide shared with us part of her own experience and life during the Soviet times as a Latvian, and also shared with us a special black bread drink on the roofs on the Academy of science building :).