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Join the world’s first Polaroid photography tour! Get creative with a vintage Polaroid camera, capture your stay in a truly unique way, and take home one-of-a-kind photo souvenirs from your trip!

Duration: 2.5 hours
    Available in
  • English,
  • German


  • Discover Vienna with a local
  • Learn how to use a vintage Polaroid camera
  • Capture the city in a truly unique way
  • See the main sights along Vienna’s magnificent Ring Road
  • Get an intimate overview of the city on a small-group tour of up to 8 people
  • Take home 8 of your own photographs as souvenirs
  • No photography knowledge necessary


The emperor’s winter palace, a pink bunny, coffee houses with tuxedo-wearing waiters, and horse carriages with grumpy drivers are just a few of the things that may surprise you in the Austrian capital.

We’ll equip you with a vintage Polaroid camera to capture Vienna and it's most famous sights from your point of view! The tour begins with a crash course in Polaroid photography, so you don’t need to have any prior knowledge whatsoever about Polaroid cameras or photography in general.

Your friendly local guide will point out good photo opportunities and support you in taking the best possible shots. He or she will advise you on angles and composition, and gladly take photos of you, your family, or your friends. One pack of instant film (8 pictures) by Polaroid Originals worth €19 is included in the tour price.

Please note that the only historical information provided on this tour is what’s included in the complimentary printed booklet that you'll receive at the start of the tour.

Your guide will be happy to give you tips and recommendations for the rest of your stay.

After booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email including a PDF info sheet with directions and FAQ.

What’s included & not included

  • Use of a vintage Polaroid camera
  • A crash course in Polaroid photography
  • A printed booklet with info about the sights you’ll see on the tour
  • Help and support from your friendly local guide
  • One pack of instant film (8 pictures) by Polaroid Originals worth €19 is included in the tour price.
  • Extra film (can be purchased on the tour)

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Meeting point

We meet in front of St. Charles’ Church (Karlskirche). This is where you’ll find your guide (having a Polaroid camera around his or her neck).

Reviews from travellers (9)


Delightful and exciting
Superb tour, excellent photographic experience, thinking out of the box.
The guides very knowledgeable and accommodating ( changed the day due to weather conditions)
Makes one leave with lasting loving memorabilia from Vienna
Nice way to walk and know the city
I had an awesome afternoon taking photos with the polaroid. Even if you are a hobby/pro photographer, you will enjoy this tour very much, as the experience of shooting with this camera is quite unique. Jackie, my guide, was also very friendly and knowledgeable about both the camera and the city. Highly recommended!
The tour was awesome.
It started out a bit rainy, but Teresa and I decided to go ahead with it. I got to see many of the city's highlights and captured some wonderful shots with my Polaroid. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and would highly recommend to others.
It was great tour. 'Cause Gilbert was a really helpfull guide. Bu it is a shame that they can not tell about the history.
Maybe another guide for that reason can assist them about the history.
Thank you, it is a 5 star tour.
Had a great time on our Polawalk! Thomas gave us a nice intro to using the cameras (everyone loves Polaroids!) and then took us out and about in town and through some of the Christmas markets, combining both photo tips and history and culture. We ended up with a very enjoyable history tour and some nice mementos to take home. Would definitely do this again if we return to Vienna!
A great way to explore the city and create some precious memories/ souvenirs!

Thomas our guide (and co-founder of Polawalk) gave us a fascinating introduction to Polaroid photography and took us on a casual fun walking tour of Vienna.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, so the lightening was great. Thomas gave us lots of helpful ideas and directions on how to make the most out of our Polaroid shots.

At the end of the tour, we were invited back to the Polawalk office whereby they offered snacks/ drinks and we got to see the results!

We took away not just a fun experience but also precious, personal souvenirs. Highly recommend this if u are ever in Vienna!
Participating in the PolaWalk was an amazing adventure, and a lot of fun. I learned how to use Polaroid camera, the Technics and also of how to create some artistic composition and angels. It's an excellent way to see the city, meet cool people and make wonderful Polaroid photos that give a feeling of modern and vintage glance of the city. It the end it is very excited to whose the photos that stayed as a nice souvenir.
I had a tour yesterday with my friend, and it was brilliant. I live in Vienna at the moment so I had already been to all the places we went to (you see all the main sights but remember - it's more a nice walk not an informative/historical tour) but it was great to see it from a different angle! I really for the first time looked at the intricate details of Viennese architecture and I got to have a lot of fun being a photographer! The guide was lovely and personable and at the end we went back to the really nice office and got to see all our photos and discuss them over a cup of coffee and a cake. They were professional but still very friendly! A brilliant tour and I would love to do it again - perhaps this time of underground Vienna and the graffiti :). Thank you for everything!
This is an unconventional and interesting way to see Vienna for the first time. I had arrived the night before and this did help orient me. It was a lot of fun learning how to use a Polaroid camera, and considering exactly what to photograph. You really need to think about what you want to photograph instead of snapping away...
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