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Mountains... What can be better then mountains?! Of course mountains of Georgia! The best tour to experinece Caucasus mountains beauty with its rocks, rivers, mineral waters, forts, lakes, sheep. And only few of you will see the bonus – mount Kazbegi, the jewel of Caucasus!

Duration: 10 hours
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Tour by Dimitri

Hi all... My name is Dimitry, Dima or Dito, as you wish :) I was born up here in Tbilisi about 23 years ago and feel crazy in love with this country and people here. At the current stage of my life my interest is to gather as more information as I can, manly from the history of my country and our neighbours as well as from the history of the world. I graduated Tbilisi State University as Orientalist (it's a hard word u rarely hear somewhere, it means that I used to study history, traditions, religion and culture of Asia and Arabic literature language as well)

I have good organizational skills and as well as experience for more than for years in hospitality management and services p.s. don't forget that I'm only 23 years old:) I want to share or my experience and hospitality with you and welcome you to this beautiful and amazing country called Sakartvelo (but You know it as Georgia).

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  • Jinvali - water reservour, Ananuri fortress, Nadibani mineerall water, Gudauri Ski resort, Kazbegi, Gergety Trinoty Church.
  • Jvari pass, surrounded by Caucasus mountains, mineral waters.
  • You can try paragliding and rafting activities for extra fee.
  • You can take a hike to the waterfall instead of visiting Gergety Church

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First and most important you must know, when you travel in direction of North Caucasus is that, you never know what will be the weather. So never try to make any itinerary to see any specific place and especially mount Kazbegi. No one knows when it will appear, so if it won't, it means you will have to come to this amazing country once again.

My tour will show you a mixture of history, traditions and beliefs of two Georgian Regions you will visit, Mtiuleti and Khevi. People, who spend their entire life in the mountains in this beautiful place, full of dangerous animals and hard lifestyle, are quite different from the "lowlanders". I will try to show you this differences and of course the beauty of the regions.

We will travel tree mountains following strong rivers, drinking mineral water, stopping in the Alps climatic zone, probably you will see sun and snow and rain and wind and all this in one day, just during couple of hours. You will see places, which were connecting Georgia with Europe in 19th century and you will see "Gate of Georgia" which was the first place meeting for people coming from Europe and hopefully you will also feel their feelings.

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  • tour guide
  • driver
  • 4×4 car
  • dinner
  • paragliding
  • souvenirs
  • rafting

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