Ancient Mosaic-Making Workshop in Rome

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Spend a couple of hours learning the ancient art of mosaic making! Following an introduction to Roman mosaic techniques, you’ll practise the principles of texture, composition and marble tile cutting to create your own piece of mosaic to take home.

Duration: 2.3 hours
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The workshop was a great addition to my first trip to Rome. It gave me a little insight into the kind of dedication and skill it has taken over centuries for Rome to be made into the artefact that it is. The trainers were very personable, easy to speak to and had fascinating stories to tell. Making the mosaic itself was very therapeutic, and now that I'm back in Singapore, I'm looking for similar workshops here so that I can continue learning the art of mosaic making! :)
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Reviewed by Punkhuri


  • Learn the art of mosaic making under the guidance of a master mosaicist
  • Create your own Roman mosaic and take it home with you
  • Have a great hands-on experience in a historical studio near the Roman Forum and the Colosseum

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Would you like to learn the ancient art of mosaic making? We’d be very happy to receive you in our historical mosaic studio for a wonderful hands-on workshop.

Mosaic making has been our family’s profession for over a century. Throughout the years we’ve mastered different mosaic techniques, both traditional and modern.

This workshop will begin with an introduction to Roman mosaic techniques and history. Afterwards, you’ll practise the principles of texture, composition and marble tile cutting to create your own piece of mosaic to take home.

A master mosaicist will share great tips and provide assistance as needed to ensure the best result.

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What’s included & not included

  • Hands-on mosaic workshop
  • 100% natural marble
  • One piece of Roman mosaic
  • Box to carry your creation in
  • Coffee/tea
  • Transport

Meeting point

Have an enjoyable hands-on experience at an important historical Mosaic studio in Monti; Rome. Monti is one of the most charming and lively neighborhoods of the city, just few minutes from the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. (Via Urbana 98)

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Ton of fun
Sara and her colleague were wonderfully helpful when we needed it and personable and pleasant. We were offered coffee or drinks and worked all the while without a rush. Dry fun and learning experience
A must if you’re in Rome
ten out of ten experience
The workshop setting, the historical connection with Rome of Studio Cassio told as an introduction and being instructed clearly and thoughtfully made this, my first mosaic class, exciting and memorable. I thoroughly recommend this activity for any visit to Rome for a better understanding of the what is around you. I couldn't have wished for a better provider than Studio Cassio. They exceeded my expectations on every level
peter mitchell australia
My husband John and I took this course and loved every minute of it. We each made a small mosaic--- it is a lot harder than it looks. Juliana was our very fine teacher and explained about how mosaics are made, cared for, the history of them and more. It is a dying art form and yet mosaics seem to live on forever as you see them in ancient locales all over Rome as well as wherever the Roman Empire stretched out to. And what great artists, both ancient and current day! We feel it was a highlight of our week and strongly recommend this class! The Via Urbana is a nice little street with a lot of shops and interesting looking activities/ artists , restaurants etc. Thank you so much Juliana! We will always remember this :)
Mosaics class
I took a mosaics class from Studio Cassio in Rome and loved it. It was a small class- four students and two instructors, so there was plenty of help. We started with a brief into the history of mosaics and restoration, then jumped into our projects. I enjoyed it enough that I will be purchasing supplies and trying some projects on my own. Mosaics are harder than they look, but it was worth it. I think my husband and two college- age kids would have enjoyed it as well. I don’t think I would recommend the class for kids younger than 10-12, as it requires using tweezers to place and move tiles and it’s easy to bump things and need to start over.

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Everyone should do this while in Rome!
High point of the trip
I went with my 13 and 11 year old kids to make a mosaic and had a blast. The staff were great; friendly, informative and well...amazing. They took the time to explain things to the kids and made it accessible and fun for them. Definitely a high point in our trip.
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