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The Schillerkiez Dance


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Why locals love it

People who live in the Schillerkiez of Neukölln like to come here during the week to blow off some steam at a ping pong table after work, or just enjoy a drink in the loungy seats. On weekend nights the place packs quite a crowd, and always renders a solid party on two dance floors. (electro and hip-hop/ all time party hits) It is free to enter.

Why you should visit it

If you live close by this could be a place to start your evening. Come here on any Neukölln weekend if you want to see more action than in a bar without having to pay at the door. The music is wilfully danceable. Whether you are getting in the mood, or taking it home from there, you are probably not doing anything massively wrong.

Special tip

Don't be mistaken by its un-ambitious exterior. There may be more exuberant clubs in Berlin. But this one proudly stands its ground.

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Nette bar und laute Partys
May 13, 2018
(english below) Ich bin zutiefst schockiert, dass ein Club in Neukölln ohne weitere Erklärung zwei jungen Männern mit einem ausländisch (arabischen) Aussehen den Eintritt verweigert und mir als Frau (mit deutschem Hintergrund) auf höfliche, respektvolle Nachfrage mit einem respektlosen "Du hast hier keine Fragen zu stellen, wenn du dich mit solchen Menschen abgibst" reagieren. Auch der Versuch, mich mit passiv-aggressivem Machoverhalten einzuschüchtern und mir den Mund verbieten zu wollen, ist absolut unmenschlich und nicht professionell. Der Betreiber diese Clubs sollte sich überlegen, wen er als Türsteher einstellt und darauf bestehen, dass Menschen mit Höflichkeit und Respekt behandelt werden, egal ob Sie hereingelassen oder abgewiesen werden. Ich kann nur jedem Menschen raten, diesen Club zu meiden, da Flüchtlinge, Menschen aus nicht westlichen Ländern und Frauen hier absolut unmöglich behandelt werden. Die beiden Türsteher, die sich am Samstag morgen gegenüber mir und meinen beiden Freunden so verhalten haben, haben selbst einen Migrationshintergrund - finde ich einfach abscheulich. I am absolutely shocked that a club in Neukölln rejected two young men just because of their foreign (Arabic) look and when I, a woman with german background, asked politely and with respect why, I only got the answer "You are not allowed to ask questions if you are friends with these people". After that, one of the bouncers tried to intimidate me with a passiv-aggressive patriarchic behaviour, telling me to shut up while I still kept polite and respectful. The owner of the club should think twice, whom he hires as bouncers and enforce a respectful and polite behaviour with the people, no matter if they are let in or not. I can only advise every decent human being to avoid this club as long as it has this kind of racist and anti refugee policy. Refugees, people with a non western background and women who open their mouth are treated here with uttermost disrespect. The two bouncers who treated me and my friends this way last Saturday morning have a migration background as well - this behaviour is just disgusting.
An Inactive User
July 30, 2017
Not quitr sure when I was there but it was definitally very nice.
May 7, 2017

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