The Berlin city, cover photo


About Berlin

Welcome to Berlin - that once separated, now reunited, once forgotten, now poor-but-sexy place-to-be for partygoers, artists, wanna-be-artists, and people in search for alternatives in general. Yet Berlin is so much more than its legendary party scene. Its attraction is by far not only the excessive nights that turn into afterhours that turn into days spent at some of the best nightclubs in Europe. The attraction usually lingers at your very doorstep. Berlin has many a 'Kiez' (Berlin for 'neighbourhood') to be discovered: From Prenzlauer Berg in the North-East, starting out as a squatted neighbourhood shortly after reunification and having turned into a middle-class playground for young families, via Mitte in the centre, where Berlin reveals itself as a European capital with flagship stores and fancy shopping streets, to Kreuzberg in the South, where Turkish immigrants from the 60s have become residents and are currently campaigning alongside German students against gentrification: Every Kiez has its own face, its own fascination and its own people, bars, cafés. And most importantly, its own charming little corners to be discovered! Have fun exploring! Take a look at: