Cover image of this place Turtle Lake | კუს ტბა

Have a swim or relax

Turtle Lake | კუს ტბა

Why locals love it

Tbilisi summers are hot, so finding a watering hole and somewhere to get down to the swimsuits is essential, especially if you can't get over to Batumi. Turtle Lake (or Kus Tba in Georgia, which is how taxi drivers know it) is one of the closest and best places for this.



Why you should visit it

Being just up Vake Park, it's relatively easy to get to and it's quick. There's also a place to have lunch and drinks up there as well. And swimming - though the best watering holes are a hotly debated topic here.

Special tip

It's a steep incline to get there, so just take a taxi.

Turtle Lake | კუს ტბა
Turtle Lake, Tbilisi, Georgia
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