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Sulfur Baths

Why locals love it

As far as Georgians love the feasts, hangover is also kind of a common problem. Tbilisi sulfur baths are one of the places for getting rid of it. After an hour between cold shower and hot healing water, plus massage it feels much better. Even so good that the time for eating something hot is coming. And there are some good restaurants nearby...



Why you should visit it

Abanotubani is the place where Tbilisi started, and exactly those sulfur springs were the reason why King Gorgasali decided to found the town there. You are really touching the history while going to bath. Beside that, it's just really healthy, and helps you reload a bit after a long trip or some days of overeating and overdrinking.

Special tip

Bath number 5 and Royal Bath are the most popular ones, check out one of them.

Sulfur Baths
Abano St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Su-Sa: 08:00-00:00

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