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Kreuzberg´s meeting place

Görlitzer Park

Why locals love it

The most favourite spot of Kreuzbergers in summer. It used to be an old freight train station and became in the 1980s the park the area had needed so desperately. Locals love its rough charms and use it e.g. for barbecue, sunbathing or watching freaky and normal people doing frisbee and cross-golf. In summer nights there´s sometimes fire artistry.



Why you should visit it

You want a cross-section of what life in multicultural, alternative Kreuzberg is like? A sunny afternoon in Görlitzer Park should sum it up. Bohemian sunbathers, Turkish family grill parties and exam-preparing students all meet here. It´s not everyone´s taste, though: In case you prefer it clean & quiet you should head for another Berlin park.

Special tip

Sit on the hill on the southeastern end to watch a picturesque sunset.

Görlitzer Park
Görlitzer Str., 10997 Berlin, Germany
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